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Congratulations To The Following Entries
(And Their Submitters)

Female Category Winner:


Male Category Winner:


Couple Category Winner:

(The flower was added for the sake of anonymity)

Congratulations Again Winners

A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Entered!

Time for another contest, dear readers!

Half (Or Fully) Nekkid Photo Contest

Submit ONE photo to me via to participate in this contest

Photo must be of a human subject

Should be erotic in context

Must not be a professionally taken photograph

Prizes for first place in each category: Male, Female, Couples

Photos will be judged on creativity and quality (not on how physically attractive you are or how much skin you show)

The photo you submit must be previously unpublished (as in you’re never posted it on your blog or any other forum/site)

Contest closes February 7, 2008

Comment or e-mail with any questions!

The winners for the Main Banner Category have been selected! Congratulations Chias, on winning, and thank you for the awesome entry. Thank you also to the other participants.

Moving on to the next category, Ad Banners, let the voting begin!

Ad Banner 1

Ad Banner 2

This poll will close once 50 votes have been received.

Yesterday, the Graphic Content Contest came to a close. I received a number of entries, all of them awesome. Thus, I am having a hard time picking the winners. The first round of voting will involved the Main Banner Category entries. Subsequent categories will be announced later on.

So, I am putting it to a vote amongst my readers :) I picked my top 3 favorites, and now it’s up to all of you to vote for your favorite one. You only get to pick one, that you feel best reflects the feel/spirit/content of this blog.

Here are your choices. I’ve made them ‘public’ on Flickr so that you can click on them to see them full-sized during the voting:

Banner 01

Banner 02

Banner 03

Take a good look at each and then vote below for the one you like best and wouldn’t mind seeing as the header for this blog:

Once I have received 100 votes, the poll will be closed and the final winners will be announced.

Well, only two people entered my recent contest for sexy haikus. I’m a little disappointed, however, not yet totally discouraged when it comes to this contest thing.

At any rate, congratulations DarklyFey and Esined on winning. Since the two of them were awesome enough to enter, I decided to award the Ive Vibrator to DarklyFey, and offered a comparable set of prizes to Esined, who then selected the Pocket Rocket.

Thanks again to both of you for participating!

Just a reminder about the Graphics Contest (see top of sidebar) because there are only 9 days left! Thus far I’ve only had two entries for the main banner category, one entry for the ad banner category, and 4 entries for the button category. As it sits, everyone who has entered will be getting a prize. Good news for them, but that’s not much of a contest. Please submit entries as soon as possible.

Ugh! I took my chances all week (and weekend) by spending time with Nia while she was sick with some sort of a chest infection.

Apparently, this time I was not lucky in the immune strength lottery, and now I too am sickly.

However, since I know it’s totally my own fault, I can’t be too pathetic and whiny. Nia thought I was nuts for hanging out with her for 10.5 hours on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and exposing myself to her mucous and germs.

S’okay though. Totally worth it.

The only downside is that now I am going to have to stay totally clear of her until I am better again, so that I don’t somehow re-infect her (she’s on the mend I think).

Once both of us are finally well, I’m hoping to have her over for dinner to meet Jack.

I only have until Saturday to get my voice back and feel better, because Jack and I have dinner reservations at a fabulous restaurant, to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement (6 years now).

So, I likely will not be online much. I’m going to rest, drink tea, and round up someone to come over and rub vicks on my chest :P

Not sure if I’ll post much this week, so while I work at feeling less icky, please enter my most recent contest for sexy haikus. I am sure it would help me feel better if more people gave me submissions ;) hee hee. Here’s an example in case you’re not totally sure what I am looking for:

And When He Went Down
Her Eyes Rolled Back In Her Head
Sweet Orgasmic Bliss

See? Not that hard.

If it’s the whole mailing address thing that is putting you off, I swear on all that is good and unholy, that I will not share your personal info with anyone else. Plus, I have to put MY personal address on the packages I ship, in case they need to return it to me, so we’ll be even.

