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Beyond the night of the party, I know I haven’t blogged at all about K’s visit or any of the other fun things we did while he was here.  Between actually spending time with him and planning for the party and then having the party and recovering only to fly out to Calgary for an incredible weekend with friends, well, blogging much just wasn’t in the cards.

So, allow me to bring everyone up to speed on the recent happenings :)

K arrived on Friday evening, and when I met him at the airport it didn’t feel at all like 9 months had passed since we’d last seen each other.  On the drive back to my house we chatted about his flight (he’d never flown in a commercial aircraft before) and about Ontario and what sorts of things we were going to see and do while he was here.  It wasn’t awkward at all, which was nice.

On Friday night was a bit of a different story, LOL.  It had been a long time since the three of us were together and as the clothes started coming off I joked that perhaps I had forgotten how to do it.  Clearly they had not since they fell on me like a pair of starving hyenas, and after that all I remember is cumming while K licked between my legs and Jack nibbled my breasts and nipples.  I think they must have fucked me as well, although I can’t tell you in what order or how many times or for how long, HA HA.

Jack was up bright and early on Saturday morning to pick up F, who had taken the red eye out from Calgary.  When they got back to the house we all visited some and then I headed out for my waxing appointment.  My estetician was quite surprised at the lack of regrowth I had, and commented that I should probably space out my appointments by more than 5 weeks so that there would be something there to yank out next time.

After that was finished I went to pick up Nia and her ex-boyfriend.  He needs a letter or a name or something I suppose…we’ll call him Remi.  They were…um…not out of bed yet ;) so I went to fetch coffee while they got themselves untangled and organised for the day.  We all ended up back at my place so that we could do some preparation for the party on Sunday, and generally hang out together.

Jack and F decided to go shopping for something that Jack could wear to the party.  They were gone until much later that night, while the rest of us wrangled children and made snacks for the big event.  Jack and I own a chocolate fountain and we’d decided to loan it out for the party, so we cut up fruit and so forth to go with that.

Nia and Remi went back to her place around supper time, and once the kids were in bed K and I curled up on the couch to watch TV, which led to being naked, which led to having sex several times in the living room.  Yum!

Sunday was of course the party, which I’ve already written about at length here.  Monday was spent recouperating from the loooooong day prior.  Jack and F went to do some sight seeing before he had to drop her off at the airport.  It was so lovely having her here.  Generally Jack hogs all of her time, so I really enjoyed having a chance to hang out with her more myself.

Once Jack got home from the airport, K and I headed down to Niagara Falls.  It was a somewhat cool day, but not freezing.  There was still a lot of ice on the river at the bottom of the falls.  We strolled along the walk way, and I told him about the Dragon Ritual Drummers and the stories of the dragon that lives behind the Falls.  If you haven’t heard of this drumming group they are totally amazing, and I’ll have one of their songs available for download at the end of this post.  I’m hoping to get in on one of their workshops at a local Pagan Festival this summer.

K and I were both starving, so we headed back to the truck and drove around Niagara to find a place to eat.  We settled on this quiet little pub and grill, which served pretty decent food, and was practically vacant.  We laughed a lot and reminiced a little over good memories from our relationship.  We agreed to avoid topics like P or the downhill slide that resulted in us breaking up.  Water under the bridge really, so there wasn’t any point in rehashing all of that.

After a scenic drive back from Niagara, we decided that we finally had room for dessert.  Casey’s has a mile-high chocolate cake to die for and I’d been craving it for days.  I couldn’t possibly finish it all, and K had ordered the Peanut Brownie Sundae, so I took the rest home for Jack.

Luckily he was still awake when we got home, although cake was the last thing on his mind, LOL.  The three of us had a fabulous threesome (I present photographic evidence, which is more efficient than me blathering on and on. The distortions were necessary to hide body art):

Take Me From Behind Baby!

Eventually we all fell asleep, exhausted, but quite satiated.  Can you tell I have a real preference for sex doggy-style?  I think it’s because the boys so love to twist my dreads in their hands and pull my head back while they fuck me like tomorrow will never come.  It’s delicious.  It also allows for spanking, which I enjoy immensely

Tuesday was rather relaxed.  Jack had to work so K and I spent the day recovering from the long weekend.  Tuesday evening was the local kink munch, and K agreed to go with me.  We had a very wonderful time.  I got to visit with some really nice people who I’ve gotten to know at previous events.  A gorgeous Domme, whom I sometimes flirt with, invited me to spend a night in her dungeon.  I’ve never bottomed to a woman before, mainly because I’ve never met one who induced those submissive feelings in me.  Until now.  I’d gladly let her beat on me any night she feels like it, in fact, I intend to take her up on that offer at the first mutually agreeable opportunity.

On Wednesday I woke up feeling…not quite right.  More specifically, my girl parts seemed displeased.  Now, I often joke that I have a stainless steel vagina, because I’ve never had anything go wrong down there.  No irritation, no yeast infections, nothing troublesome in the least, despite some of the strange and varied things I stick up there (I mean sex toys you sickos).  It’s always been perfectly well behaved, the way every pussy should be.

So I passed it off as irritation from ‘overuse’ as V put it ;)  However, after a hot shower and avoiding sex for nearly two days, there was no use trying to pretend.  Something was just not right.  I’d never had a yeast infection before, but after discussing it with Nia I figured that must be the problem.

After thinking about it some, the culprit was decidely the ass-to-vaginal contact that had occurred during the Monday night threesome.  Jack’s penis was in K’s ass and shortly after in my pussy.  Stupid mistake on our parts.  One that I won’t soon repeat.  Let this be a lesson to all of you.  ASS-TO-VAGINA is a BAD BAD BAD idea.  Even if you think your parts are immune to such infections, you’ll be sorry.  I wouldn’t have over-shared all of that with you had it not included a moral :P

Thursday evening K and I got on a plane at Pearson and headed for Calgary.  It was a good flight, and I couldn’t wait to see V.  That, however, is a story for another post.

Dragon Ritual Drummers - Battle Of The Stone Giants

  1. Jack Said,

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..yummy cock. Loved it in my mouth and ass. hehe But not as good as your pussy. hehe

  2. padme amidala Said,

    Wow…I love your very sexy pictures from your threesome. Thank you also for sharing a few of your private ones too with me from that night. Master Anakin and I both enjoyed them all out.
    Sounds like a great time with K and I’m glad you had so much fun. Sorry to hear about the yeast infection. Those always really suck.
    I’m glad that we got to talk on the phone today. It really made me smile. It was great to hear your voice. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with Jack and get to relax!
    padme amidala

  3. nia Said,

    yikes! a yeast infection is the last thing i would worry about…no more ass to pussy ever! please! promise me!

    then again…i’ve tewtally done atm…somehow that seems less icky…

  4. nia Said,

    i should always preview before i post, hahaha. i tewtally meant to put a :P or something so you would all know i was being very tongue in cheek and not at all critical in my last post.

    why does tongue in cheek sound so naughty in this context?

  5. Ambaleigh Said,

    ass to pussy bad…*making mental note*

    Hope you start feeling better :)

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