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Happy HNT!


Give It To Me - Timbaland (Featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake)


Dear Jack,

I Love YouI sleep on your side of the bed when you are away you know.

Somehow it’s less lonely that way. Our bed seems less vast and empty. Besides, I can smell you on your pillow, and your side has the alarm clock which I never use because I have the two alarm clocks that wake me up by jumping on my head and giggling just as the sun is coming up.

Your side also has the lamp with the light bulb that is better for reading.

I might sell a kidney if it meant that you could be home with me. I do have two after all. I wouldn’t miss one as much as I miss you.

I sleep on your side of the bed and I sigh sadly, wondering what you are doing just then, so far away. Probably sleeping, like I should be.

Sleep hardly seems attainable when I am on your side of the bed, where you should be. Your things are still here. Your smell is still here. All that is missing is your warm and familiar body under the covers with me.


I am impatient to have you back here. Right this minute wouldn’t be soon enough for me. Your side of the bed misses you. I miss you.

All My Love,



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Kama Sutra Honey DustSo many reviews to get posted, so little time to write them all. This review is brought to you by and by the number 5.

Generally I am not interested in any edible sexual product. For whatever reason I find the idea of flavoured lube, body butters, or edible oils to be repulsive at best. It may have something to do with the fact that those products include more chemicals and ingredients than I feel good about.

However, I decided to give at least one such product a change to impress me. I have heard a lot of good things about Kama Sutra Honey Dust. It’s one of the top selling products they make, so it had to be at least a little palatable, right?

I wasn’t especially hopeful when I opened the package and a pleasant but overpowering scent wafted out. I decided to leave it sit, with the bag open, to try to dissipate some of the intensity. That proved to be a good idea. Letting it sit a few days in the open helped to mellow out the perfuminess (is that even a word? LOL)

The dust comes with a little feather applicator, which is a nice touch. It actually proves to be the most effective way of getting the stuff on your skin, since it has a similar consistency to confectioners sugar.

Yummy!Eventually I got around to trying it out. I got a few of my friends to give it a taste test as well. The consensus seems to be that while the taste is pleasant, there is a somewhat chemical flavour to it, like perfume. The scent of it is fantastic however, and licking it off of a nipple or the inside of a thigh is not intolerable. In fact, it’s quite sexy.

This product has a lot of sensual potential that I have yet to test out. For instance, dusting it over your skin before you go out provides a delicate and attractive scent, as well as a pleasant surprise to anyone who might end up kissing or licking you.

NippleYou can also sprinkle it on your bed sheets, if you are expecting a little naked fun that evening. It makes your bedding smell fantastic.

All in all I actually like the honey dust a lot. It’s fun and sensual and far less messy than flavoured body butter or the like.



This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5

Ontario StreetFinally I have a few moments to sit down and share a little update on our moving preparations. Recently Jack and I took a trip out east to shop for houses and get a feel for the area. Neither of us had been there before, so it was an exciting adventure. We had a great time navigating our way from the Pearson Airport to our hotel. The difficult thing about getting around in Toronto and area seems to be that they name all of their streets and avenues, rather than numbering them. In Calgary they number them all, and the streets ALL run North/South and the Avenues ALL run East/West. Not so in that part of Ontario. Streets intersect with other streets, they seem to start rolling into intersections before the lights turn green, and they certainly drive more aggressively than we do here. Still, we found our way and didn’t get maimed or killed.

Microsoft Office, LiterallyOne of the really cool things about driving through Toronto was seeing the office buildings of big-name companies (you don’t get a lot of that in Calgary)., Microsoft, General Electric, Hitachi (makers of the famous Magic Wand) and many others. I love reading signs and Jack got a kick out of how excited I was. The city is amazing at night, lights as far as the eye can see. Once we found our hotel we got all of our luggage hauled inside and then realized how hungry we were. Knowing absolutely nothing about the area we used mapquest (which became our best friend out there) to find any McDonald’s nearby. Sadly the two that we came across were not 24 hour, and it was already the wee hours of the morning. We settled on some microwavable fare from a Mac’s store and fell into bed completely exhausted.

