The Cat Wished That It Was A Bee

Posted on July 20th, 2009 in Bucket List, Does All Her Own Stunts, Emotional Angst, Made In Ontario, Polyamory, Tie Me Up

Isn’t it always the way, that for weeks one has very little desire to write, and nothing much to write about, and then suddenly all hell breaks loose and there are more things to recount than there is time to recount them?  Certainly seems so around here.

Saturday at Tease was a mix of awesome and not so awesome.  First thing in the morning my period decided to make an appearance four days early.  Oh hooray, and I wasn’t at all prepared for it, which meant I had to drive to the nearest town to obtain supplies.

Unfortunately, my van had a flat.  Not sure how that happened, but I was thinking “For christ sake!  Could things get any more annoying today?”

A very kind stranger changed my tire for me, although it took some doing.  I was able to find my way into town, and to a drug store.  It was kind of weird being back in normal society after being completely immersed in kink for a couple of days.  I found myself wishing that I had reconsidered my choice of outfit (which consisted of a tank top and a shirt that just barely covered my rear end).  To late to turn back however!  I slunk in and out of there as fast as possible.

On the way out of town I grabbed a coffee from Tim’s and finally felt as though karma wasn’t trying to punish me for being a deviant.

That afternoon Deja generously offered to do a casting of my breasts.  As it was on my list, and the great outdoors is really the ideal situation in which to do it, due to the mess, I eagerly agreed.  The worst part was having to keep still after she’d begun applying wet, plaster-soaked strips to my front side.  The results were interesting, and it was a lot of fun, although it required a long shower afterwards to scrub off all of that plaster.

418. Have a part of my body casted

Once I was clean again, Aiden and I took in a workshop on Old Guard Leather, followed by dinner, and then the Dom/sub auction.  I hadn’t planned on bidding at all, and I mostly went to watch, but towards the end of the evening a rope suspension was up for grabs, and it’s on my list, so I bid.  Fortunately, nobody else seemed keen to purchase the services of the rigger in question, so I won!  It turned out to be the best $11 I ever spent ;)

After the auction a group of us headed back to our camp site, where there was drumming.  Fortunately I had remembered to bring my drum, and so I spent the remainder of the evening by the fire playing.  It was already rather late by this time.  Aiden had gone off with the person who purchased him in the auction, and so after bidding everyone else good night, I headed to bed.  Sometime not long after Aiden crawled into bed as well, although I hardly remember if we talked because I was half-asleep.  It was my last night at Tease, so I wanted to be well-rested for Sunday.

Prior to Tease I’d been going through a long stretch of being generally disinterested in BDSM.  In fact I enquired into selling my Tease spot a few weeks beforehand, because I just didn’t think I was in the right mindset to go.  I’m glad that it was too late to transfer my place to someone else, because Tease was just what I needed to remind me that I need kink in my life, at least to some extent.  I’m thankful that I didn’t sell all of my gear the week before, like I had planned to (although I didn’t take any toys with me).  I’m especially glad that I ran into Aiden there, and that we hit it off as well as we did, and that he kept me company.

I wanted to pack up my stuff fairly early on Sunday, so as to be able to relax in the afternoon.  I had to leave by 7:30 that evening in order to make it to the greyhound kennel and fulfill my volunteering duties there, on my way home.  Aiden went to check out some workshops that I wasn’t really interested in, and I gathered up my gear and took down my tent. By the time I was finished afternoon had creeped up on me.

Arrangements for my suspension scene were made, and then Aiden and I met up for a History of Kink workshop that was really interesting.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear Viola Johnson speak, DO IT.  She’s absolutely fabulous.  I could literally listen to her talk all day long.

Following the workshop I had a shower and began mentally preparing for the suspension.  I’d heard that ‘rope space’ is different than the sub space brought on by other forms of play, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The process of creating a rope harness for the suspension took about 30-45 minutes by my estimation.  I really enjoyed the sensation of the rough hemp rope against my skin.  I’d never experienced such constrictive bondage (the rope has to be rather snug, for obvious reasons) and I loved ever minute of it.

The getting off the ground part was good for a giggle.  It’s a little unnerving lifting both feet of the ground and trusting that you are not going to fall.  I was suspended with my back to the ground, in a horizontal position.  Nothing fancy for my first time around, for good reason, as many people apparently decide they want to be let down again within 5 minutes.  Not me, however.  I stayed suspended for 45 minutes, and even then, the only reason I had to come down was that I needed time to load all of my stuff before leaving.

I can tell you that the sensation of being suspended like that is amazing.  The rope was tight, but not uncomfortable.  It’s a strange but wonderful feeling. Naturally some of my camp mates were unable to resist the lure of a naked girl, just hanging there, practically BEGGING to be tickled or pinched.  I did not object to their efforts, although there was some squealing and wriggling helplessly on my part.

I loved rope space.  I didn’t fully understand the attraction to rope before I had a chance to experience it for myself, and now I just hope that I can meet someone willing to do that to me on a regular basis.  When I finally set my feet on solid ground again I was wobbly.  I held onto the suspension ring until I felt more steady, and then I was able to sit down for a few moments until I was certain I could stand up without falling over.

It only took 10 minutes or so for the removal of all that rope.  Aiden came over and let me lean on him after I was completely untied, which I appreciated, as I still felt kind of out of it.

461. Try suspension bondage

After getting myself together and putting some clothes on I said goodbye to Aiden, who had to leave just then himself, and then gulped down some supper.  The rest of my camp mates went to the closing ceremonies while I tossed all of my camping gear into my van and headed for the dog kennels.

I don’t generally experience ’sub drop’ after a scene, but Tease was different.  It was like spending 4 days in a different world.  A world where nobody judges you, and you’re free to do as you please, and to be so completely yourself.  It was painful to leave.  Going to the kennel gets to me at the best of times (but at the same time I love going there) but on that night I think I cried most of the time I was there.  I was alone, which was nice, so I just allowed myself to be emotional.

The days that followed Tease were kind of a blur.  I know I felt ‘off’ and I don’t think I felt properly rested until nearly the end of last week.  Despite the weirdness afterwards, I had such a good time at Tease I can’t imagine not going again next year.  This time I hope that Jack might be able to go with me, as I know he would enjoy himself too.

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    I was reading a story over at and thought you might enjoy it too. Not sure if you read her stuff. It’s about rope play.

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