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Have A Sexy And Scary Halloween!!!



Toy Lust TuesdaysRecently, on a Sunday night, I found myself on all fours on our bed with the Gator Restraints Ball Gag between my teeth and Jack’s cock between my legs. How I got there is a story for another day, but we couldn’t have had such a great time without Sensual Direct, who sent me the gag and a few other fun toys.

So, how is this gag different from your run of the mill ball gag? Well, it’s hallow for starters, about the size of a golf ball, and has about a dozen holes punched in it.

Why? Well I am glad you asked.

Since the dawn of ball gags, there has been a risk factor involved that has deterred me from ever allowing one into my mouth until now. If you vomit with a ball gag in, you can die faster than your Dom would be able to release the buckle.

See, what happens when you throw up and there is no place for said vomit to go, is that you can easily aspirate (breath) it back into your lungs, which will kill you.

Now, I don’t have any statistics on how often that happens, but just that fact that it might has forced me to only use gags of the ring or bit variety. Not a big deal really, but worth mentioning.

Since there are holes in this ball gag, fluids (such as vomit) are easily passed from your mouth to the outside world. Hooray for safety features. The holes also make it WAY easier to breath, since some of us have crappy nasal passages and could otherwise never use a ball gag.

Gator Restraints Ball GagAnyway, besides being very safe and easy to use, I found the straps on this gag to be sturdy. I generally steer away from any BDSM tools that are made out of imitation leather, since it tends to be weak and wears faster than actual leather. However, since not a lot of strain will be going on a gag (except to keep it snug) I allowed for it in this instance.

At first I felt this ball was too small. I could move it around in my mouth some, and I was skeptical of how well it was going to work. I did find that the strap didn’t go small enough. Anyone with a smaller head than I might have to punch a couple more holes in it, but no matter, I’ve had to do that with other gear as well. I suggest using a leather punch, since just cutting a hole will cause it to tear, which is not what you want.

Once I settled in with the gag firmly in my mouth, I discovered the smaller size made this gag very comfortable to wear for long periods. After 30 minutes with it in, my jaw wasn’t sore at all. Also, it served it’s purpose, I was not able to talk or bite all the way down or do anything besides grunting and moaning.

The smaller size and holes will not prevent one of the most/least fun aspects of gags, the drooling. Jack had to put a towel under my face due to the amount of saliva that was collecting. Some people love this, others not so much. If saliva bothers you, let me suggest a bit gag, which will not restrict swallowing normally.

Another problem I’ve had with other gags that was not a problem with this particular model, is pain at the corners of the mouth, from the straps rubbing. The pieces that attach the ball to the fastening straps is nice and narrow, so it didn’t rub at all. I really appreciated that.

If you are new to BDSM, this is a great starter gag, since it’s not intimidating and actually rather aesthetically pleasing.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

So, I didn’t get Day Three posted over the weekend. Things got busy, so here it is now. You might want to read Day One and Day Two if you haven’t already.

Saturday I had planned to take V shopping in downtown Toronto. However, we were so tired from being out the night before, we decided to laze about like slugs instead.

Eventually we tossed some stuff in a bag for our overnight in the city, and when the babysitter arrived Jack, V, and I headed out to see a movie or go for supper. After discovering that no good movies were playing in the time frame we had, we ended up at a Moxie’s for a bite to eat.

After we parted ways with Jack, V and I made our way to our hotel room. I had booked something based on price, rather than location, and boy was that a mistake!

Our Hotel

We ended up in a part of Toronto that can only be described as, shady. There was no on-site parking at the hotel, so I had to pay $14 bucks for the privilege of parking 3 blocks away. On our walk back to the hotel we saw half a dozen homeless people, at least two prostitutes, and more cracked out people than I care to count.

The Room

The mood was totally unenthusiastic while we got ready. I think both of us were tired and a little scared, since we hadn’t decided where we were going to go even.

Still, we looked hot as ever.

