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Trashy GirlHow does one accurately describe the experience of being spanked, hard, your skirt hiked up around your waist and your bare ass exposed to a room filled with people? There aren’t really any sufficient words for the feeling one has while one person is holding you down by a fistful of your hair, while another raises welts on your backside with the tails of a leather flogger.

“There is a line of people waiting to spank you, you know” Nia commented to me while I gasped and writhed under the delicious torture a new friend was inflicting on my rear. “I hope you’re ok with that.”

Indeed I was. I’m certain at least 3 or 4 people touched my butt at some point while I was on the bench. All of them certainly polite, asking permission before just going ahead, not that I would have objected to anything at that point.

A gorgeous, tall trans woman was being quite a flirt, and I was at least coherent enough to invite her to the party next weekend (April 6th). I quite liked her and I’m hopeful she’ll show, if only so I can make up for the kissing I think I missed out on (I was too blissed out to put the moves on her properly).

It was only polite to give Nia a turn on the bench, and while she enjoyed herself I mingled a little more, admiring some of the other patrons. Mandy Goodhandy (the club owner) lured me out on the dance floor for a couple of songs, which made my little fangirl heart nearly burst with excitement.

Eventually I found myself spectating on a threesome that Nia was tangled up in with another young woman and the generous man who had spanked my ass earlier. The guy in question was getting quite the blow job from the pretty gal in the middle, while Nia squatted at my feet, nearly her entire hand inside of said gals pussy. I enjoyed spectating, and it’s not every day someone gushes several cups worth of liquid only inches from your feet. Thank goodness there were towels nearby.

Apparently an attractive couple nearby felt that I needed a little attention of my own, or as Nia pointed out after, were waiting to see if I was going to join in on the threesome happening only inches from me. When I didn’t, I figure they felt it was safe to ask me to play. The woman approached me first, sitting down to introduce herself and then asking if she could make out with me. Naturally I obliged, LOL, figuring that her male partner was into watching her with women. After only a minute or two of kissing, she asked if she could go down on me.

How fortunate for her that letting people eat my pussy is a service I provide!

Actually, I was hesitant, but she was so sweet, she found her way between my thighs in seconds. To be totally honest with all of you, I’ve never had a woman go down on me before. Certainly I’ve licked a pussy or two, but never been on the receiving end, and all of you know about my aversion to oral sex.

Did I mention we were on stage? In front of at least 20 or so people (if not more, I was hardly counting). She had me lay back on the edge of the stage, legs spread, skirt lifted to allow her access to what she was after. Her fingers and lips and tongue and mouth were doing all of the right things…it was incredible.

While she was turning me into a puddle of goo, I felt her husband sit down to my left. She asked if it was ok for him to take a turn, and I could only groan and nod. He switched her spots, and when she came up to kiss me, I tasted myself all over her lips. Hot!

He was certainly no slouch at cunnilingus, and she turned her attention to my breasts and nipples. I could have cared less who was watching at that point. He was sitting in front of the stage, my stiletto-clad feet slung over his shoulders while he went to work on my pussy like he’d been waiting to lick it for decades.

Enthusiastic is an understatement.

He’d wrapped his arms around my thighs, holding me down to the stage (with some struggle, due to the way I was thrashing about). His mouth was locked over my clit like he might never let go. I could feel myself building, and my moans escalated in volume, which only made him double his efforts. My body was beginning to tremble, and I could feel her biting my nipples. Over the edge I went, screaming the entire way, just to make sure absolutely everyone on the block knew I was cumming.

I had to push him away, since I become so intensely sensitive after I orgasm. The two of them seemed quite pleased, and when I thanked him profusely he replied “No no, thank YOU!” like I had just given him the greatest gift on earth. I didn’t have time to say much else before they wandered off, perhaps to enjoy each other somewhere more private.

I was unsteady on my feet, particularly in those hot-as-hell but totally impractical shoes, and I was cursing the fact that I had not worn any panties, as my juices were running down the insides of my legs. Figuring that really, the night was coming to a close and wandering back to the car with wet thighs was really not so bad, we gathered ourselves and bid goodnight to our new friends.

