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Toy Lust TuesdaysMost of you probably remember my hunt for my G-Spot some months ago, which was a fun experiment, but didn’t result in anything spectacular.  In the hopes of increasing my chances of success, I enlisted the help of Jenna’s Velvet G, which is apparently supposed to be a pretty alright vibrator for this particular task.

I found the Velvet G to be an average G-Spot toy.  It doesn’t offer much in the way of unique design or features.   However the large bulbous end, designed to stimulate those sometimes hard to reach spots can be quite appealing.  It had a very good range of vibration intensity, which is beneficial because it’s easy to find a speed that is comfortable, no matter what your preference.
I found the motor to be quite loud, so this toy is not suitable for covert masturbation.  The noise level can also be somewhat distracting, but that may not be an issue for everyone.
Jenna's Velvet GDue to my personal anatomy I found this toy could be uncomfortable to use for certain stimulation.  My pubic bone seemed to get hooked under the head of this vibrator, which was quite unpleasant for me.   Some people enjoy that sort of sensation a great deal, so it’s something you will have to experiment with.
I really enjoyed the material this vibrator is made out of.  The satiny soft plastic coating feels very good against ones skin, adding to the tactile experience of sex with a toy.
This toy is slender enough to be enjoyed by most anybody, and it’s easy to clean since there are no seams in the plastic, or small nooks and crannies.

Give this toy a try if you are yet unfamiliar with your G-Spot.  The egg-shaped head provides a large area, making it easier to find your spot than some toys designed with smaller surface area.

This Product Receives:

2 Out Of 5

Toy Lust TuesdaysI know there had been a bit of a lull in reviews recently, but with being sick and then the party, I just haven’t had time to write about all of the fabulous goodies I’ve been testing. Today I have something new for the blog, from a new affiliate of mine, AdamEve.Com. It came to my attention that what we were lacking around here was porn. Clearly that situation needed to be attended to, and so here we go with the first DVD review on Stiletto Diaries.

Gush seemed like an excellent choice to kick things off with. I mean really, who doesn’t love a video about squirting?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

Some nights ago Jack and I popped it into the DVD player and settled into bed to watch. It became clear almost immediately that it’s one of those movies that aims to have some semblance of a plot to go along with all of the fucking. I appreciate this in my porn, although I know some prefer just a series of sex scenes with no story line.

Gush DVDBasically the plot goes like this:

- Girl has apparently never heard of squirting and becomes curious about it

- Girl and friends go to ’sex therapy’ to learn about how to squirt

- Fucking and squirting for all!

There’s more cock in this video than I generally prefer (I like a lot of girl on girl) however there are a couple of nice threesome scenes. The men were not hideous, although the women were a little too plastic for my liking. The squirting was really hot, plenty of really good spraying. I was certainly impressed (especially as a woman who has not yet managed squirting).

If you’re into a lot of hetero sex in porn, and squirting turns you on, I highly recommend this video, you won’t be disappointed (I know I wasn’t ;) Hee Hee).

This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5

Toy Lust TuesdaysSome time ago I made mention of a bit gag in the content of another review. I decided in all fairness I should also review the aforementioned bit gag for comparison purposes, you know, in the name of science and all. Sensual Direct was excellent enough to oblige me in that regard and the gag arrived post-haste.

The packaging caught my attention first of all. The gag comes in a clear plastic tube with a cap at both ends and a rather erotic photo of two lovely young ladies putting said gag to good use. Yum! Attractive packaging always scores a few extra points with me :) The lid to the tube is easily removed and replaced, providing quite a nice storage container for the bit gag between uses. I like!

Bit GagUpon further inspection I noted that the gag was well constructed, with sturdy materials, and it’s got a lockable buckle! Purely based on my initial opinions, I knew this was going to be an excellent play item.

Fortunately, I was not disappointed!

The gag fits very comfortably, and is easy to breath around. I really love having something to bite down on during SM play, and the rubber bit portion will certainly take a beating. I couldn’t even bite it hard enough to leave a lasting indentation. Due to only holding your mouth open a small amount it also makes it easier to swallow normally, and there is much less drooling than I’ve noticed with other styles of gags. It’s also very, very safe in the event that someone throws up while wearing it, which is one of the main reasons I highly recommend these types of gags over traditional ball styles.