From Our Room

We asked the somewhat strange guy at the front desk where he thought we should go. He rattled off a couple, including one called Madison Avenue Pub, which apparently was frequented by the University crowd. It sounded about right for the mood we were in, so we caught a cab and off we went.

According to the cab driver, he’s not even allowed to pick up random people in the area we were staying in. He can pick up calls and drop people off, but if someone tries to flag him down on the sidewalk, he will not stop. Nice.

There was an impressive line up outside of the pub, but we didn’t feel out of place or awkward, so we got in line. It moved quickly, I think we were standing there less than 10 minutes before getting in.

Our View

The pub was, in a word, enormous!

According to the cute bartender, the capacity of the place is around 1,500 people. Check out the website (I linked to it above) and you can read all about how huge it is.

So V and I got drinks and wandered around for a half an hour trying to see it all (we didn’t) and then pulled up some stools at one of the 12 bar areas.

The bartender was excellent, and after a couple of rounds, and generous tipping on our part, the price of our drinks were discounted, which was quite sweet. No, it wasn’t a drink special, since the people next to us were still paying the same price for their drinks.

The Street

We chatted to a few people but there didn’t seem to be any special connections happening.

It occurred to us that waiting to leave when the bar closed would mean around 800 people leaving the bar at the same time. Getting a cab would be impossible. So we cut out a little early, went back to our hotel, ordered pizza, and watched TV.

We are Teh Koolist Kids Evah!

Across From The Hotel

Eventually it was time for sleep, and so to bed we went, in our clothes because we didn’t want to brave the questionable bedding. Plus we couldn’t find the thermostat and it was cold in the room.

At 15 minutes before check-out we rolled out of bed, grabbed our shit, and got the hell out of there. It was a beautiful day, which made the neighbourhood look less menacing.

We headed for home and spent the day with Jack and the kids. We rented some movies and made total asses out of ourselves in a Shoppers Drug Mart, by carrying on loudly and talking about hemorrhoid creams and corn removers. The girl at the checkout begged us to stay until her shift was over because she was bored and thought we were hilarious.

Monday was more relaxing and hanging out with the family. V and I took the kids to the park and played in the leaves. We chased squirrels and generally had a great time.

I was a little sad to take her to the airport on Monday night. However, we made grand plans for when she moves out here (we are going to take belly dancing lessons and ride our bikes to the Farmer’s Market for groceries in the summer time). I really cannot wait for her to move here. I wish she was moving NOW!

We had a great time, hopefully enough to tide us over until New Years Eve, which is the next time we will see each other.

I miss her already. December 31st can’t come soon enough.


Give Away Chest

With new toys coming in on a regular basis, I end up using some of them once or twice, and then they end up in The Give-Away Box. These are either toys that I didn’t personally enjoy, but that I know other people would, or toys that I did enjoy but I don’t have any room for in my personal toy trunk.

Since I want to start giving some of these away as prizes, I thought collecting them into one place would be wise, so that it’s easy for people to see what’s up for grabs.

This page will be updated as items are added/removed. Click on any of the thumbnail images to see details of the product in question.

Give-Away Chest

Wireless EggRockin RabbitCyberskin Dildo

PearlGuide To The G-SpotMask

SouffleGelDurex Play Cherry Flavoured Lubricant

Swag Fetish FridaysEdible products and my love/hate relationship with them. Thus far, my testing of Kama Sutra products has been hit and miss. Some were awful, and made me want to cut my tongue off. Others were sensual and delicious. I decided to brave another round of taste testing, thanks to Spicy Gear, to bring you the Kama Sutra Lover’s Paintbox. Being a chocolate addict, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Famous last words? Read on…

The Lover’s Paintbox consists of three small jars of chocolate body paint, and a very soft bristled paintbrush for application. The jars contain dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate flavours, respectively.

I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that I was actually afraid to taste it. I put off doing so for as long as I could actually. My tongue recoiled in horror when I looked over those little jars thoughtfully. Yup, I’ve traumatized it that badly over the years.

