Pants Are An Illusion, And So Is Death

Posted on May 26th, 2010 in LARP, Made In Ontario, Migration Paths

Next weekend Aiden and I were supposed to be LARPing, for the last time at our regular game.  However, after some thought and discussion, we decided to skip the event and go camping together out at Killbear Provincial Park instead.  Aiden went there with his family when he was 12 and he has wanted to go back ever since, but for a variety of reasons, never has.

Killbear 3

Killbear 5

Killbear 4

Killbear 2

Killbear 1

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While I am somewhat sad that we will be missing LARP and our friends, I am really looking forward to this camping expedition.  We reserved a spot right on the beach, in an un-crowded camp ground.  You can see approximately where we will be set up on the map below; our site is somewhere in the vicinity of that green arrow (click to embiggen)

Map Of Killbear

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Killbear Park is on the edge of Georgian Bay, which is a part of Lake Huron.

Aiden and I have camped together at LARP, and briefly at TEASE, but never recreationally. I am looking forward to a weekend away from the house and the kiddos, before we really get down to the nitty-grits of this moving business. With just over a month to go, there likely won’t be a lot of opportunities for rest and relaxation after the next two weekends, which is why I am taking full advantage of both this weekend in Calgary with Jack, and next weekend camping with Aiden.

Today we are waiting to find out if the offer has been accepted, for the house I mentioned here.  I am hoping and praying and crossing all of my appendages that they take it, so that we can have the inspection done this weekend and close the deal.  Looking for the right house has gotten terribly old, and I will be glad to have that stage of the process finished with.  For the time being, there are clothes to be folded, and more empty boxes to be filled, and packing lists to be made!

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One Response to “Pants Are An Illusion, And So Is Death”

  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Shasta,
    Sounds like a fun time camping and lots of neat plans for you. I’m heading out to Alberta this summer for a family trip although I’ll be in Edmonton and not Calgary. Hope to plan a trip out to see you when your all settled in Calgary. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen you!!

    Good luck with the house. Hope that finally gets settled for you.

    I’d love to catch up with you. Have missed you lots!

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