The drive home was mostly quiet, both Nia and I grinning like idiots, but too tired to really talk much. We drug ourselves off to bed, as she was staying the night at my place, setting the alarm for only hours later (3.5 hours to be exact).

Today we are exceptionally giggly, retelling last nights best moments over and over. I’ll likely need a nap later, but let me tell you, the exhaustion is more than worth it.

Really, it was only a appetizer for what is to come at next Sunday’s party. I can hardly wait at this point. K arrives on Friday, and I’m so looking forward to seeing him. F will fly in on Saturday morning, and I’m hoping that Jack won’t hoard her all to himself, although I’m pretty certain that he will, LOL. I know we’re going to have a fabulous time, and I even managed to secure a sitter for 5 hours on Sunday, so that Jack can join us at the party for at least part of the festivities.

I’m sure that I will have much to blog about over the next couple of weeks. The trick of it is finding the time to sit down and write it all ;)

So Nia and I are going to a sex party at Goodhandy’s tomorrow night. Jack decided I should have a break from all of the hard work I’ve been doing and get out for a night of hot debauchery.

You know it’s my first one don’t you?

I’m a little nervous, but hell, it’s a great excuse to break in those thigh high boots, and you know I’ll use any excuse I can find to lace myself into those bad boys.

Plus it’ll be a great warm up for the other big party next weekend!

Nia and I aren’t dating by the way, nor sleeping with each other, just to be clear. We’re going together as pals, since I’m way too chicken to go by myself, and since it’s a party, taking friends is good!

Hopefully I’ll be up to blogging about it on Sunday :P I’m sure there will be interesting stories to share!

No time to chat just now though. Just wanted to share the excitement and let you know I’m still around. Even though I haven’t been updating regularly I hope everyone still checks out the micro blogging there in the sidebar, which I try to update daily.


Fuck The Pain Away

Happy CatDisappointment is a funny thing. You can only feel disappointed if you’ve set yourself up for such things through beliefs and expectations. I’m fond of saying that expectations are dumb, and are the fastest route to general unhappiness.

For the most part I make a very conscious effort to avoid expectations. I realize that sometimes it happens without a lot of thought, but really, I do my best not to have them.

Last night I somehow slipped, formed an expectation in the back of my mind, and as a result was thoroughly and completely disappointed.

I don’t feel like getting into details, but lets just say a last minute get together did not go at all like I had wanted it to. This wouldn’t have been so terrible had the result not been a bit of a blow to my ego.

Other than that, the weekend was brilliant. I got to have coffee with my friend Rob, who wrote that excellent book I reviewed some months ago. We swapped stories over lattes in Starbucks, discussing writing and relationships and the party I’ve mentioned here (which he will be attending, along with his lovely girlfriend).

We eventually had to bid each other a good day, since I had other commitments. It was a lovely way to start off Sunday at any rate.

Off to Miri’s house for diner lunch and coffee, followed by relationship discussion and much venting about males and how inconvenient they often are. We snuggled some, since she was nursing a hangover and I was nursing my slighted pride. It was good to have a girls bitch session and some fairly innocent cuddling :P

Around supper time I figured I’d better head home. I hadn’t slept well at all (I rarely do in unfamiliar places) and it was a long haul back to our house. Reluctantly I wished her a good evening and off I went. Thank god for Tim Horton’s and satellite radio.

Self-inflicted disappointments aside, it was a pretty alright weekend. My period is starting today, and I didn’t have ANY PMS, thanks to my regular working out and drinking lots of water. I’m going to keep on my gym schedule this week, and I have a waxing appointment on Saturday, which is always more painful around this time, but I can take it.

Blogging may be light for the next week or so. I bought paint for our house interior over the weekend, which means I will be spending a lot of my time scantily clad with a roller in my hand. I like to paint in my underwear. Perhaps I will grace you with photos.

