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Corset HNT

Mmmmmmmmm Boobies

I hope that this weeks HNT gets a little more lovin than last week :( According to my poll I’ve got loads of male readers, so what is with the lack of love guys? Are my breasts that unattractive?

Anyway, this photo was taken at the Sex Show (thank you V for taking the pic for me). You can see here my corset and part of the collar I wore and my radtacular nails! You can also see what Jack calls my ’sex mole’ right there between my boobies.

Happy HNT everyone :D

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Orgy Poll

I have been reading this fascinating book about human sexuality (among other things) and it has motivated me to create a poll on this blog. You will find it at the top of my sidebar. There are answers for each of the sexes, please select the appropriate answer for your gender. This way we can see who the bigger hornballs are :P

I hope that everyone will participate. In a few weeks I will post the results and some interesting info from the book I am reading!


Sugasm #56

This week’s best of the sex blogs from the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #57? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

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Mr. Sugasm Himself

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iBuzz Two - the new iPod Sex

Toy for couples

“Next-gen vibrator gives everything you and your partner need to enjoy music

and music-activated vibrations at the same time.

Even works with a Zune ;-)

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“Dammit, I dropped my keys in the back room somewhere and now I can’t find them” he huffed, sauntering over.

I looked up from the stack of paper I was sorting through and then to the clock.

“Well it’s almost break time. I’ll come help you look for them if you like.”

“That would be sweet of you” and he grinned that sly grin that makes me want to kiss him. I didn’t, however, and we headed down from the office towards the storage bays.

We chatted about his upcoming move. He seemed irritated that he hadn’t been able to find a place to live more locally. We discussed the current housing market and the lack of affordable places to rent.

It was the wee hours of the morning, most of the interior lighting was shut off to save on power. The back rooms were very dimly lit but there was sufficient light for locating lost keys. The storage bays were like a maze of boxes and pallets and random equipment, it was going to be difficult to find anything back there.

“I think they must be over here somewhere” and he began pulling out boxes from what looked like a mountain of them. I started looking in the general area that he had indicated. The stack of empty pallets seemed a likely place for keys to be hiding.

After several minutes of unsuccessful searching I stood up from the open bin I was rifling through. I didn’t see him standing over me and we collided and then laughed. A pause passed between us and I pushed a few stray strands of hair back from my face, giggling uncertainly. He looked at me with those eyes that make me feel weak and before it started to feel awkward he took my face in his hands and presses his lips against mine.

I felt myself turn to liquid and melt against him. His tongue gingerly traced my lips, his hands trailing down my arms to my waist and pulled me against him. My lack of resistance seemed to be all the encouragement he needed and his mouth became more aggressive, but still gentle, on mine. I ran my fingers up his chest and back down. The smell of him was intoxicating. I could feel the familiar tingle between my legs and I was certain that my panties would be soaked for the rest of the night.

He pulled away, and I start to protest but then his lips were on my neck and his hands griped my ass hard and all I could do was let my head fall back with a soft moan. He lifted me easily onto the stack of boxes behind us, and we kissed again, more urgently. His fingers slid over my hips to find the hem of my shirt, and then they were underneath and his hands were against my skin and I shivered with anticipation. His hands were calloused from years of hard working, but they somehow seemed softer against the sensitive flesh of my cleavage.

He pushed my shirt up over my breasts and unclasped the front of my bra. His hands were insistent, but not rough, and my nipples became as hard as little pebbles under his touch. His lips and tongue trailed over my skin as he worked his way down over my collar bone. It was all I could do not to cry out while he sucked and teased me into a frenzy. I felt my skin flush, my body was on fire, I had never wanted anything so badly as I wanted him in that moment.