Kama Sutra Lover's PaintboxFinally I convinced Jack to bear his balls so that we could do a proper tasting. I removed the lid from each jar and microwaved them for 30 seconds each. I highly suggest warming up the chocolate before you use it. Not only does the consistency become more agreeable to being painted on, but I feel the overall mouth experience is improves as well.

Before I applied any of it to his sensitive bits, we both tasted the contents of each jar. The initial taste is a little…chemical? Jack asked if there was any sort of alcohol product in the chocolate because it had a similar flavour to some varieties of chocolates filled with liqueur.

Once the after-taste kicks in, the flavour is actually quite pleasant.

When you chose to purchase these sorts of products it’s important to realize that they are flavoured body products. This is not like a jar of chocolate sauce, or melting pure chocolate. It will never taste as good as the real thing. As long as you are ok with that, this set is a fantastic gift idea or a surprise treat for a special occasion.

I painted Jack’s cock and balls up with chocolate and went to work. He says that the brush is soft enough to be used on the scrotum, and actually felt pretty nice. I would have to say that personally, I liked the dark chocolate paint the best.

If you are normally put off of oral sex due to the natural smells and tastes of genitals, this would be a great product for you to consider. Please be careful with use around the vagina, as the sugars can throw off your natural bacteria levels and leave you with a yeast infection. Just do not put the body paint inside the vagina or too close to the opening and you should be fine.

This Product Receives:

3 Out Of 5

Click on Day One to read the first chapter of our adventure here in Ontario.

Day Two we drug ourselves out of bed at some ungodly hour (I think it was around 10:00 am) after staying up late and enjoying wine and food the night before.

We got ourselves ready to go, which felt odd, I mean being dressed in pleather so early in the day. We looked hot though, I just hoped none of the neighbours spotted me as I darted out to the truck.

Off to Exhibition Place we went. Being somewhat silly I had forgotten to double check what time the show actually started. We sauntered up to what looked like the entrance, and we were just about to stroll inside the open door, when a security guard stopped us. She had assumed we were working at The Show initially, but decided to ask to see our passes just in case.

I felt like the biggest dumbass ever when she said that The Show was not open to the public for another hour and a half. Bleh.

So, we wandered a little ways and found a convenience store. We got a snack and then sat in the vehicle for a while and bullshitted. At least we got awesome parking.

Finally it was time to go in. We received a nice little goodie bag at the door, which I appreciated, since past years in Calgary I ended up filling my purse with all of the handouts and business cards one seems to collect at these things.

We began wandering around, checking out this stall and that stall. They had quite a large dungeon set up in a curtained area. Unfortunately no one in there seemed particularly friendly, nor was anything actually happening inside of it. How dull really. I hoped that they had some demonstrations planned for later in the day or something.

Now, V and I being who we are, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to impress us when it comes to sex. Particularly speaking of mostly vanilla sex. There were no new or innovative toys (that we hadn’t already seen) to be found, nor was there a heck of a lot of selection when it came to toys we were familiar with. There was only ONE stall that had Fun Factory toys, and it was difficult to find suitable vibrators for a couple of our friends who had requested that we shop for them. The selection was sad really; I was not impressed at all.

Also, and this is just a personal pet peeve of mine, the exhibitors seem to assume that everyone there is a complete idiot about sex toys. One woman in particular acted like this really middle-of-the-road toy she was demonstrating was the best thing since sliced bread. I felt like saying “You don’t have any idea who I am or what I do, please don’t talk to me like I am clueless. In fact, let ME tell YOU a thing of two about vibrators missy.” However, my mumma didn’t raise me to be rude, so I just smiled and nodded and indulged her. A few times, when someone tried to sell me on something I had already tried, I would just comment “Oh I already have one of those” to save them some effort. I wasn’t there to buy for myself. I am up to my neck in toys as it is.