February is almost over, which hopefully means spring is upon us. I’ve had enough of the snow. On to the nice weather!

It feels like I’ve had a lot going on this week, until I actually stop and think about it, and then I start wondering, “What the hell have I been so busy with?”

Monday was a holiday here in Ontario; their first ever Family Day long weekend. Family Day is luxury I’d been accustomed to in Alberta for as long as I can remember. We went out for breakfast as a family, lounged about in the afternoon, and then went out for supper as well. It completely threw off my regular schedule however, and so today only feels like Tuesday, which means I feel behind in my week already. Not that I am complaining about the extra day with Jack :)

Nia and I have been hitting the gym four times a week now, which seems to eat up at least a couple of hours on those days. It feels so good to be working out again. I needed to get out of the house this evening, so I treated myself to a new yoga mat and some sexy workout gear. One can never have too many good sports bras or lycra booty shorts.

This weekend I have a couple of dates lined up. Sunday I am having coffee with a friend who I’ve mentioned here before, but who has not been assigned a name as of yet. I did photos for her one Saturday afternoon not long ago, and we’ve hit it off quite excellently. I shall call her Miri, which means ‘mine’ and you can read into that however you will *sly wink*.

Afterwards, I am getting together with Nelek, for coffee and more lascivious things. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I likely won’t be able to spend any time with him again until well into March. Thus, I am going to make the most of Sunday, as they say.

Today was spent indoors, tidying the house while I listened to episodes of Polyamory Weekly on my iPod. Nothing like being elbow-deep in dishwater while Minx purrs on about responsible non-monogamy. She may yet inspire me to try doing a podcast of my own.

Before I leave off for the evening and crawl into bed with Jack, I have a favour to ask! I need some dare suggestions for an adult party. I know I’ve asked for this before, but this time I need them to be short and easily applied to a group of people who don’t know each other well. We’re going to be writing them on slips of paper and giving one to each guest at random. We’ve got things like “Show some skin” and “Introduce yourself to an attractive stranger” but I need quite a few more. So, think about going to a sexy adult party where you might not know anyone all that well. What sorts of dares would you like to see people do? What would you be willing to do? Leave me some comments please :D

So I guess it’s about time I update you all on the happenings of last weekend.

Friday night was supposed to be my date with the guy, who I’ve just now realised needs a name…

Hmmmmmmm, I am thinking Loki, since it’s a name I’ve always quite liked, and the man in question is a bit of a trickster (he teases me all the time about taking him too seriously).

Anyway, Loki got home Friday night and was feeling decidedly unwell. He said he was going to take something for his stomach and lay down for a bit, in the hopes that he’d get over it. Unfortunately, he was tired from work and totally passed out, not waking up until nearly midnight (I was already in bed with Jack by that time). He felt just awful about it the next day, but I told him not to stress, it happens.

Besides, I was already well into Saturday, which was absolutely fantastic. Nia and I had a wonderful time with our new friend. The second girl was ill that day and had to cancel (must be something going around). We spent the day snapping photos, snacking, and generally hanging out. I got some lovely pictures for the calendar, and the three of us totally hit it off. By the end of the day we ALL had our photos taken, in various states of undress. I even got to flex my Dominant side a bit, with some light play on each of them. Being generous gals they didn’t leave me out, and I spent at least half an hour bent over the arm of a couch with my skirt hiked up around my waist. Mmmmmmm, great times.

It was creeping into the hours of Sunday morning when I crawled into bed with a sore bum and a satisfied smirk.

Sunday was another fun-filled adventure. I took my friend into Toronto’s downtown and we spent hours shopping and laughing. Often she makes me laugh so hard I nearly pass out from lack of oxygen, it’s brilliant.

I didn’t buy anything exciting, just some household goods, but we had a lovely time. She hadn’t been into downtown much, and thought I was amazing for being able to do so without becoming nervous (even after we missed our exit on the 401 and had to backtrack without a map). I drove her through China Town and Portugal Village, and promised we would go to the Banu for vodka in the near future. I would like to try their Zaban (braised cow tongue) and maybe even the lamb testicles if I’m feeling particularly adventurous.