He paused long enough for me to tug his shirt over his head. He was beautiful, he looked tan despite the winter, and I admired his strong chest and his well toned arms. A girl could happily spend hours and hours wrapped up in those arms. I tangled my fingers in his dirty blond hair and pulled him back up to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him forever…

And then he was unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down my legs and I leaned forward to fumble with his his belt. We didn’t have much time left. The cardboard was cold against my rear end but I hardly noticed. My hands found his bare cock and I stroked his length. He muffled a groan against my neck, his hands pulling me to the very edge of the box. There was a moment, he looked into my eyes, and I into his. I smiled and nudged his nose with mine, to reassure him that I was ok. He grinned softly, his hands running up my thighs, and then he kissed me again and slid his cock into my wet slit. I whimpered into his mouth and wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me tight against him and kissed my cheek and then my ear. We were still like that for a minute, just drinking each other in and never ever wanting it to end.

I leaned back slightly and he started to slowly thrust into me. It was passionate and sensual, and frantic and needy. I buried my face against his broad shoulder to keep from screaming while he grunted and panted into my ear. My fingertips dug into his back and I held onto him like there was no tomorrow.

There was just us, nothing else in the world but him and I and our sweating entangled bodies. It was one of those rare moments when time stands still and you can think of nothing else but the pleasure in every second. The earth could have split open beneath us and we would not have noticed. We were so entranced with each other that all the rest of existence fell away.

His big hands were on my lower back and his hips were ramming against the insides of my thighs. I could tell that he was getting closer. His muscles strained and with a few final thrusts and a guttural moan he came and leaned against me, trying to catch his breath. I stroked the back of his head and nibbled his neck. After a moment he stepped back and smiled at me sheepishly. I just grinned and pulled his mouth to mine for another kiss before we had to get ourselves back in order.

I straightened out my hair and affectionately swatted his bum. He laughed and we kissed again before leaving the storage room. I wondered if anyone would notice the considerable puddle I left on that one box…

Incidentally, we never did find his keys until the next break ;)

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I just LOVE this song. In fact, until further notice I proclaim it to be my own [un]official theme song, and the theme song of this blog :P


I have been having a few issues surrounding this blog recently.

1) Whatever I did after my Taboo Sex Show Post apparently screwed up my feed to BlogLines (or possibly any Feed Service) and now updates are now showing up there. So if you happen to subscribe to this blog via some RSS/Atom service I hope you will check it manually sometime soon and see this and maybe we can figure out the problem. If any of my readers have any idea how to fix it, PLEASE contact me. There will be something in it for you if you take a moment to help a girl out. Also if you use any of the feed services I have in my sidebar, would you mind even temporarily subscribing to my blog to see if it works? I don’t care if you unsubscribe afterwards, but I don’t really want to have to sign up for every single service just to see if it’s working.

2) Technorati hates my blog. I claimed my blog with them a year ago. To begin with everything was fine, and then it came to my attention that I was not getting any traffic from there, nor was I showing up on any searches via their site. Despite the fact that I was pinging them regularly, according to them my blog had not been updated in nearly 200 days! What the hell? So I deleted my claim and now I have tried to re-claim it via a different account, and it won’t let me do that. *SIGHS* So I wrote an e-mail to tech support, still waiting to hear back.

So far that seems to be it. Who knows, there could be more *rolls eyes*. Paid hosting is starting to look better and better. Can anyone recommend a good service for such things?

Happy HNT!

Nipple HNT

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I recently went for a custom bra sizing at Hot Mama’s Lingerie. Turns out I have been trotting around in the wrong sized bra for years and the reason I was spilling over the biggest pretty bras I could find is because yours truly is actually an E-Cup! That’s right, I said E!!!

Now look at the photo and remind yourself that Jack is a huge man who can palm a basketball. He always says that he loves my breasts because they are a perfect handful. Just like a volleyball or a cantaloupe… HA HA HA

For most guys they are much more than a perfect handful ;)

Hope you enjoy the photo!

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As the one year marker of this blog and The Poly Experiment™ rolls around, I have found myself reflecting a lot on the past and how far we have come in all of this. I am quite pleased that I started this blog, and kept at it, because it’s been very useful in recording the journey thus far. I have no plans of shutting this place down anytime soon. In fact I am hoping that it will continue to grow and get better and better.

