Welcome To My Blog!  Consider this the Official Introduction and Guided Tour of this humble site.  Shall we dive right in then?

* * *

If you look just under the blog title, you will see a number of tabs.  Lets start there:

Product Reviews- This is the page where you can find links to all of the reviews I’ve posted on this blog.  They are organized into categories (vibrators, toys for boys, etc) for easy browsing.  Take a peek around, and don’t miss out on the amusing Sex Toy Cemetery, which is linked at the very bottom of the page.

The Beautiful People – This is a somewhat limited cast of characters who are featured regularly (or were in the past) here at Stiletto Diaries.  If you are reading an entry and you are not quite sure who is who, take a peek at this page to explain.

Ho Call – A page where I keep my list of outgoing links, to other blogs, or sites I like.  They are organised into categories (blogs, resources, shopping, etc).  Lots of great stuff to be found in there, I encourage you to browse.

My Life List – 1,000 things I would like to do before I die.  Some of them are already crossed off, most are still in progress (and there aren’t 1,000 things on there yet, I’m still adding to it).  Perhaps it will inspire some of you to create your own lists, or perhaps there will be something you feel you could help me with.  Either way, I hope you will poke around over there.

Sin Emporium - Are you in the market for sex toys?  This page contains a short list of sites that I personally endorse and support for their variety, prices, and customer service.

* * *

In the right-hand sidebar you will find a tab, titled “Categories“.  This is a list of topics, which will assist you in locating content on this site that is of interest to you.  Most of them are fairly self-explanatory, but a few are more obscure.  Here is a brief summary of the less obvious ones:

“G” Marks The Spot – G-Spot related posts

Body Mods - Tattoo and piercing stuff

Does All Her Own Stunts – Anything you could classify as an ‘adventure’

Heading East – Related to our move from Alberta to Ontario

Housekeeping – Blog renovation announcements, other content related fluff

Retro Rambling – Posts from previous blogs and journals that I wrote before I started stiletto Diaries

Simply Dreadful – All things dreadlock

The Things We Said – Strange and amusing conversations I’ve had with friends

This And That – Snippets and random thoughts
* * *
To conclude I’d like to say a couple of things about my web hosting.  I use AN Hosting for my website because they allow adult content, and they are reasonably priced.  Thus far their tech support and customer service has been really exceptional, and I’m very happy to be using their great services.  If you are looking for reliable, adult friendly, affordable hosting then I encourage you to click that button towards the bottom of my sidebar and check them out.  You won’t regret it.
* * *
I hope you will enjoy this website, and please feel free to comment on this post (or others) with questions or feedback.
Thanks For Reading!
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