The weekend was lovely, and Loki has tentatively rescheduled our date for this Friday night. Jack, the kids, and I are going on a bit of a road trip Saturday, to spend the night up in cottage country. It will be nice to get away overnight with them. The only downer is that my period is due today which means I’ll likely not feel totally on the ball, LOL.

I can hardly believe that February is already upon us. January passed by so quickly, I could hardly catch my breath. Not that I am complaining, since I can hardly wait for spring to arrive, I’ve had my fill of winter.

*Orson Scott Card

Say Cheese!It’s difficult to believe that it’s only Wednesday, and yet my week has been all kinds of fabulous already!

First, over the weekend, I began talking to someone new, whom I met online at one of those questionable chat sites. Certainly it might seem like a skeezy way to connect with someone, improbable that they are really interested in more than fucking me.

I figured though, that since I am on there, and not a sleaze bag, some of the other users must not be sleaze bags either. Why not at least give the guy a chance?

He’s 30 years old, and lives in a city about 45 minutes away from where I live. He has an old motorcycle that he rebuilt himself, and an impressive career that required significant post-secondary education. He’s a born and raised Ontarian, never been married, and has no children (that he has mentioned). He seems to be quite keen on the concept of poly, although he has no experience with such things. With a bit of a dominant streak, he doesn’t come across as particularly needy, which is very attractive.

Earlier this week he asked me out on a real date. Not a “lets do drinks and then hopefully you’ll get naked with me” date, but a “can I take you out to a movie and get to know you” kind of date. This Friday night he’s taking me to see Cloverfield. I’m quite excited, although cautiously optimistic. Thus far it seems he would be a suitable boyfriend, but I realize it’s way too early to tell. I promise to spare no details however, although you might not get them until Monday, because on Saturday I have more plans!

Nia and I are off to spend the day with some other gals and I’m going to be taking some photos for a calendar. Yes, my first real photography ‘job’ which will be a fantastic opportunity to expand my portfolio of work. Also I get to spend the day in the company of gorgeous ladies, so it’s pretty much win-win all around. I’m looking forward to it to no end, since I can always use more friends and all the better if they are sexy women in corsets!

Sunday I am taking a day trip downtown to Eaton’s Center and area with another mum I recently befriended here. She’s quite a bit older than me and is not privy to my secret life, but she makes me laugh so hard I can’t breath, which I like. She’s not inclined to drive downtown by herself, so I suggested that her and I have a shopping day together, leaving the young ones at home with our respective husbands. There are some tea shops down there that I wish to visit, although Jack might have a breakdown if I bring home even one more packet of tea leaves (I think I have somewhere around 25 kinds these days).

I should be good and exhausted by Sunday night, since I doubt I will get much sleep all weekend.

Aside from all those thrilling weekend plans, I’ve had a great week here at home. The house is tidy and becoming more organized every day. Jack and I are recovering from the gorge-mania that was Christmas and getting back on the horse so to speak with healthy eating. Nia has suggested that her and I sign up for fitness classes of some sort, which I think I will discuss with her more this weekend. I’d love to look into kickboxing or perhaps even something a little more racy, like pole dancing lessons/strippersize.

I’m feeling a lot better about myself, and about the state of life in general. I also feel very content with our decision NOT to move back to Alberta any time in the foreseeable future. Things seem to be coming around here, falling in to place slowly but surely. Nia suggested earlier this week that Jack and I indulge in a few more date nights while she wrangles the young ones, so that we don’t feel so lonely and overwhelmed at times. What a sweet and generous suggestion on her part don’t you think? I intend to take her up on that, perhaps very soon since I have a craving for good Indian food and I know a little place not far from here that serves up a wicked curry.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to finalize my brunch menu for Saturday (since I love to feed people I’ve informed our hostess that I will happily provide the morning meal) and make a grocery list. Come Monday I should have a good number of stories to share.