We spent a couple of days exploring the city and driving hither and yon. We visited Brampton, Mississauga, Guelph, Cambridge, Milton, Georgetown, and a number of other areas. LemongrassI love that almost all of the houses out there are built from brick. That is a very rare thing here in Alberta, and if you want brick, you have to pay through the nose for it. I adore brick houses, especially older homes.

After our first full day in Ontario, we ended up at Lemongrass Thai Restaurant for supper. The decor was simple yet elegant and bright. Waitstaff bustled here and there, presenting plates heaping with attractive and delicious food to the hungry patrons. We arrived during the last part of the dinner rush and were seated immediately. We settled in to peruse our menus. To say they provide a wide selection of different food choices is an understatement. I was not entirely sure that I could narrow it down to just a couple if dishes, everything sounded so appealing.

Eventually Jack and I decided to try the Pineapple Fried Rice (shrimp, chicken, pineapple, egg, and cashews served in half of a hollowed out pineapple) and some BBQ Beef Ribs with mixed veggies. The dishes are designed to be shared, and just those two selections turned out to be the perfect amount of food.

The rice was incredible! Possibly one of the top 10 best things I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant. I intend to go back to Lemongrass again and again just for that. I found the ribs to be far too fatty, but Jack enjoyed them very much. I munched on the veggies and enjoyed a couple of helpings of the rice. It was such a fantastic meal, and very reasonably priced.

Louisiana SeafoodThe following evening we had another culinary adventure at Louisiana Seafood Oyster Bar & Grill, located in Brampton. It looked like Mardi Gras inside the spacious restaurant. There was some fantastic live Jazz music and I found the service to be prompt and friendly. I had decided that as far as meals went, I wanted to try a lot of new things. When I discovered that Alligator (from the bayou no less) was on the appetizer menu I convinced Jack to try it. He settled on the Jambalaya for his entree and I chose the Blackened Catfish, served with Louisiana rice and seasonal veggies.

Before our Alligator arrived our rather attractive waiter took our drink order and served us a small plate of cornbread. Jack is not a fan of cornbread, but I love it. I found it most enjoyable.

It wasn’t a long wait for the Alligator to arrive. It looked like little bits of pork, and came with some sort of spicy dipping sauce. I tried a bite. It was different, and it didn’t taste like chicken. In fact it didn’t taste much like anything I have tried before. It had a similar consistency to pork, although it was riddled with tiny globs of fat and gristle. I enjoyed the taste actually, although the fattiness of it will deter me from ordering it again.

Alligator, Yummy!Our main course arrived. Jack’s Jambalaya looked fantastic, as did my catfish. After one or two bites of my fish I realized that it was far too spicy for my taste buds. I think I could have managed it had I not been suffering a sinus infection that forced me to run to the bathroom to clear my nostrils every ten minutes or so. When I am sickly I find that foods with intense spice or heat make me feel nauseous. At any rate I still enjoyed my meal. The fish itself was quite mild in flavour, and the rice was excellent. I want to go back there and try some of their other delicious-sounding Cajun offerings, not to mention the oysters!

Our trip ended all too soon and it was time to head back to more familiar surroundings. I enjoyed the flight, both ways, as it gave me an opportunity to read, uninterrupted by children or the phone. I had forgotten how much fun it is to travel, since Jack and I haven’t done much of it since we had our munchkins.

I am feeling incredibly optimistic that we will love living in Ontario (PST and pollution aside). I am hoping I get to take one more kid-free trip out there before the actual move. It is becoming increasingly ‘real’ for me. We are actually moving. Wow, what a journey it’s going to be.

*Ken MacLeod


Sin On Wheels

Lick Lick!I miss my blog!


I looked at my sidebar and I have only made 9 posts this month, and April is nearly over.

It isn’t for lack of topics to write about. I have reviews piling up, and I want to tell you of the trip Jack and I made to Toronto. I even have photos!