It’s also quite easy to clean. The bit portion and side rings can be washed with a little antibacterial soap and then rinsed clean. The leather strap can be wiped with an antibacterial WetOne, and you’re good to go! The only place to be extra mindful of is where the rings go through the rubber bit. Those sorts of areas are always a bit of a worry, so I suggest dabbing a little soap at the opening and then turning the ring down into the hole in order to get soap all the way through. Then rinse thoroughly, turning the ring many times to make sure it’s all cleaned out. Let it hang or sit to dry and you’re ready for the next round of play!

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Toy Lust TuesdaysOver the last few months I’ve received a lot of questions about strap-on sex, and which harnesses are better than others. I decided that it was high time I feature some of the products I’ve been pointing you towards, and thus started with the feeldoe, and then the tantus attachment, and now I’d like to tell you a bit about the SportSheets Vibrating Velvet Strap-On Harness. This isn’t my first strap-on harness, although this is the only harness review I’ve written thus far. Jack and I bought a Vac-U-Lock harness some years back, and it’s languished in our toy locker, save for a couple of uses during which I found it awkward and unsatisfactory for it’s intended use.

As harnesses go, the traditional underwear style fit is not my favorite by any stretch. You know what I am talking about don’t you, the basic waist strap and then piece that goes between the legs. They are generally one-size-fits-all but I’ve never really felt that they offered enough support, or held the attachment snugly enough that natural movement was possible.

SportSheets Vibrating Velvet Strap-On HarnessThe SportSheets harness is more like a jockstrap, which provides a more secure fit in my rarely humble opinion ;) It consists of a waist strap, a frontal piece which has a pocket for a vibrating bullet, as well as the ring which you slide your attachment through, and then two straps from the ring which go between your legs, across the crease where your rear meets your thighs and then meets the waist portion at your hips. It’s very easily adjustable, and will fit a very wide range of sizes.

The entire thing is made out of nylon webbing (save the front portion which is made out of synthetic fabric) which makes it very easy to clean. After use I just hand wash mine with a bit of antibacterial soap in a sink full of warm water. Rinse and hang to dry before storing. Just make sure to remove the vibrating bullet (which is included by the way) before you put the harness in water.

Another thing I love about this harness is that it comes with three sizes of changeable rings, for different sizes and types of attachments. The different sizes of tantus attachments for example work best with different sizes of rings, as do the different sizes of feeldoe. You just snap open the ends of the straps and put in whichever sized ring best fits your particular toy.

Speaking of the feeldoe, this harness is totally compatible, and it makes the feeldoe much easier to use, and fit more securely. If you’re looking for a combo that allows both partners to experience a mutually pleasurable strap-on sex experience, I’d highly recommend the feeldoe with this particular harness.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Swag Fetish FridaysGood Day readers! This afternoon I’m totally thrilled to be bringing you another Stiletto Diaries first, a clothing item review. Mind you, it’s sexy, and footwear no less, so I feel it fits in well with the general vein of reviews here.

Thank you so much Red Door for your generosity, and excellent customer service, not to mention your fabulous selection of lingerie (for all sizes) and incredible shoes and boots. Speaking of boots, are these thigh high, platform, lace-up boots not the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen? I was so excited when they arrived I thought I might faint. They came in the biggest shoebox I’d ever seen, surrounded by pretty pink and green tissue paper.

Pleaser Candy Thigh-Hi BootsI put them on immediately, which was an interesting experience in itself. I promise it gets much easier to get in and out of them as you become used to how they fit.

I loosened the lacing considerably where the widest part of my calves are. You know, I never curse having muscular legs until it comes to trying on boots. I have very toned calves, acquired over years of equestrian training, biking, basketball, and track. They are not small calves, but I get compliments constantly on how lovely my legs are. This is all well and good until I’m trying to find boots that are wide enough in that particular area. It’s one of the main reasons I chose this style of boot in particular, because they are adjustable in that sense.

Pussy In BootsThere are zippers on the inner side of each boot, that run from the ankle to the thigh. I suggest the first time you try these on you loosen the lacing as much as you possibly can all the way down the back, unzip the boot, put your foot in and start zipping them up. When it becomes difficult to zip, you can adjust the lacing more to give you room. Now, it’s normal for these boots to fit very tight, so don’t be scared of putting a little tension on the zipper. Difficult is ok, but if it seems impossible to zip them, adjust the lacing some more.

One you’re zipped all the way up, you may need a friend to adjust the lacing, and tighten where needed. Much like putting on a corset you want to put it on first, and then worry about the lacing. Lace them tighter at the back of the knee and then up the thigh, to prevent them from slouching and rippling too much when you move around. Just make sure you can still bend your knees, LOL.

