What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?

Posted on February 26th, 2011 in Emotional Angst, Featured, Mating And Relating, Polyamory, Three's Company

I’ve been mulling over what to do with this blog, and with my now inactive Twitter account.  I’ve debated deleting them both, after offering alternative contact information to anyone that would like it.

I don’t think that I have it in me to continue tweeting, and now that I’ve been away from it for over a week, there is no real draw to return.

As for this blog, I don’t think that I will take it down, although the domain comes up for renewal in May and I am not yet entirely sure if I can afford to keep it going.  I suspect that I shall renew it for another year, and then see if I use it before letting it expire.

The content herein could still prove useful to some, and so rather than allowing it to vanish into oblivion, I shall likely export it to a free host (WordPress) and then leave it be.

I don’t know, maybe I will take it up again.  Right now it seems pointless due to the fact that I feel uncomfortable writing about my feelings for fear of inciting conflict over here in my “real life”.  Things are extremely sensitive in this house, as Jack and I struggle to discuss and compromise with each other and avoid all of the venom and spite that leaks out with unfortunate regularity.

Just to give a brief update, last night Aiden put down a damage deposit and paid his first month’s rent on his own place.  He will be moving out over the first part of March.

Today Jack is going to visit his family and tell them what is going on.  My family will likely have to wait until next weekend as I am working full time these days in order to pay all of my own bills, and I don’t get a lot of days off.

I already came out to my aunt, who is my closest family member.  Apparently she already suspected, as do my parents, that we have some sort of an open relationship.  She was surprisingly calm and extremely supportive, although I could tell that she was struggling some with the reality of the situation.  It was weird but also liberating to just be honest about everything.  I am not sure that it’s the best course of action when it comes to my mum and dad, but it’s rather nice that at least one more person knows the facts of the matter.

At any rate, I may continue to update sporadically, or as time and consideration for others allow.  I really do wish that I could share more, but for now it’s better not to.

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3 Responses to “What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?”

  1. tonya cinnamonNo Gravatar Says:

    sometimes life takes on changes we never know nor understand.
    i give you hugs and lots of thoughts for you and your kidlets and family. do what you know best. i wish you all the best no matter the outcome.

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  2. dayglowNo Gravatar Says:

    I just want you to know that I have loved your blog for quite a while now, and I will miss reading about your life. It’s always weird when someone I follow stops blogging, because I feel like I had some kind of friendship with them even though we’ve never talked. So it’s a funny kind of loss for the readers who lurk and who you never got a chance to know. I wish you and your family the best. Take care of yourself and your kids, and I hope you can keep blogging in some form. xo

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  3. sfNo Gravatar Says:

    Things are really the same all over… Wish you the best as always.

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