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I can’t believe I gave you yet another chance.

You’re still slimy, skeezey, and desperate.  Clearly nothing about you has changed.

I’ve been stupid and forgiving for the last time.

Fuck off, and never speak to me, or anyone I know, ever again!


P.S. Good job on screwing up, again.

Hello Readers!

I’m glad you found your way over to the new site.  Stiletto Diaries outgrew Blogger, but it’s still the same site you’ve grown to enjoy, only fancier.  Like a new car with seat warmers.  See?  Aren’t you glad I traded in the station wagon?

I won’t be posting at the old site anymore, and I know all of you other site owners are groaning at the idea of having to change links, but I swear I’ll only do this one.  I’m happy here, so I have no plans to move again, ever.  Besides, I already bought the domain for life, LOL.

Take a look around, let me know if anything is broken.  There is some new stuff over in the sidebar there (check out the Ho Call since I’ve added a lot of non-blog links I love).

Also, there is additional navigation at the bottom of this page.  Still not sure how I feel about that.  Thoughts?  Will people miss it do you think?  The design came like that, and it’s nice to have less clutter in the sidebar, but there is no point having it there if no one notices it.

Thanks for stopping by!



EDIT: Jack figured we should do something special, so the first 20 unique commenters get a gift pack!  If you are willing to provide a mailing address that is.  Gift packs contain free porn, condoms, cock chocolates, cock rings, and other goodies!

If any of you follow my microblogging over in the sidebar there, you may have discovered that I am a little under the weather.

My doctor is pretty certain that it’s strep throat, but she’ll let me know later in the week what the results of the swab are.


It feels like I am swallowing glass, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

Do you have any idea how many times a day you have to swallow? I didn’t, until it became excruciating.

Now I have to psych myself up just to manage it.

The antibiotics make me feel like throwing up. Since Monday afternoon I’ve managed to keep down a cup of soup and three slices of bread.

On the upside, I am starting to feel a little better. Hopefully I’ll be right as rain by Sunday.

*** This post has been edited and re-published for accuracy ***

Some of you noticed, I am sure, that I’ve mentioned an upcoming party several times in previous posts over the past month. I think I alluded to hosting it a few times, which isn’t exactly the truth. The event in question is actually a party being held for members of JaneLovesDick and I am merely one of the event sponsors and attendees.

Stiletto Diaries is putting up some goodies for the gift bags being given to everyone who attends, as well as a couple of fun prizes for the silent auction. I will be attending said party with K, F, Nia, and a few other friends (Jack as well if we can wrangle a babysitter) from both near and far.

I’m mentioning the event here for one because I am sponsoring it and thus want it to be a success, and for another because I know I have a lot of readers from the GTA who may be interested in attending.

The party is being held at a club in downtown Toronto on April 6th. The doors open at 6:00pm and an evening of entertainment, great food, and sexually debauchery will follow. I understand they are holding it on a Sunday due to difficulty finding an appropriate venue for any other night.

Speaking of the venue, it’s known as an on-premises club, which means that sexual intercourse is allowed right on site. According to the organizers, we can do pretty much anything we want at the party as long as it doesn’t cause damage to the club itself, and it’s done with consent from all persons involved. Woot! Since K will be there I imagine I’ll be having a great time, and right out there on display no less! In case you hadn’t heard, that sort of thing is all well and legal here, so there is no chance that the police will arrive and we’ll all be found in compromising positions. The club regularly hosts orgies and the like, and they have not encountered problems with the law.

I’m extending a party invitation to all of my readers, both local and from far and wide, on behalf of the organizers over at JaneLovesDick. If you think you might be interested in coming to the party in Toronto this April there are still tickets available. They are only selling 100 of them though, so don’t wait too long!

Prices are $20 per individual ticket and $35 for a pair if you are coming as a couple or bringing a guest. if you want to purchase a ticket!

Edited Since Initial Post: You DO NOT have to be a member of JLD in order to purchase tickets. However, they do require you to give your REAL first and last name so that we can check your ID at the door.

I hope to see some of you there! Please feel free to come over and introduce yourself if you see me around ;) Although if I am in the midst of getting a good and proper fucking, you may want to wait until I can at least form a coherent sentence.

Lots more information on the party is available at the event website: JLD Live

There is also a Facebook Event Listing here!

You’ll also find details on how to purchase tickets over there, along with nearby hotel listings and other good FAQ concerning the party. You can also me to purchase a ticket or for more information.

I’ve been counting down the days for a month now, not to mention all of the penis chocolates I made for the guests ;) Tee Hee

I Love You


I present to you, for anyone who hasn’t yet been scared for life by this short clip, Mr. Hands

Come on and watch it, you know you wanna ;) I swear it’s not as bad as 2 Girls 1 Cup (by the way if anyone just wants me to describe 2G1C to them, I’m willing to do so in the comments). If you’re into sick shit, maybe take a peek at 2 Girls 1 Finger as well.

As much fun as holidays are, and as much as I loved spending the past two weeks lounging about with my wonderful husband, it’s good to be getting back to a more normal routine. I missed blogging, and chatting, and all of those good computer related things. I hope you weren’t too lonely without me :)

My New Years Eve was quite fabulous, and while most people do not get a lot of enjoyment out of January, Jack and I have an anniversary coming up which gives me something to look forward to. Nia is able to come over to watch the kids for a few hours so that Jack and I can go out for sushi or something. I haven’t had sushi in a long time, so I am really looking forward to that.

There is also a contest in the works here at SD. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, and I had intended to kick it off on January 1st, but was too tired and unmotivated to post anything that day. At any rate, I’ll be sharing the details on that later this week, or on the weekend. There will be some awesome prizes involved!

Jack has me hooked on this site he discovered called which is a free site for adult web cam play. Basically you sign up so that you can access the chatrooms where you can view the web shows of multiple people at a time. Pretty hot stuff if you’re a voyouer or an exhibitionist. The people who participate on that site are normal, every day people like you and I. Not super models by any stretch, nor is there any insulting or name calling, no matter what you look like. Generally I just lurk, but who knows, one of these evenings Jack and I might put on a show there. If you are into ‘real people’ porn, be sure to check it out.

I know this isn’t exactly a thrilling update, especially since I’ve been gone so long. I hope you’ll forgive me, I promise more excitement (or at least more substance) in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas!


Jack & Shasta


Rhymes With Litter

So have ya’ll heard about Twitter?

Maybe I am behind the times, although I had heard about it before. I finally signed on, and you can find me there as ShastaGibson.

If you don’t know what it is, basically you have a profile page and as often as you like you can update what you are doing. For example:

“Shasta Gibson is writing an update for Stiletto Diaries”


“Shasta Gibson wants someone to come over and give her a back rub”


“Shasta Gibson has just masturbated for the 12th time today”

Your friends/family/whatever can add you and then they receive your updates as part of a feed. You can add them back and see their updates too on your feed.

Pretty neat! I haven’t figured out all the cool things you can do with it yet, but all the popular kids are doing it, so it must be good.

Feel free to add me if you’re interested in my daily goings-on.

EDIT: I also just discovered you can message people directly in response to their updates. So, this could be a great way for sharing thoughts on blog posts, daily stuff, etc.