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Jack was unlucky enough to get sick with whatever I had over the weekend. ON TOP of being so ill I thought I might die, I got my period Sunday afternoon.

Fortunately Jack and I were able to squeeze some nice, long, love-making into Sunday morning, before my period arrived, and before he became ill. I’m glad I was feeling up to it, because going too long without sex makes me cranky, LOL.

It was one of those morning where you just lounge in bed until almost noon. Our kids are fairly happy to entertain themselves, provided that they get fed. We cuddled and talked and touched and snuggled. It was fantastic, just what I needed after feeling so awful the day before. We haven’t had a morning like that in months, or so it seems to me, so it was extra special.

Jack came down with it on Monday night, and took yesterday off to recover. I did my best to care for him and baby him, especially considering how wonderful he had been to me. By evening he decided he felt well enough to watch the kids for a couple of hours and encouraged me to go to the gym. It was just what I needed, and I enjoyed the time to myself, sweating and listening to my music.

I am back on track with my fitness and eating, which feels SOOOOOO good. I will be in reasonable shape for the summer, and I really have no excuses, since I have a free gym membership that I rarely use. Plus friends who are personal trainers and can answer any questions I might have, without having to pay through the nose to hire one myself.

I reward myself at the end of my workouts by stretching out in a tanning bed for 20 minutes. People have been commenting that I look tanned, which I like, since my skin tone is naturally darker and a tan suits me. It’s a good incentive to go to the gym, and it makes me look and feel great!

This week has been pretty uneventful thus far. This evening, once the kids are in bed, I plan to treat Jack to a luxurious full-body massage. I haven’t spoiled him like that in a while, plus I just got some new massage oil and I want to try it out.

Plans for another party are in the works. Everyone had such a fantastic time at our New Year’s Eve Bash, they have been asking when we plan to host another gathering. I would like to do that in the next couple of months, so I’ve been tossing around possible theme ideas. Perhaps a Tarts & Vicars Party, a la Bridget Jones’s Diary. Or I’ll have everyone dress up as different animals. That could be fun. Ohhhhhh or a sexy masquerade party, and everyone has to wear a mask. That way I could post pics on Ye Olde Blog here.

Happy Hump Day, friends and lovers and everyone in between!

*Harry Harrison


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Baby Bug Vibrator courtesy of Stiletto Diaries.

I am writing an article on female masturbation. Namely tips, techniques, etc. Information that women with little to no experience with self-love would find useful.

I am BEGGING my female readers to comment or e-mail me with their personal tips or techniques. Useful stuff you have learned along the way. Masturbation with just your fingers or toys or other objects is all suitable. I’d love to hear all of your stories, and I’d really like to get this article finished by the end of the week.

Please share in the comments section (anonymously if you wish) or e-mail me at stilettodiaries[at]gmail[dot]com

Names will be changed or withheld unless you specifically state otherwise, and the finished article will be posted here in the coming weeks.

Thank you in advance :)


Don’t Push Me

Suppose that you happened across a display that involved a blender full of water with a goldfish inside. The person standing by this display invites you to push the button, turning on the blender.

Would you push the button?

So far a couple of people said yes (sadistic bastards) and a couple of people have been horrified and said no.

Come on, tell the truth everyone :P I know a few of you would wanna see what a blended goldfish looks like.


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I am sick in bed this evening. I started to feel all nauseated last night at work and by the time I got home at 7:00 am it felt like I was running to the bathroom every 15 minutes.

I was unable to keep any food down for most of today. I just had a nectarine so we shall see if that stays where it is supposed to.

Jack has been wonderful, letting me sleep as much as I want, bringing me ice water regularly, rubbing my back and generally being thoughtful. It’s so nice to be taken care of and not having to do anything.

I am still hoping I won’t have to call in sick to work tonight. Jack thinks I am ridiculous to even entertain the thought of working, but I hate bailing on my co-workers. It’s not the sort of job where one person being off isn’t a big deal, they actually count on me a great deal to be there.

However, watching me wobble to and from the bathroom, looking white as a sheet, I can understand why Jack would just as soon I take a night off to rest and get better. Having a wall full of mirrors in one’s bathroom is cruel in these situations, LOL.

The nectarine does not seem intent on making it’s way back out from whence it came, but I am reluctant to eat anything substantial, and I doubt I have the strength to make it through 8 hours on my feet.

Fortunately I am able to retain my sense of humour, even though my intestines are experiencing what is best described as a civil war.

Thank you everyone who commented on the HNT pic, I am sorry I haven’t replied to your comments. We had company the last part of the week and no time for blogging or even checking e-mail.