Lately I have been feeling…off. I find myself withdrawing from my social life and I have effectively cut all my romantic ties, Jack being the exception of course. K and I broke up, LD and I have decided to just be friends. Speaking of him I know that I haven’t written really anything about our involvement. At first it was because he asked that I respect his privacy, and I chose to extend him that consideration. He has since decided it’s OK for me to write about him, but now that the relationship is platonic I might give you guys a quick rundown of how it all went. Today is not the day for that, but what is important boils down to we were seeing each other and now we are not.

He and I had a long talk the other night and he teased that perhaps the local ‘Queen of Poly’ will finally go legit and return to monogamy. In the moment I laughed it off but I’ve considered it more since then. I don’t totally agree, since I don’t think the current state of unrest is really poly related. I am sure it would appear so on the surface, but I suspect that it has a lot more to do with the reshuffling of priorities in life.

Working has become a more primary focus. Since I started my weekend job I have been forced to sacrifice that entire block of time to working, sleeping, or spending time with Jack and the kiddos. I have other commitments during the week that narrow my social openings to Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. I am highly protective of my narrow social time, and I have been devoting more and more of it to things other than extra-curricular romantic pursuits.

I doubt that this ‘lull’ will last forever. I think that finding a new rhythm of life will take me some time before I can create a reasonable system of getting things organised. We are still in the phase of upheaval, and I don’t expect it to end until sometime early in the New Year. I suppose the simplest way to put it is I am highly overwhelmed just now.

This is typical for me actually. If you were reading me last year in November you would have noted a considerable lack of posts for November and December. Christmas is an event of extreme proportions around here, and the sheer number of things that need to be done often make me want to crawl under a rock and hide until spring.

There is also New Years.

People who know me understand that New Years is my favorite holiday of all time because it’s the beginning of a brand new year. This means a clean slate just waiting to be filled with fun and accomplishments. I get a sense of renewal, but I also get very nostalgic and reflective. This normally causes me all kinds of interesting emotional turbulence. Not to mention I have been known to suffer mild seasonal depression, and I hate the winter because I can’t tolerate the cold. It all adds up to a very up and down SG. Happy because of Christmas one moment, down in the dumps because I feel like hibernating the next. The stress and the excitement exhaust me.

This year I am taking a few measures to assure that things go more smoothly. I am officially declaring a hiatus from my social life. I love my friends, all of you, and it’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you. It’s just that time is something I have very little of and I am sad to say you aren’t going to get any of it just now. Please understand that come January and February, things will get back to ‘normal’. Don’t despair, you will see me again, I promise.

Not to say that I will refuse to leave the house for the next two months. I just don’t intend to pack my schedule full to bursting. I need a rest, going a breakneck speed for months and months has gotten old. I plan to spend time with V and Jack and occasionally perhaps other people, but it will be when I am inclined to do so, which probably won’t be often.

I am also taking advantage of some free tanning that has been made available to me. I have not been a huge fan of the Fake n Bake, but once a week 10 minutes under the lights will help with my hatred of the cold weather and lack of sunlight. It will also help me feel better about myself, which is not usually an issue except for winter it seems.

I intend to do my best to keep the blog from getting dull or withering from lack of updates. I can’t make any promises, but even if it seems that there isn’t a lot of meaty goodness here over the next couple of months, I have awesome stuff in store for January and February! Please stick it out with me until then.

Speaking of which, you might notice a few new additions on the sidebar. I have added some more buttons to make it easy to subscribe to this blog via different RSS services. Please let me know if any of them aren’t working. Same goes for any links on my sidebar, drop me a note or a comment if anything is broken.

