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Supreme Court [of Canada] opens door for ’swingers’ clubs

Supreme Court of Canada says OK to swingers clubs with group sex, swapping

Sex Clubs Supreme Court of Canada SWINGERS

Blogging has been slow, I know. We are so busy getting ready for Christmas (which is always a production of mammoth proportions) and trying to get in time with each other when we can, that blogging will be taking a back seat until the New Year. Never fear, I will write and/or post links to items of interest as I can. January should prove more exciting since I might have a chance to hook up with R again and Jack should have more free time to go prowling.

For the time being, here is a recently published article about making polyamory work in the real world.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays!

Found a great website a while back and I am finally providing a link to it. It will be added to my sidebar as well.



A short article on polyamory from Maclean’

Stuck On Youse

Thanks to Tom for the link ;)



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