Tomorrow I am going with V for our waxing. As you can see from my Cone Review I am well overdue.

Today I washed my dreads for the first time. That probably sounds disgusting, considering that I’ve had them for two weeks. However, most people in the know recommend waiting 1 - 2 weeks (or even longer if you can stand it) before getting new dreadlocks wet. This is because dreads can easily become untangled in the beginning, which is a bad thing. My dreads were fine, they look the same as they did before I got them wet. This evening I am going over to V’s to watch a movie and she is going to assist me in back-combing my roots and waxing my dreads again. Wax is important for dreads to keep them from becoming brittle, and also in retaining their shape and encouraging all of the hairs to tangle together. I wax mine about once a week, and I spend about four hours doing each and every one of them.

Next weekend is going to kick ass! Friday evening Jack and I are going out drinking with V and I intend to show off my awesome dreads and drink a LOT of tequila. We are trying to get in as many “One Last Hurrah” events as we can manage. Time just seems to be moving faster and faster, which is both exciting and sad.

Poly feels like a distant memory at the moment. We haven’t had any inclination to talk about it, nor any real need to address any of the residuals. Once we move there will be more energy for such things. At this point I have enough ‘feelings’ to deal with, related to moving across the country, leaving friends and family and everything I have ever known. I doubt I could make any headway with my insecurity issues at any rate. If I have to deal with more emotional upset…well I’d just rather avoid it for the moment, put it that way.

I am doing my best not to get really stressed out over the move. Jack and I are still debating about where to live. There are lots of areas in and around Toronto to chose from. We are also in the process of selling our house, which is a headache. Everything has to happen so quickly and getting all of the ’steps’ organized into some sort of smoothish chronological queue is rattling my usual rhythm of life.

Enough bitching! LOL

I hope you can excuse me, I just haven’t had a lot of opportunity to vent. I don’t like talking about it with family or friends because it makes them sad, which makes me sad. At least here I can just get it all out and then I feel better. Also I am menstruating, so my emotions are a little out of whack.

I am hoping to catch up on blogging this week. I have reviews to post and stories from our trip.



The Cone Review

The Cone!I must be cashing in some ultra-great karma these days, because Pleasure Me Now gave me an offer I could not refuse. The chance to test out a new and totally innovative sex toy, which I have be VERY eager to get my hands on since I first heard about it a month or two ago.

Drum roll Please


Yes, it certainly is as odd as it sounds. I mean, what kind of a name is The Cone? Shouldn’t all sex toys be named after a strange animal or make some allusion to depravity? Not in this case.

Cone VibratorI was like a little kid at Christmas when I ripped open the box it arrived in and dove into the packing peanuts with frantic anticipation. Mind you, I get two or three boxes of sex toys every month, so for me to be that excited says a lot about how eager I was to try out this toy.

It comes in a nifty pyramid-shaped, bright pink box. The included instructions are simple, although the silhouettes intended to show The Cone in use are confusing at best. I took it out of the box and looked it over. It was heavier than I expected, and a fairly good size. It has two small buttons on one side and the three required C batteries go in the bottom. I pushed the button on the right and held it for two seconds. The Cone began vibrating quietly on it’s lowest intensity. According to the information it has 16 settings, including ‘Orgasm Mode’ which is the last one. I pushed the left button and the vibration became more intense. I cycled through all 16 programs. The first 4 or 5 are steady vibration at increasing intensities. The rest are unique combinations of vibrations, pulsations, and rhythms designed to have you bucking your hips in wild abandon.

My Personal FavoriteThe Cone arrived the day before our Farewell Bash, so I decided to leave it out on the coffee table to let people take a look at it and try it out if they wanted. At first it was mostly questions about this unusual looking object, and what it was for, but as soon as everyone figured out how to use it, I think it was turned on most of the night (no to mention the guests, LOL). T and V took turns sitting on it, and everyone coped a feel at least once during the evening. Everyone loved it, and I was looking forward to having some alone-time with the pink wonder.