Happy Hump Day! Jack and I celebrated with a quick, half-conscious, morning romp before he headed to work, tee hee.

GoddessI’ve been debating over this post for most of the day. Not the topic of it (as it has none thus far) but rather whether or not I would bother writing it. Blogging can be an interesting hobby. On the phone with Padme this morning we discussed how it often happens that one will find themselves either in the mood to write, with nothing to say, or with plenty to say and no desire to write it.

Today has been a little of both. Certainly I have things to blog about, but the want to has eluded me. Perhaps I can coax out my muse with a little wine.

Another contributing factor, although to a lesser extent, might be the fact that Nia reads this blog. I felt that keeping it from her was wrong, although I am not sure why. I’ve gone over this at least a half a dozen times with all of you, and yet it presents a dilemma to me every time. In this case, I decided to be open about it.

Which presents me another dilemma, can I really write honestly and openly about someone when I know they are going to read it? Would any of us have gushed about that boy in math class on the pages of our grade 7 journal had we known he was going to read it the next day?

I certainly wouldn’t have.

Luckily this isn’t grade 7 and I’m not nearly as careful about what I say or do in front of others. Still, when a ‘relationship’ or whatever we are doing might be called, is very new, laying all of your cards on the table could be a bad idea.

That said, I don’t see the point of blogging when I only reveal half-truths or nothing at all. Why be bothered? I’ve promised myself time and again that when I felt like I should blog about something, dammit I’m going to blog about it.

Nia’s visit here on Sunday was really wonderful. Even though neither of us is 100% healthy yet, we enjoyed snacking and writing our Christmas cards together. The kids absolutely adored her, and have already asked me several times when she can come back to visit again.

Jack was mostly engrossed in watching The Grey Cup, so she and I visited amongst ourselves and grumbled about what a pain in the ass Christmas cards are.

I certainly enjoyed her company, and I was very relieved that things were not the least bit awkward after the disagreement we had last week.

What disagreement you ask?

I’m not inclined to share details, but to put it simply Nia and I disagree on a specific issue that each of us feels rather strongly about. The discussion was not particularly heated, nor did it get mean or nasty, but I know it disturbed us both greatly.

What exactly this means is still unclear. She doesn’t know if she wants to date someone with my particular opinion, and while I certainly understand and respect that, I can’t help but be a tad discouraged.

It’s so very, very rare that I am attracted to women. Thus far it’s only happened a handful of times, which is probably why I’ve never dated a woman before. Generally the feelings either are not mutual, or there are other circumstances that prevent a real connection (such as distance). I’ve been sexually intimate with a couple of women, but that was not in the context of a dating relationship.

Basically, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to pursuing women.

I dislike being all awkward and unsure of myself and part of me just wants to come out and ask Nia what exactly it is we are doing. Are we dating? Are we just friends? Is there any chance that this will be more? AM I BEING PSYCHOTIC?!?!??!

I feel dumb and out of my element. I’m not into labels, but at the same time I don’t want to run into the issue of mismatched expectations and ideas. I’ve done that dance too many times and it almost always ends badly for one or both of the people involved. I also don’t want to be investing the wrong kinds of emotions into our friendship only to end up being way off base.

Maybe I just need to stop being a freak, and allow it to be what it is.

This whole thing wouldn’t be nearly as difficult if I didn’t like her as much as I do. Yes, it’s early still and I know that I’m making way too big of a deal out if it all, but I haven’t really hit it off with anyone like this in a long time and I really don’t want to muck it up right off the start.

Anyway, there you have it, the happenings of the weekend and emotional angst all rolled in together. Go me!

So, this weekend I’m having Nia over to meet Jack and the kids.

The last time I mentioned introducing someone I was dating to my kids, my comment board erupted with horror and disgust. Seriously, if you don’t remember that, go and check it out, it was crazy!

You’d think I had suggested roasting my own young ones on a spit, and then eating them with hollandaise sauce.