V and I both felt that compared to Calgary, Toronto had absolutely nothing new to offer. In fact, I found the show here to be inferior in many ways. I noted that no one had a sex swing set up, nor could I find a copy of Whiplash Magazine (which has it’s very own booth in Cow Town) anywhere. Very odd.

As is our tradition, we each sucked a chocolate penis while browsing. Eventually I found a porn movie that looked pretty alright, and that ended up being my big purchase of the show. Yes, I’m really exciting that way, LOL.

It was getting close to our dinner reservation, so once we were certain we had seen everything (which only took 2.5 hours, and we looked at everything twice) we left the show and trotted back to the truck with our bags. It’s worth noting that I didn’t take any photos due to the fact that at the entrance it practically forbids you from doing so. Meh, no biggie, there wasn’t anything to see anyway.

We navigated our way through China Town to Batifole. After finding parking (which proved a little interesting) we arrived exactly on time for our reservation. The very good-looking host/waiter seated us and brought menus and water.

After scanning the menu my eyes caught something that made me stomach turn a little. Horse steak tartar. Yes, I know some people consider horse meat a delicacy, but I am not one of them.

I glanced up and watched V’s face. I knew she would discover it as well. Just as I imagined a look of utter disgust came over her and she looked up at me. At that moment I knew both of us were entertaining the idea of getting up and leaving, just on principal. We commented to each other about how awful it was that they serve horse and after a few moments of weighing our options we decided to stay anyway, since we were starved and I didn’t want to try to find some place else in the zoo that is Toronto at rush hour.

Each of us settled on items from the Prix Fixe menu. I ordered the Wild Boar Terrine & Condiments for an appetizer, while V had the Escargot Fricassée. The boar was almost like eating meatloaf, and was accompanied by a few tiny pickles, some toasted baguette slices, and a fantastic house made relish. There was much tasting and raving on how good it all was.

Next was our entrée. V had the Sea Bass, while I ordered the Braised Veal. Everything was delicious, including the Frites, which were served with a fantastic mayonnaise dip.

A tiny Vineland Pear drunk in Calvados was brought out, served in a little long-steamed glass. We enjoyed the pear and then drank the booze. It was quite a nice intermission between the main course and dessert.

V selected the Crème Brûlée, which was totally amazing. Being more of a chocolate gal myself, I had the Frozen Chocolate Mousse Profiteroles. It was very good, and I think that both of us were completely satisfied by the end of the meal.

We had each ordered a glass of wine with dinner, and at the end of it all, the bill came to about $100.00, which I felt was money well spent. The restaurant is very small, but beautifully decorated and very classy. I am certain that I would go there again.

V and I had plans to go out for the evening. We decided to leave the truck at home and catch a cab out to a bar or club. After refreshing ourselves and selecting a suitable destination, off we went for the evening. No sooner had we stepped out of the cab and onto the sidewalk, than a group of obviously drunk men started catcalling us.

“Hey short skirt!” one of them hollered from across the street “What you got going on tonight?”

V and I exchanged amused looks and went inside quickly, not wanting to encourage them any.

Neither of us had been to this bar before. It was very nice inside, it sort of reminded us of The Vicious Circle back home, except there was a dance floor in this one. We ordered drinks and danced and laughed. While we were dancing this attractive guy just came up randomly and asked V if she wanted to have a drink with him. I think she was caught off guard, since most men just come up and start bumpin and grinding with us without so much as an introduction. She accepted and although I felt sort of like a tag-along, I followed them over to the bar. I think he paid for my drink as well, out of politeness I suppose.

We all chatted a bit, he pointed out a friend of his who looked like the slimy drug-dealer type and had an attitude to match. Yeck, I was not going to be ‘taking one for the team’ in this case.

The guy who was flirting with V was cute, but his attitude and manor were lacking. He would disappear anytime that V wasn’t paying 100% attention to him, and then reappear suddenly with his arm around here any time she talked to another male. I found him annoying, since his ‘gone and then back’ act reeked of drama.

