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In light of the comment thread to my last post, Jack wanted to share his opinion on the subject.

Wow, I never thought our lives and lifestyle would garner that much attention. I just wanted to thank all of those who commented! :)

You won’t see me comment or blog often, but I figured with the numerous comments, what the hell, I’ll jump in too! haha

First off, in the real world, when I talk to potential play partners, etc there tends to be three reactions to what we are trying and doing. 1)It is wrong and you are going to end up with a ruined marriage. 2)That is so cool, you have a cool wife/husband. It would be great to try. 3) It is very erotic and interesting, but I am not sure I could ever do something like this. This person ends up asking the most questions and wants to know how things go.

Surprise, surprise….basically the same 3 types of people read this blog. I would say in real life 75% of people are like number 1, 10% are number 2, 15% are number 3 (just based on my experience so far).

For those who comment, I would say 65% of them are number 2, 30% are number 3 and 5% are number 1. Definitely not a reflection of real life, as I imagine the most who don’t agree, don’t comment.

So I applaud our anonymous commenter for being brave enough to comment. And hope he/she continues to do so. It created a good dialogue and provides a more realistic view of what we face in the real world. And it definitely provides those who are not sure about the lifestyle a more balanced view.

Now almost all these posts are in SG’s point of view. If I weren’t so damn lazy, I would have a blog also up to write things from my point of view and how I experienced them. But alas, that lazy gene in me and my lack of writing ability makes it so that will probably never happen. (You don’t want to know how long it took me to write this post..haha).

I am going to invite any readers of this blog to feel free when reading any of SG’s posts, if they want to know how I feel about certain things, ask in the comments section. I will do my best to answer as I have time.

I just want to assure Anonymous know that I wasn’t feeling left out, or feeling more concern was being shown K than myself. In fact, I felt SG was showing me more concern and not enough to K. But you only have to go off of what SG writes, so I can see how you may have felt that. If SG was to right down every specific detail, I am afraid she would be spending all her time on here writing it and no time having fun with me! hehe

Also….this blog was created to share our experiences as we started out in doing this new lifestyle. As mentioned before, most don’t agree with what we are doing, and we totally understand that. But that’s why we share it here….so we can tell some people! It is stuff we are experiencing that we can’t necessarily share with everyone we know. This is that release.

And we expected comments that were positive, negative and indifferent. That is why you will never see us delete a comment or block anyone from posting. You will never see us not allow “anonymous” comments. We want the comments, we want the dialogue. I think there is quite a few readers who just want to see how we make out, what its like, both good and bad.

Before I part, one quick thought/question. Why is it that comments that tend to be posted that have a slight negative slant are predominantly posted by “anonymous”? Giving poor anonymous’ everywhere a bad name. haha

Talk to you all soon.