Jack tried it out before I had the chance. Sunday evening we turned it on and experimented with anal play. Jack found The Cone to be an absolutely fantastic toy for men who enjoy anal stimulation. Putting on a fairly firm surface and then sitting on it and masturbating was REALLY good, but then I had him lay on his back so that I could maneuver The Cone against his ass hole. He came in record time. He says that he thinks The Cone is a wonderful toy for men because it’s hands-free. You can easily sit on it or against it and masturbate without having to worry about it falling out or pulling it out. This leaves the hands free for stroking your cock or balls or whatever else you might like to do while you are getting off. I think that he would definitely have one just for himself, given the opportunity, LOL.

Orgasm Mode!I got to try it out the next day. I turned it on and put it on the bed where my crotch would go. Then I laid on it, belly down, that it was nestled comfortably between my legs. My clit and labia were pushed against the side of The Cone, and there was no penetration. I relaxed and closed my eyes. The vibrations provided awesome all-over stimulation. Jack was laying beside me, watching with amusement. I let him man the controls.

Before long I was panting and groaning and rubbing myself against The Cone. Jack turned the vibration onto the highest steady setting and I orgasmed hard. It was amazing, quite unlike most toys that I have used. I LOVE that it’s hands free. You can just stretch out and let The Cone do all of the work. The result is a more intense, more relaxed orgasm, if that makes any sense.

Phew! What a ride it was.

My only complaints are that The Cone is not waterproof. I mean, it would be SO much more fun to be able to take it into the bath or the shower. It would also be easier to clean. However, that is a minimal complaint. The other thing that I find terribly inconvenient are the controls. They are difficult to get to without interrupting what you are doing. When you are laying on top of The Cone and you want to turn it up you pretty much have to get off of it and turn it up. Annoying.

The Cone Rocks!I know that it’s not very esthetically pleasing, but a remote for this thing would rock. It wouldn’t have to be wireless, but some other way to control it while you are sitting on it would be useful.

I think that The Cone is possibly the most amazing vibrator that I have ever owned (and I have got a closet full of such things). It has become something of a running joke amongst my friends and I. Shasta needs regular ‘Cone Time’ or she becomes a very grumpy girl. People come to my house just to sit on my Cone. There is nothing better than turning that thing on and just stretching out on my bed to enjoy it for long, languid masturbation sessions. Or perhaps if I am already hot and horny I will flip it right onto orgasm mode and sit down on it for a quickie.

It’s an excellent couple toy, since both men and women can enjoy The Cone. I know that Jack gets enjoyment from controlling the buttons and teasing me into a frenzy. Certainly worth the investment, in my opinion.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

I miss this blog, although the less-that-enthusiastic reaction to my last HNT isn’t all that inspiring. I am not one to beg for comments, but I have to admit that I do care about them, and it makes me sad that so few people bother.

Anyway, I have been extremely busy with house/moving related stuff. It’s a lot of work relocating across the country. I haven’t had much time or inclination for writing, and it’s more practical to catch up on the housework when I have 5 minutes of free time. Not to mention taking care of new dreads is a LOAD of frickin work. Eventually they do become low-maintenance (or so I am told) but in the beginning, it’s constant vigilance with the waxing and the rolling and the backcombing.

I do have cool stuff to write about, and pics to post from a recent trip to Toronto. I am so lax with uploading though, LOL, it takes me days (sometimes weeks) to get pictures from my camera onto my computer. You would think I might find time, seeing as it’s a weekend, but nope. Weekends are extra crazy because Jack is at home during the days and we can tackle all of the tasks that take more than one person to get done. Sorting through mountains of paper and cleaning the garage and such. It would take me an entire week to do stuff like that by myself (having two rugrats underfoot doesn’t make it easy).

Anyway, I am off, perhaps to bed. I could use a few hours of extra sleep, since I have a really big day tomorrow. Jack is falling asleep on the couch so I should take him to bed as well. Have a good night all and see you in the next couple of days I hope!


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