Kick Up Your Heels!This particular style is made out of durable and stretchy patent leather. Mine are shiny but this same style is also available in matte. Jack is the one who picked the shiny ones, and I think he really likes them on me ;)

The boots are made by Pleaser, which makes very high quality and sexy footwear. I trust that these boots will last a long time because of that. The heel is sturdy, which is generally the most vulnerable part of platform and high-heeled shoes.

The lacing and the rings are also heavy duty, and are not the least bit uncomfortable. The patent leather is soft and flexible, which makes moving and sitting a lot easier. It does not breath well, so your legs will sweat in these, but you can rub you legs with a bit of unscented powder or cornstarch if you really want. Just remember that the back of you leg shows on these and so you may just want to put up with the little bit of sweat. The zipper makes it easy to take them off no matter how long you’ve been wearing them (unlike a pair of pleather pants I used to wear a lot).

Assume The PositionThese boots are ideal for fetish wear, or just regular clubbing. I’ve gotten tons and tons of compliments and comment on them just in the couple of times I’ve worn them. They attract attention, which I like, and they are flattering even on larger legs. The range of adjustment in that respect is also fantastic. I do not have pencil legs, and I still have lacing to spare when I do these up.

Keeping them clean is simple. The outside can be wiped down with a damp, soft cloth. If you’re getting funky smells inside, avoid submerging them in water to clean. Just zip the boot up and spray one or two pumps of Febreeze inside and leave them to air. Avoid doing this too often if possible, and wear footlet socks inside to avoid odour (the lacing start a couple of inches up from the back of the boot, so they won’t show). To remove scuffmarks there are plenty of commercial patent leather products available at most stores.

I love these boots (although Jack won’t let me sleep with them on like I want to) and even if these in particular aren’t your style there are dozens of others to choose from over at The Red Door so take a peek. You won’t regret it!

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Toy Lust TuesdaysI’ve heard a lot of great things about Tantus silicone toys, and after having a go with the Feeldoe, I was eager to try some of their other items. Thus, the Tantus Silk Medium Dildo came into my possession via Pleasure Me Now. This particular Tantus actually comes in three sizes (small, medium, and larger) and a couple of different colors. They are made out of very high grade silicone, and perfectly smooth to the touch. Very attractive.

This particular design is curved slightly, ideal for prostate stimulation or for stimulating the G-Spot. It’s slender, and the wide base makes it perfectly compatible with most ring-style harnesses. It also provides something to hold on to for manual use, and prevents it from going too far in during anal play.

Tantus Silk DildoJack and I tested out this toy with one of our strap on harnesses and we enjoyed it very much! The silky smooth feel of this toy makes anal very comfortable, and I liked that I could select the perfect size for what we wanted.

Tantus toys are also very easy to clean. A little antibacterial soap and warm water will do it, or you can boil this toy for a couple of minutes (do NOT leave it unattended during that time, it’s easy to forget and ruin your play things).

Another important reminder, never use silicone based lubricant on your silicone toys. Water based lubes are the only type that I recommend for these toys. Please also be sure to keep your toys away from anything sharp which could pierce or otherwise damage the surface of the toy. Nia’s cat chewed on a lovely Tantus butt plug she owned, completely ruining it. Once the surface has been compromised, you can no longer effectively sterilize it.

Used alone or with a harness, this particular Tantus toy is certain to offer you years of anal or vaginal pleasure (provided you care for it well).

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Toy Lust TuesdaysI’ve been eyeing up a certain rear end toy for some months now. “Can a person really have too many sets of anal beads?” I asked myself, while browsing the products at Buy Vibes. The answer was, of course not, and so Flexi Felix (made by Fun Factory) found his way to my doorstep and later, between my cheeks.

What makes him different from other toys of this nature? Well Felix is made out of high-grade silicone, unlike most anal beads, which are made of plastic, or a rubber derivative. This means Felix is easily sterilized, which is oh so important when it comes to things that go in your butt. You can even boil him, but some antibacterial soap and warm water should be enough to keep him clean and ready for action.

Flexi FelixFelix also has a very ingenious ‘handle’ unlike most anal beads, which makes me less nervous about the possibility of loosing him up inside myself. His eyes also provide handy loopholes for your fingers, for those climactic moments when you want to quickly (or slowly) yank out the whole string.