Towards the end of the evening another young man seemed to have his eyes on her as well. The Flake had done his vanishing act again, and so she and I were dancing by ourselves when I noticed him checking her out. He didn’t come over right away, so I introduced myself and got his name. He expressed interest in V (no surprise there) but she was being distracted by a very strange man in a suit who looked about 45.

The bar was shutting down for the night and so we went outside onto the sidewalk. The Flake was trying to convince V to come back to his hotel with him. The second guy was trying to convince her to come back to his place. Decisions, decisions.
The Flake didn’t treat her nearly as well as the second guy did, and he was offering us a ride, while The Flake and his moron friend were walking to somewhere (they didn’t actually have a room at that point, just hoping they could find one I guess).

We got in the car with V’s new friend, and his buddy JP. By this stage of the evening I was feeling relatively sober, and since I know the area better now I wasn’t too nervous to go home with strange males.

They showed us inside their condo, and V went out for a cigarette with her friend while JP invited me up to his room. I checked out his bookshelf (impressive) and his enormous shoe collection. That man puts most women to shame. His footwear was kickin, AND he was smart. Bonus points all around.

He told me about going to University and then we got talking about polyamory and marriage and relationships. He seemed genuinely engaged and interested during the conversation, which I appreciated a great deal.

Somehow the topic of this blog came up and he wanted to see it. Against my better judgement I gave him the URL and he came to check it out. He seemed impressed, particularly with the reviews, and remarked that he was book marking it and intended to read it all.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t get the wrong impression. I have the feeling he wasn’t really that interested in me, especially since I gave him my number and haven’t heard from him, but whatever, it is what it is I guess.

We lay on his bed and talked for what felt like a long while. I’m not actually sure how long it was. I really liked talking to him at any rate; I appreciate men who are smart and thoughtful like that. Being tall and easy on the eyes didn’t hurt him either.

I wish I could say what time it was when V and I decided we’d better go. It was late, or rather early. Either way, JP drove us home, which was very generous. We exchanged numbers before I left, but as I said, haven’t heard anything and I haven’t called him either, which perhaps I should. Maybe I’ve waited too long already, I dunno.

JP, if you read this and you wanna hang out at some point, just as buddies (totally not about the pressure for anything else, honest) then give me a holler or something.

V and I got back to my place and flopped into bed, exhausted. Overall it was a great night, it was a great change to meet some polite, respectable guys rather than the pervs we usually get.

Day Three will be posted on Saturday, so check back then for more awesome tales of our weekend!

Recently I was irritated with Jack.

I was also cleaning the bath tub.

After I finished spraying it down with Method Cucumber Surface Cleaner, I looked up from the tub and saw Jack’s electric toothbrush charging on the counter.

For a split second I considered using it to lift a particularly stubborn spot of grime from the bottom of the tub.

The idea was fleeting, and I quickly dismissed it and trotted off to find a more suitable scrubbing instrument.

However, I will bet you $10 that after Jack reads this, for at least a moment before brushing his teeth tonight, he will consider throwing out the head of his toothbrush…

Just in case.

In case anyone is curious, I had a wonderful time over the weekend. V and I had a lot of fun and excitement during her visit and I know at least a couple of you are interested in hearing all the details. I’m generally not one to disappoint, so I’ll get right to it. The re-telling will likely have to be broken into several parts, so read on!

V arrived very late on Wednesday night. After I picked her up from the airport and drive her back to our place we basically went straight to bed. After all, I had a busy schedule for us to follow.

Thursday morning we drove out to Niagara On The Lake. I took V to the historic downtown and we wandered a bit before having lunch in this charming little old school diner. We enjoyed the traditional architecture and decorative charm of the area. If you ever have the chance, go there, just to browse all of the interesting little shops, including the now-museum apothecary and the Christmas store, which feels (and looks) like the holidays all year round.

