And So The Adventure Begins

During the recent course of reconnecting with some of my old online acquaintances (here, on their blogs, Twitter, FetLife) someone asked me “What have you guys been up to all these years?”

I think I’ve gone over all of the relationship stuff, but there are also a lot of really fabulous things we’ve done that I haven’t mentioned. Here’s a bit of a list, for those curious readers:

– Hiked and backpacked literally hundreds of kilometers. Spent dozens of nights in a tent
– Backpacked twice on the west coast (of Canada) both as a couple, and with the younglings
– Took a cruise to Alaska
– Went on a 10-day roadtrip of the Yukon
– Camped and backpacked in the winter, in the mountains
– Flew out east to visit family several times
– Moved three times (every 2 years, on average)
– I’ve had at least 8-10 different jobs. There are probably some that I don’t remember. Not because I can’t keep a job, I quit or was laid off due to the difficult economic situation here in Alberta the past few years. It took me a lot of trial and error to find jobs that I liked. My recent couple places of employment were for 2+ years each.
– Aiden has had three jobs, he’s an apprentice, so that’s not uncommon. He moves around every year or two in order to get new experience and opportunities in his trade.
– We were vegan for around a year, for health and environmental reasons
– Adopted two cats
– Traded in the Nitro for a brand new Dodge Ram almost 5 years back. Last year at Christmas I surprised Aiden with a new-to-him Dodge Dakota. It’s Alberta after all, so…trucks for everyone.
– LARPed some, and then quit LARPing, and then started LARPing again
– Dehydrated everything from venison jerky to lentil chili
– Took up hunting, doing all our own butchering, etc.
– I wrote words in other places, but I think I was just burned out and it always felt forced. I gave up writing for a long time
– Took V on her first backpacking trip (she and I have done two girls weekends and one group trip together so far)
– Made another very best friend, at a time I wasn’t expecting it. She’s going to need a name, so I think I will call her Lyra.
– Started a small business with Lyra, and we are getting consistent sales, and there is so much potential, and I’m very excited about it all.

That basically sums up the highlights. I’m sure there are things that I missed, and I’m sure there are things that people don’t find remarkable, but they stand out for me. Plus this will help if I refer to any of these things in future posts, so now everyone is more or less up to speed on the 6ish year absence.

The Ghost Of FetLives Past

I’ve been reconnecting with all kinds of aspects of my old self, including a foray back into the world of kink, most specifically for the moment, FetLife, I even love to watch The Most Brutal Gangbang Ever Made to turn myself on.

I’m not ready to step back into the local community just yet, but after reading through pages of old messages, I find myself missing how active and social I used to be.  Years ago my inbox was full of invites and messages, everything from exclusive private parties, to backyard BBQ’s, and every kind of workshop under the sun.  It’s strange to me now, because I don’t really remember all of this crazy stuff I used to do.  It’s like reading about someone else’s life, which is troubling, but also so interesting, because I am so different now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still so busy that I don’t often have time to catch my breath.  I just run in different circles now I suppose.  I still have an active social life, with many friends and acquaintances.  I often have plans, and rarely any down time.  I like it that way, as history has proven.  I do miss the kink community back out east.  I miss all of those people I used to see, talk to, play with.  The parties, the munches, the camaraderie, the Hot sexy Mom Fucks Son porn watching, and the Stunning Mature Lesbian sex, etc.  Sometimes I miss Ontario so badly it hurts.

I didn’t expect to be remembered by anyone out east, but apparently I am.  I am missed.

I can’t relive that time, but maybe I can rediscover that person, or some new version of her.

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