I have lots of interesting stuff to write about, just as soon as I don’t feel like shit anymore, LOL.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

UpSkirt HNT

This photo was taken on New Year’s Eve at our Leather and Lace Party! I believe I was bent over during a game of Twister when Jack snapped this quick picture! I was wearing a black pleather skirt and some sheer black panties with read lace around the edges. They also had little red pom poms on the back, but you may have to wait for another HNT to see those *Sly Wink*

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday All!

I haven’t felt much like blogging over the past week or so. Life has been…interesting, as always.

Over the weekend I went to another round of personal development seminars. It was really just so fantastic, and exactly what I needed just then. It was wonderful to see my friends and to reconnect in a way that was totally genuine and beautiful. Something incredibly significant happened while I was there, and I have come back feeling like a new person, yet again.

On Sunday evening, V and I went out for supper and then to an odd little establishment called A Bar Named Sue and watched Tim Hus preform. It was a good show, but this bar was smaller than my kitchen. Literally you could not find a place to stand that didn’t involve touching someone else. I wanted to leave but V wanted to stay, so I relented and we started a bar tab. Drink until it gets better I suppose, which worked in this situation.

Eventually I had a good time. There was LOADS of eye candy, and like 9 guys to every girl, so it wasn’t that bad. The bathroom looked like it had been painted by drunk monkeys, but there was an electric train set that runs around the walls just below the ceiling, which was neat. A random male wormed his way into coming back to V’s place with us, but caught a cab home when it became very clear that he was not getting any tail. He had an aversion to profanities and felt that V was being a bully by insisting that he sleep on the couch. He was actually very hot, and part of me wanted so badly to get naked with him, but I knew that I would regret it the next day. Thank god I was still sober enough to be thinking semi-rationally.

V and I spent the next day in recovery mode, which entails sleeping until noon, then dragging ourselves out of the house (in our most comfortable clothes) to fetch coffee from Second Cup, pick up some grease gut grenades (anything from McDonald’s) and then off to retrieve the vehicle that was abandoned the night before. We went back to her place and watched Trust The Man which was amusing and sweet in it’s own way.

Gotta love long weekends!

I will eventually get around to writing about all of the drama that seems to constantly surface, mostly thanks to yours truly I suspect. What can I say, I find life dull when there isn’t any crazy shit happening.

Since it’s Hump Day, check out this hilarious Trojan Condom commercial!

Also, everyone try out my Friend Test, at the top of my sidebar :) I am interested to see how people score on it!

Baby Bug VibratorMan my life is rough *cheeky grin*. SO many reviews, so little time :P Tee Hee. This weeks product is brought to you by Eden Fantasys. The toy in question is called the Baby Bug, which I will admit was off putting, but it is manufactured by Fun Factory, so I was confident that I would enjoy it.

This particular toy is very small, designed mainly for clitoral stimulation, and discreet enough to take anywhere. It looks like a children’s toy, which is somewhat disturbing, especially with the smiling face, which Jack found hilarious. He took great pleasure in making ‘Mr. Caterpillar‘ as it came to be known, inch it’s way up the underside of my breast and grin at me over my nipple. This made me giggle and practically killed any sexual type vibe happening, but it was amusing none the less.

Touch My Pussy‘Mr. Caterpillar’ features a wide range of vibration intensities, controlled by two buttons that feature + and - symbols, located on his lower ‘belly’. There are also three pulsating vibration settings, all of which are quite tantalizing. Baby Bug is completely waterproof and requires only two AAA batteries. The motor and controls are almost identical to the LayaSpot Vibrator. The body of Baby Bug is made from Elastomed, a high quality, hygienically superior type of silicone. It is totally odor free and easy to clean. Plus it feels super smooth on the skin, especially with a little lubricant. It is one of my favorite features of Fun Factory products, and you will know what I mean when you get one of your own.

Masturbation Is HealthyI enjoyed this toy a great deal. The vibrations are strong, but not overwhelming, and the diminutive size makes it easy to maneuver. It’s also fairly quiet, which is a nice feature. I enjoy the fact that it’s waterproof, because I like to use my toys in the shower quite often and the small size makes it perfect for some wet fun.

The Baby Bug would also be appropriate for some anal play, since his shape is similar to certain anal toys.

‘Mr. Caterpillar’ isn’t too intimidating, so I would highly recommend him as a first vibrator, for people who are a little nervous about purchasing a sex toy. He is also reasonably priced and has simple-to-use controls which are less intimidating that some multi-function toys.

Now that I think about it, I don’t have any negative remarks for this toy. All around it’s just a great little adult product.

Baby Bug resides amongst the small number of ‘favorites’ in my bedside table, since he knows how to take me from zero to sixty in no time flat. Give him a spin, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5


My Fabulous Legs!

Lick Me Please

Something a little different than just boring old gratuitous nudity! These are my legs, stretched up the back of A’s red sex couch. That couch is where my encounter with S occurred, the first new cock I’d sucked since I got married to Jack!

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday Gang :)