Historic Downtown
Scroll Over Images To See The Titles

I drove her down to a path on the waterfront of Lake Ontario so that we could walk off our lunch before the wine tasting, and take some photos. It was a gorgeous day, and the leaves are still in the height of fall down there. She and I strolled down the shaded path, chatting and snapping pictures of the amazing surroundings. It reminded both of us a lot of the interior of B.C, with the lush greenery and that fresh woodsy smell.

The Shore Of Lake Ontario

Path Through The Trees

Looking Out Over The Lake

Looking Up

Once our meal had settled it was time to make our way over to Peller Estates for the food and wine tasting. Their winery is breathtaking. Beautifully appointed both inside and out. We stopped at the desk to reserve our spot at the tasting before wandering into the boutique part of the winery. There were so many amazing and appealing wines to consider. For a moment I entertained the idea of forking over $90.00 for a bottle of their Ice Wine, until I remembered that I am not a big fan of Ice Wine actually and moved on.

View From The Front Gates

We decided to wait to purchase after the tasting, so that we would have a better idea of what we wanted. She and I sauntered past the restaurant and took a peek. Wow! I’d love to have dinner there sometime. Hopefully soon, at that. We also went out back and stood by the fountain and looked out over the expanse of grape vines. The interior of the winery was equally beautiful. Rick, dark woods and classic stone work. The bathroom was nicer than any room in my house, LOL.

Front Entrance

The lovely hostess took out small group up to the tasting room, where little plates of canapés and empty glasses in several shapes sat waiting. Since the kitchen had prepared more food then we needed, we all got a little extra to go with the tasting.

View Of The Back Lawn/Vineyards

There was aged cheddar cheese with a little mound of Ice Cuvee gelee on top. Followed by a creamy, herbaceous, salmon mousse. Finally a slice of pumpkin bread topped with a paper thin sliver of smoked squab.

The wines we tasted were the Signature Series Ice Cuvee (so fabulous I bought a bottle immediately afterwards) followed by a 2004 Private Reserve Chardonnay, finishing with a 2006 Private Reserve Pinot Noir. Wine reviews will come, over on Whine And Cheese, eventually. However, I will say that we had a most enjoyable experience. The food was amazing, the wine was excellent, and our hostess was friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Nobody liked the squab, except me. V referred to it as ‘Wild Blood Duck’ due to the strong gamey flavour.

Grape Vines

Wine and food were finished, and then back to the boutique we went to pick up a bottle of Ice Cuvee, two bottles of the Pinot Noir, and a box of four Ice Wine chocolates.

As we were both feeling a little glow from the wine, we took a walk across the grounds to take some photos of the vineyards and the winery itself. It was a fabulous way to spend an afternoon, and I am certain it will not be my last tasting there. In fact Jack and I are planning to join their wine club quite immediately.


Quite content and ready to head home for more wine and tapas, we hopped in the truck and off we went. I got us hopelessly lost somehow and we ended up driving all over the damned province, in the dark, and fog no less! Eventually we found our way, although V was quite irate that I refused to phone Jack for directions.

We made it, at any rate, and I got busy in the kitchen fixing us some snacks for the evening. I made two small wheels of Camembert, wrapped in layers of phyllo brushed with butter, baked and then topped with a field berry coulis. There was also fresh, homemade brushetta, pork liver pate, and artichoke spinach dip. I toasted some big, thick slices of baguette, and opened a box of assorted crackers. We opened one of the bottles of Pinot Noir, as well as a bottle of Reisling I had in the fridge. Much eating, drinking, and merriment followed.

Forgotten Grapes

The three of us retired to bed late in the evening. It was such a perfect day, winding down to the perfect evening, and eventually a lovely sleep with my two favorite people in the world.

Day One was a smashing success and you will just have to wait patiently for the next installment to read about The Sex Show and the excitement that was Day Two.

Toy Lust TuesdaysI remember someone telling me about the Fukouko Massage Glove some time ago. The concept sounded sort of odd to me, so I was interested in trying this particular toy out when Pleasure Me Now offered the chance.