Speaking of string, promise me that you will never, ever, EVER purchase an anal toy that has uncoated string between the beads/balls. Some stings are coated in silicone (like on the smart balls) which protects the fibres from bacteria and fecal matter, which are difficult to remove from such a porous material. I don’t know about you, but the idea of icky little microbes having a hay day in/on any of my toys makes me want to writhe with disgust. Just, don’t do it. If you have such a toy I beg you to throw it away.

The beads of Felix are fairly small, making it ideal for beginners to anal play, or those like me who don’t need much to enjoy the sensation. Please remember not to use silicone lubricant on Felix, since it will ruin him. Water based lubes are fine.

I really enjoyed this little toy. He doesn’t look like much but man does he deliver. He’s small enough to hang out comfortably in my rear end while having vaginal intercourse, and his smiling face never fails to make me feel all tingly inside. He’s very flexible and even a little bit stretchy, which makes him all the more appealing.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Swag Fetish FridaysI wasn’t quite certain what to think when Newf Cosmetics contacted me about doing a review of their Venereous intimate shaving products. You all know what I’ve said about shaving down there in the past, never again! Waxing is the cats meow when it comes to my girly bits down south.

However, in the name of trying new things, and to add some diversity to my review section, I decided to accept.

Basically there are three different items in the Venereous shaving line. The shaving oil, the shaving jelly, and the after spray. All of their products are natural, and not tested on animals! You can actually read (and mostly recognize) all of the ingredients on the bottles. I really like that about these products, since they are intended for use on such sensitive areas.

To use these products, you start with the shaving oil. Use a couple of squirts to cover the area with a thin layer of oil. You can use it all by itself, without the jelly, for shaving. I found that I preferred to follow the oil by applying a thin layer of the non-foaming jelly and then getting down to it with the razor.

Newf Shaving ProductsThe oil-jelly combination was quite pleasant, and I felt improved the shaving experience vastly. Unlike regular shaving products, the oil kept the skin slippery and lubricated, making it easy for the razor to glide.

I’d never tried a non-foaming shave jelly before, but it made it easier to see where I had shaved or not shaved. It had a different sort of smell, but it certainly wasn’t unpleasant. Actually, it sort of reminded me of beer, LOL, so perhaps a good aphrodisiac ;)

Once I was all shaved clean, a process I won’t soon repeat just due to how much easier waxing is, I had a shower to clean off all the remaining hairs, and then towelled off before applying a small amount of the after-spray. It certainly helped sooth the small amount of razor burn I’d inflicted on myself. It didn’t burn/sting/tingle or any other notable sensation, which was a relief.

I suggest re-applying the after-spray at least once a day for the following couple of days to help with stubble and any discomfort caused by the hairs beginning to grow back.

Now, as I said, I won’t be returning to shaving personally, because 30 minutes of intense bathtub gymnastics is waaaaay more work than laying there and letting someone yank the hairs out by the roots. I’ll take the pain over the hassle any day, but I know many of you are not keen on getting a Brazilian. If you still prefer to shave (men this means you too) then please consider improving the experience by using these products.

If you’re anything like me, and applying a chemical cocktail to your nether bits makes you a little squirmy, then Venereous is an excellent alternative. Likewise if you experience frequent yeast infections or other vaginal irritation, these should be safe for you to use.

These Products Revieve:

5 Out Of 5

Swag Fetish FridaysIt seems like it’s been forever since I last posted a review. It was difficult to focus on much else with all the craziness of the holidays and Jack being home all that time. Anyway, it’s nice to be back in the swing of things, and to kick off 2008, I’m giving you a run-down of the Glass Gem Peridot Glass Dildo. Thanks to Spicy Gear, this is the second glass toy to find it’s way between my legs.

Do you know what I really like about glass toys? The ease of cleaning, and the infinite possibilities they present for sensation play (particularly related to temperature). Cleaning them with anti-bacterial soap is as easy as can be, and if you are particularly concerned about bacteria, they will happily withstand a rigorous boiling in water, or a run through the dishwasher. Put them in the fridge (not the freezer if you intend to use them internally, although it’s ok for external, I’ll get to that later) for some fun play with cold, or run it under hot water to warm things up.

Glass Gem Peridot DildoYou can also use either silicone or water-based lubricant with glass. Generally as long as you never scrub them with anything super abrasive, these toys will last your lifetime (and beyond, if you care to will them to someone, LOL).

