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I’d Rather Have No Friends, Over Having ‘Friends’ Like Yours

Varick phoned me yesterday re to check in with me.  It’s always good manners for a Dom to get in touch with a sub within a couple of days of playing, to see if said sub is alright and to find out how they are feeling about the scene that was had.

I was happy to hear from him.  I let him know that my ass was feeling a little sore, but that things seemed to be healing up alright.  He said that the next time we had a chance to speak in person, he’d like to discuss more in depth what I liked or didn’t like about the scene, what could use work and what I felt he did really well on.  We discussed when exactly we’d be able to get together to do so, and thus, we’ve made plans for Saturday afternoon.  We’re meeting at Deja’s again, so that she can give Varick a few more lessons.  More flogging and cropping and that sort of thing.  Hopefully a little caning as well, and who knows what else.  I can hardly wait!

Friday afternoon I have an appointment for a waxing with that esthetician I finally found that I like.  This is my third visit to her, and I’ve been totally impressed with her thus far.  She commented last time I was in that I’m going to have to spread out my appointments more because at five weeks I don’t have enough length for a proper waxing.  This time I spread it out to almost eight weeks, so we’ll see how it goes and what she thinks of the regrowth.  I’m glad I’ll be nice and smooth for Saturday ;)

 Jack has a tentative coffee date with that woman I mentioned in this post.  I’m feeling pretty ok about that, and I’m glad he’s meeting new people.  Certainly I’m still slightly uncomfortable, but as many of my wise commenters pointed out, it’s rather unfair to judge the poor girl on what little I know about her.  There will be more on this I am sure.

Padme will be arriving for her visit two weeks from Thursday!  I’m so very exciting about that, we’ve been counting down for six weeks now.  I made reservations for the two of us on a Crush Wine Tour for Sunday, and Saturday night we’ve booked a room in Toronto so that we can let loose and have some drinks and I don’t have to concern myself with driving us home.

I’ll be updating Twitter often during her time here, since I doubt there will be much time for blogging.  You can subscribe to my Twitter feed, or just check the blog daily for the Tweet Digests.  We may even post a photo or two :P

I wish it was Saturday tomorrow!  Patience is not one of my virtues…actually, virtue and I probably don’t even belong in the same blog post ;)

One Response to “I’d Rather Have No Friends, Over Having ‘Friends’ Like Yours”

  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Shasta,
    I’m so excited that the trip is getting so close! Only two weeks to go! Woot! Thank you for treating me to the wine crush tour. I am SO excited about it and can’t wait to tour around Jackson Triggs and other wineries. I have to make sure to bring Master Anakin a bottle back and will probably get one on our tour. I’m glad we are staying in the hotel too for the Saturday night. I am glad you can relax and enjoy the night and have some drinks and not worry about having to drive home. :)
    I have no patience either!! I wish it was 2 weeks from today because I’d be getting ready for my early morning flight the next day!
    padme amidala

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