Seeing as I haven’t had a negative comment here in months, I doubt that will happen again, although it would be very entertaining.

We were discussing Christmas Cards, and she offered to come over to drink tea and write our respective cards together. Since Jack and the kids plan to hunker down with snacks and beer helmets and foam fingers to watch The Grey Cup on Sunday, we decided that would be the perfect opportunity for tea and strumpets…err..crumpets.

I’m all excited about having her over, although I need to get some tidying done before Jack will permit me to bring anyone into the house. He’s a bit…uh… *insert word that rhymes with ‘tit-hickey’* about how The Lair looks when we have company.

Plus it gives me a perfect excuse to do a little Christmas baking, which I generally try to avoid for the sake of my waist line. Does anyone have any favorite holiday recipes they care to share with me? I was thinking butter tart squares (like butter tarts for lazy people) and maybe some chocolate orgasm cookies…or cinnamon buns, Yum! I have recipes for those things, but if you have others to add, share away!

I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, but nothing serious. I seem to be getting better, rather than worse, which is a relief. The kids and Jack seem to have avoided contracting whatever unpleasant thing I’ve been suffering from.

Hopefully I will have a review to post tomorrow, and I am sure the weekend will present a lot of interesting and fun events about which I can blog.

For now, I bid you a good evening, for I am off to write my shopping list and perhaps take a nice long bath with a cup of hot tea and a book.

I felt like such a whiner after my last post, so I am pleased to be posting something more upbeat before we head into the weekend.

Last night I picked up Nia in the evening to go for supper. We had curry at this really great little pub nearby. The food was awesome, much to our mutual delight! I am especially in love with their naan bread, which I wouldn’t exactly describe as authentic (gauging it in comparison to naan I’ve had at other Indian restaurants) but it’s so freakin good, it doesn’t matter.

There was this chick pea dish, with a coconut curry sauce. OMG! Delicious.

After supper, we decided to wander around a bit, checking out all of the beautiful new Christmas displays set up in the shop windows. While we were admiring the paintings in the window of an art gallery we were approached by two young men from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

“I’m an Atheist” I said firmly, when one of them asked if we were interested in hearing a message about Jesus. Oddly that seemed to put him off enough that he turned his attention to Nia who informed him curtly that she is in fact Pagan (he didn’t understand what that was, so she said “I’m a witch” and the look on his face was priceless). They did not persist, which was surprising, but a relief at any rate.

I saw a few gifts that would be perfect for some of my friends, not to mention great decorating ideas! Nia took me into one of the only shops still open at that hour to look at all of the really unique, and funky things inside. It was like a really chic little variety store. They had the most hilarious hand made greeting cards, a small assortment of clothing and hats, gorgeous bathroom accessories, some fun pet stuff, jewelry, and other little odds and ends. I have to go back there for sure!

Once we had strolled enough, we went back to her place, got naked, and…

Kidding :P

I’m terrible.

We hung out with some of her friends in the common room of her apartment complex, swapped stories and laughed and laughed. It was great fun! She taught me how to play cribbage, and I actually did not too bad.

It was getting late, but I wanted to show her some sex toys online before I left. She made me a cup of tea in her place while I snorgled the kitties.

Neither of us realized that it was almost 2am until Jack called me to make sure I was alright and hadn’t been in an accident or anything. We decided we’d better call it a night, since she was already feeling under the weather, and I had to be up early this morning. We bid each other goodnight and I headed for home, tired but really, really happy!

This afternoon we chatted online and decided to get together tomorrow afternoon for movies and knitting! We are Teh Kool Kids, LOL.

Whether or not we are actually ‘dating’ is still undecided, although we discussed it and nearly died laughing over our mutual awkwardness. I don’t think it matters at any rate, I really enjoy spending time with her, so who needs ‘labels’.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Flexing My Inner DommeHave you ever had one of those weekends where everything just goes so much better than you had anticipated??