The Glove is made out of a black lycra-type material and the entire thing is totally waterproof. There is a vibrating pad in the tip of each finger, and the batter pack/control slides into a pouch on the wrist. The vibrating pads only have two speeds, but the intensity is spot-on.

It sounds a bit like a swarm of bees when you turn it on. The sensation of having vibrating fingers is amusing if not strange. The glove is one size fits most, which means it will not fit Jack, because his hands do not fall into the ‘most’ size range. I have average sized hands and there is still a little room to spare for me.

My biggest concern was how best to clean this particular toy. The vibrating pads cannot be removed, but since it’s waterproof there isn’t a lot of need to worry about that. The best method I could come up with is to squirt a little ant-bacterial hand soap onto the glove while you are wearing it, and wash it like you are washing your bare hand. Make sure to rinse it really well and then leave it to hang dry or stretch it out on a towel. If it has something on it that seems really tough to get off, try scrubbing the spot with a small, soft brush and some soap, or leave the whole glove to soak in soap and warm water.

Fukuoku Massage GloveAside from being an unusual sex toy, this glove is also a good device for neck/shoulder/body massage. Try it out on your sore muscles.

We gave this thing a spin in a couple of ways. First I used it on Jack. It delivers a unique and pleasurable sensation when you cup a man’s balls while wearing the glove. It also enhances hand jobs quite nicely. Stroking the perineum and anus while the fingertips buzz away is also very nice I am told.

Pinching or touching the nipples with this glove also achieves excellent results. Yum!

I used it for masturbation, which felt really, really good. Mind you it wasn’t really designed to be used internally, so keep this one in the clitoral stimulation category. I was able to achieve a really delicious orgasm with very little effort on my part.

Being somewhat fickle when it comes to vibrators I would have preferred that this toy have more than two speeds, but that is just a personal preference and says nothing about the quality of the vibration that this toy delivers.

Being rather unassuming to look at, you also wouldn’t be totally humiliated if you accidentally left it out somewhere when company arrived.

This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5

Rockin RabbitAfter the last interesting experience with a cock ring device, I’ve avoided trying another one for almost a year. Once I saw the Rockin Rabbit over at Sensual Direct however, I decided that maybe this one would be different.

For one thing it has 2 bullets rather than one. Those bullets are not the one-speed variety either, and each has it’s very own control. Each control holds the 2 AA batteries required to get these babies buzzing.

When I initially popped some batteries into it and turned on one of the bullets, I was immediately impressed with how intense the vibrations were. Quite a nice range of vibration actually, comparable to most standard vibrators.

Also the bullets are quite large, as is the cock ring itself. When I held it in my hand, I wondered how good it was going to feel sandwiched between our genitals. I mean, generally there isn’t a lot of room down there. Would it just put uncomfortable pressure on my clit or labia? Would the bullets be too big to feel pleasurable? Being somewhat awkward looking, I was skeptical of this product.

I really like that both of the bullets can be used independently from the cock ring. There is a thin seam that runs along the widest part of each bullet, so please cover them with a condom if you plan to use them this way (the rabbit covers the seam when they are in normal use). I appreciate toys that are versatile.

I found the entire contraption to be a little on the large side. As I suspected, when pressed between two bodies, it can be somewhat uncomfortable. However, the vibration aspect is excellent, and both of us greatly enjoyed the ability to control the bullets separately. The intensity of the vibration was certainly strong enough for me, so I was not disappointed.

When Jack thrust into me too hard, the bullet hitting my clit was a little uncomfortable, so I would advise you to go gently. Slow, gentle grinding feels heavenly and keeps the vibration in constant contact with all of the right spots.

The bullets are not waterproof, so wipe them well with an antibacterial moist towelette after use. The rabbit portion can easily be sanitized with antibacterial soap and warm water.

The cock ring portion was a comfortable fit for Jack, and enhanced his erection nicely.

This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5