There is also a new feature I just added today. You can now subscribe to a monthly newsletter from Stiletto Diaries. I know that might sound lame, I mean what sort of things could I possibly put in a newsletter? Well for one thing I will be including previews of toys and products that will be featured that month. I generally pick out items for review a month prior to actually getting them posted on here. I will not be publicly releasing any information about said products until I actually post about them, but people who subscribe to the newsletter get to find out beforehand. The letter will also include anything of interest coming up on the blog in that month. Birthdays, unusual topics, anything like that. In addition any changes/add ons to the blog like new features/buttons/links/etc. Subscribers will also get chances to get in on any contests (yes, I said contests, more on that to come) or other interactive blog stuff before it goes public. This is NOT intended to create an elitist group, but to promote a sense of community, and to encourage more people to visit the blog regularly. It’s in a testing phase, we shall see how it goes for the first three months and then I will reevaluate how necessary and effective it is. I promise that I will never spam you nor bombard your inbox with updates. Honestly I will be lucky to send out something monthly.

I am also mulling over doing another weekly feature besides just HNT. It’s getting a little out of hand on other blogs though and I don’t really want to add to the ‘hype’. I was thinking of devoting one day of the week or maybe once every two weeks to posting a piece of written erotica on my blog. You see, I want to write more of that sort of thing but I will never do it if I can keep putting it off. I thought that making it a weekly/biweekly feature would act as a sort of deadline and therefore help with the motivation part. I don’t yet know if that will come about, still in the concept stages.

Bravo to anyone still reading this :D

I think I have gone on long enough for this moment. I hope that everyone is enjoying their week! Tomorrow is Hump Day, hurray!


On Breaking Up

Sadly breakups seem to be going around lately.

Here’s a little blurb from one of my new favorite sites, on the topic of breakups.

Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Now dear readers, what do you think makes a breakup ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Is there ever really such a thing as mutual breakups? Or is it more likely one party is just going along with the other in order not to make waves? Thoughts on such things are welcomes, as always :)

Wireless Vibrating EggWell boys and girls, it’s time for another toy review brought to you by Pleasure Me Now. This time around I checked out this Remote Control Wireless Vibrating Egg. To tell you a bit about the product, we shall start with the egg itself. It’s totally waterproof and has 7 different speeds and vibrations. Three of them are steady vibrations of increasing intensity, and the other four are different pulsating vibrations. This particular model also came with panties featuring a short insertable rubber ‘penis’ which the egg fits inside of. The panties themselves are impressively adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes.

The remote control is fairly simple. A button for on/off and another button for changing the vibrations. It’s nice and small, making it easy to carry around inconspicuously.

I would recommend that you take all the batteries out of the remote and the egg because it does seem to be prone to ‘battery bleed’ (it kills batteries faster if you leave them inside the toy all the time). Also because if the button is accidentally pushed wherever you happen to keep your toys, it will run the batteries down.

Vibrating Egg ClitThe remote has a pretty good range, unless the egg is inserted into the ass, as we found out. I asked Jack if he would mind trying it out as an anal toy. We discovered that the remote does not really work in that situation, I imagine that it’s due to the depth of the toy and all the muscles surrounding the area. However, you can certainly turn it on and then use it for anal play. We tried it that way and had sex and Jack enjoyed the extra stimulation very much. The vibrating against his prostate made his orgasm really intense.

The egg is actually pretty quiet when it’s turned on. We tried it out in public, and I just put it in the front of my panties against my clit. Jack had a great time teasing me and making me crazy with it, and over the drone of any public place you couldn’t hear it at all. It was strong enough to make me cum, which is impressive because generally I need pretty intense clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.


Wearing it with the underwear was comfortable, although sitting down was a little weird, LOL. The stimulation was different, more teasing, like a warm up for things to come.

We put it through a lot of rigorous testing, Tee Hee, and we totally enjoyed this toy. It’s one of the better wireless devices I have ever used and it’s a load of fun for teasing and driving your woman wild in private or public. The remote has good range, the egg has lots of exciting vibrations, and it’s quiet enough for discreet enjoyment. If you are looking for just the right gift for Christmas I would offer this as an excellent option. It will certainly provide a lot of exciting possibilities for those endless hours of visiting with relatives, LOL.

This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5