Recently I had started chatting to someone new online. We found that we both had a LOT of things in common. Really odd things at that, which I generally do not find I have in common with other people. After only a couple of chats and a couple of e-mails, it was clear that there was a connection, and we decided to meet as soon as possible. Saturday afternoon was the first mutually agreeable opportunity to do so, and thus we made a plan to meet and then go out to this fetish event for a few hours. I was very, very excited. Also, more nervous than I have been in a long, long time, because this new person is a woman.

Why is that so remarkable? Well, for one thing I’ve never dated a woman before. For another because that seems to be a distinct possibility in this particular situation. I can already tell that she and I will be friends, so I am giving her a name for use on this blog. I searched a bit to come up with something that I felt did her justice, and settled on Nia (a shortened version of Niamh, who is the Celtic Goddess of beauty and brightness).

So, at the appointed hour on Saturday, I drove to her house to meet her. My first impression was “OMG, she’s so adorable” and I especially loved her hair, which is short and crazy and totally fun. She was also wearing this really cool skirt that I forgot to ask her about. I got to meet all of her fabulous pets (she lives alone, besides her 8 super cute furballs) and discuss her future renovation plans for her place. Nia wasn’t feeling that well when I arrived, so she made us some coffee and we talked and petted her cats and bunnies.

Talking to her felt so natural, there were no awkward moments at all, and it felt like we had been friends for a long time. Conversation was light-hearted and playful, and we hit it off even better in person than we had online. I was thrilled.

After our coffee, she felt somewhat better, and so we decided to check out the event for at least a short while.

The event itself was sort of like a flea market, similar to the ones we had back in Calgary. Kinky craftsmen from near and far, as well as representatives for other events, gathered together to sell stuff and also hand out fliers and information on everything from kinky camp outs to BDSM bed & breakfasts.

She and I browsed the tables and collected business cards and admired all the beautiful items for sale. Most of it was very reasonably priced, and I indulged in a little retail therapy and picked up a simple, solid oak, rectangular paddle. Yum!

Nia had lost a few of her favorite toys during her last breakup, so she treated herself to a new set of leather cuffs (wrist and ankle) which the vendor gave her a good deal on. He even threw in a free massager thing with pokey little nubbins on it.

I also met a really cool gal who makes synthetic dreadlocks in lots of cool colors, which I’ve been wanting. Basically I can add them into my own dreads for added color, volume, and fun (not long-term, just for like a weekend or special night out or something). I snagged her business card and I intend to check out her website. I’d like to have something funky for NYE.

We browsed and chatted and browsed some more. I found out that she is a switch, and has been poly for 8 years (she’s 29 by the way). Her and her ex-boyfriend were hoping to meet a bi-female to form a triad with eventually but the relationship broke up of it’s own issues before that happened. They remain friends, they just discovered they can’t be in a relationship together.

After we finished up at the event, I drove her back to her place so that she could pick up some stuff to take to a friends house. I offered to drive her over there as well, since she doesn’t have a vehicle. We yapped the whole drive, picked up her stuff, drove to her friends house, dropped it off, yapped all the way back to her place, and then sat in the car talking for half an hour. We could have kept going for hours and hours I am sure. However, I had another date that night. She gave me a big hug before I left and we promised to make plans again as soon as possible.

I drove off feeling giddy as hell. Strange but exciting.

Next stop was my house, to pick up Mr. Hottie-Pants (more commonly known as Jack) and head off to a pub for a pint of beer and some nachos. We enjoyed getting out kid-free for a few hours, and just talking and being together as a couple. No rushing or craziness, it was very relaxing.

The sitter had no trouble with the kids (they adore her) and they had been asleep for a couple of hours by the time we got in. We crawled into bed and cuddled, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Today was a nice relaxing day. I made us a big breakfast, and then we went out for a drive and did some fun stuff with the kids. What a wonderful weekend.

This week I am going to another kink munch, and I’m hoping Nia will have some free time to spend with me sometime during the week or next weekend. Even if nothing romantic ever develops, I’m pleased to have such a cool new friend.