Alright, I am off to curl up on the couch and sip my Bohemian Raspberry Green Tea. I hope everyone had a weekend as awesome as mine (yes, it was still excellent in spite of getting sick. I mean, I got to spend almost an entire night with a really hot chick, so I can’t complain).

Submit your best sexy haiku to win one of several fun prizes!

Entries will be judged by myself and a small panel of assistant judges

Haikus will be evaluated for originality and how well it incorporates the theme
(so it should be about sex/lust/sensuality/romance/etc and it can be either serious or funny)

Post your entry in the comment section. I am turning ON comment moderation.
This means none of the comments will show up until I publish them all at the end of the contest.

Please read all of the rules before submitting:

1. You can only enter once. Please do not try to cheat your way around this.

2. You cannon comment anonymously, those comments will not be counted. If you do not have a blogger account, please select ‘Other’ when presented with commenting options and then enter some sort of name for yourself.

3. When winners are announced, you have 24 hours to contact me with your MAILING address in order to claim your prize. Please do not bother entering this contest if you will not/cannot give me a snail mail address where I can send your prize.

The prizes available for winners of this contest include:

A brand new, unopened bottle of Durex Play Passion Cherry Flavoured Lubricant

The Ivy Intimate Touch Massager

The Pearl Pleasure Comfort Grip Stroker

Good Luck All! Looking forward to reading your entries.

EDIT!!!Contest closes TUESDAY, Nov. 20 at 4pm EST.


We Have Winnahs!!!

Lora and Kuemper


Each of you must e-mail me (see sidebar for my contact info) within 24 hours to claim your prize.

Thanks everyone who played. Keep an eye out for more contests. I have a lot of stuff I want to give away!


Call In To Win??


The 3rd and 8th commenters on this post will each win 30 minutes of free porn at HotMovies. When you use the promo codes I will provide to you, there is no need to sign up (beyond giving them an e-mail for verification, and choosing a sign-in name and password). I love this site, and the variety they have is mind boggling!

Here are the rules. Pay close attention:

1. Leave a comment below to enter to win. I’ve turned comment moderation on so that no one will know the order of their comment except me. Once both winners have been chosen I will publish all comments and then announce said winners.

2. You can only comment once. Please do not try to cheat your way around this.

3. You cannon comment anonymously, those comments will not be counted. If you do not have a blogger account, please select ‘Other’ when presented with commenting options and then enter some sort of name for yourself.

4. When winners are announced, you have 24 hours to contact me with your e-mail address in order to claim your prize.

Ready? Set? GO!!!

I decided it needed it’s own post, and more details on prizes!

This contest is going to involve designing and building some new graphics for my website. I will be accepting entries in three categories:

Main Banner

Details - This banner will be used at the top of this page, for the main graphic. Prizes will be awarded to the two best banners submitted. Credit will be given to creators in my sidebar if you wish.

Size Requirements - 1000 pixels wide by 200 pixels high

Prizes - First place will get to have first choice of any ONE they want in the Give Away Chest. Second place will get to chose ONE from all remaining items.

Ad Banner

Details - This banner will be used as a link back to Stiletto Diaries from places like The Pillowbook Top List, etc. A prize will be awarded to the best banner submitted. Credit will be given if you wish.

Size Requirements - 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high

Prizes - Winner will be allowed to select and ONE item from the second and third row of items in the Give Away Chest.


Details - Link buttons are popular on many websites. I have several retailer buttons in my sidebar there, and I would like something similar to offer websites that wish to link to my blog. You may use animation in this category if you like. Prizes will be awarded to the top three buttons.

Size Requirements - No smaller than 100×100 pixels and no larger then 250×250 pixels

Prizes - Winners can select the prize of their choice from the second and third row of items in the Give Away Chest.

You can enter each category as many times as you like. All of the banners/buttons should contain either my name or the name of this blog, and any images/graphics you feel best reflect the feel of this site. I will say that I am rather partial to pin up art (as you may have seen on my blog) and I would encourage you to check out The Pin-Up Files when considering art for the graphics.

Please submit all entries to my e-mail address: stilettodiaries at gmail dot com

Contest closes December 01, 2007