As I mentioned above, sensation play is delightful. Just imagine having the ice cold glass tip of this toy run up your back, or between your legs…I shiver just thinking about it. A word of caution when it comes to freezers and glass toys. Leaving your toy in the freezer for half an hour before play can certainly provide some intense and erotic sensations, however it’s actually possible to cause hypothermia when playing with very chilled glass (or ice for that matter). Never leave it inside the anus or vagina for any period of time if it has been in the freezer. The fridge is fine, since it’s not cold enough to lower the core temperature of the body. It may seem unlikely to occur, but lets not take any stupid chances.

Playing with ice can be a great deal of fun, but sometimes it’s not convenient or too messy/drippy/wet. Under those circumstances a glass toy is a terrific stand in. The same results, minus the water everywhere. Just keep in mind what I said above about hypothermia.

Heat also presents a lot of excellent possibilities. Please do not boil this toy and then try to use it for sexual play. If you can’t comfortably hold it in your bare hand, do not put on an oven mit and then apply it to some sensitive part of you lover. Running it under tap-hot water for a few minutes, or leaving it in a sink or bowl of water (no hotter than you’d be willing to bathe in) for a bit before play is more than adequate to heat it up. Heat + Anal = Very Nice.

If you want to add a little more bang to this fun, ribbed, little gem, get yourself a vibrating cock ring and put it around the base. Extra yum!

I really liked the loop ‘handle’ on the base of this dildo. It makes it easy to hold onto for thrusting, and it will also act as a base, to prevent losing it inside during anal. The shape is unremarkable, but the rippled texture adds a lot of stimulation. It’s also VERY reasonably priced, which is not the case with a lot of glass toys currently on the market.

This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5

Toy Lust TuesdaysDo you know what this blog needs? More anal toy reviews! Woohoo. To assist me on my quest to bring you the best in back door bedroom bling, Pleasure Me Now sent me the Kobe Tai Anal Adventure Kit. The idea behind this kit is to provide a variety of anal toys suitable for beginners, right up to more experienced individuals. Buying a sex toy kit is generally cheaper than buying toys individually, sort of like buying a boxed set of dinner wear, or wrenches. You get a good taste of several different toys you may not have otherwise considered. Plus if you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of styles and sizes available out there, this sampling will help you find out what you like or don’t like.

First, lets take a look at what this package offers. To begin with, a bottle of anal lube. Basically your run-of-the-mill water based lubricant. Anal lube is often of a thicker consistency than lube designed for vaginal use. Nothing to write home about here, similar to KY gel. I know that there are some anal lubes available that are designed to desensitize or numb the anal area, and I plead to you, NEVER USE THEM! If you are in pain during anal sex, you’re doing it wrong. Seriously. Damage to your anus can easily occur if you are numbed to the discomfort, even minor tears to the opening can become infected and result in awkward visits to your doctor or hospital. This is easily avoided by passing on the desensitizing lubes and listening to your body’s signals during any ass play.

Kobe Tai Anal Adventure KitNext there is a set of anal beads, and these unassuming little gems are a load of fun. There is a well-known technique often recommended that involved rapidly pulling the string of beads out of your partners behind as they are climaxing. It’s a totally incredible sensation. Highly recommended. As an aside, never, ever purchase anal beads with string between the beads. Unless it is well coated in silicone, it will harbour bacteria and other gross stuff. Bleh, just avoid it all together.

Two butt plugs, in different sizes and shapes are also included. They are both quite small in size, perfect for beginners. These are the sorts of toys you should start with if you are new to anal play.

Last, there is a very basic vibrator with two sleeves of different textures. This set is only recommended for people who have done a bit of anal play. The vibrator can be used on it’s own (I would suggest that before trying it with a sleeve) and is easily covered by a condom. Speaking of condoms, I would encourage you to cover all of your anal toys with condoms. Feces, when transferred to your vagina can cause irritation and yeast infections. Transferred to your mouth it can cause E coli, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, pneumonia, and influenza. Please be careful when using toys for both your anus and vagina or mouth.

I found the sleeves difficult to get on and off of the vibrator. I would advise sprinkling a little corn starch inside the sleeve before putting it onto the vibrator to assist with removal later on.

This kit is certainly an excellent set for the curious and inexperienced. It’s enough to get you started on your way to a long and fulfilling journey through the joys of anal pleasure. None of the items are too intimidating or scary, nor huge and unusual.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5