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I’m Not A Whore. I’m A Relationship Technician.


Shasta Gibson (SG) [25 yrs old] - The star of this blog show, me!

Well, for starters I am married (yes, happily). I also have a boyfriend. My husband and I are polyamorous and we both see people outside of our marriage. Some people find this very strange, but it works for us and makes us happy. I am totally willing to answer any questions you might have about this arrangement.

To answer the most common one and get it out of the way: No, I will not have sex with you. Really, I mean that. Polyamory does NOT equal being ‘easy’.

I consider myself intelligent, fun, and very open minded. I enjoy a very wide variety of hobbies and activities. Clubbing, Quilting, Scrapbooking, Blogging, Poetry, Hiking, Fishing, and Horseback Riding (to name only a few).

I have a serious PASSION for cooking. I have some incredible skills in the kitchen. I like to invent complicated and pretentious recipes, the more difficult to make the better. I enjoy good food and good company, and I LOVE to entertain people. I prefer to challenge myself by making new and exotic dishes as often as possible.

I also love to write, and blogging in particular seems to suit me well.

I also enjoy working with my hands. I will use any excuse to buy a new power tool, and few things give me as much satisfaction as creating something from nothing.

I collect art glass and books. I enjoy exploring strange little shops filled with unusual things not found anywhere else. Travel is something I want to do more of.

I spend most of my time chasing around my children, or spending time with the important men in my life.

I am also evolving as a person. Really, we all should be. I would become terribly bored if I ever discovered everything there is to know about myself.

Recently I have been contemplating spirituality and where it fits into the bigger picture for me. When I come to any solid conclusions on that I’ll let you know.

I suppose I am also seeking total happiness and satisfaction with my state of being. I don’t know that I will ever find it, but the journey has been fantastic so far, and it seems to keep getting better.

I spend a lot of time thinking. Some might say I am overly analytical. I just love to think and think and think, especially about emotional issues. I think about my family, my interests, things I want to do in the near future and far off into my life. I think about sex, A LOT.

I don’t know that I am philosophical, but I enjoy a good conversation about the nature of people and society as a whole. I also think heavily on morality and ethics, and I enjoy turning concepts around in my head, taking them apart and putting them back together in a way that suits me.

I am a very sexual person. I am not ashamed of my sexuality, nor do I try to deny it.

Does this mean I will have sex with just anyone? Of course not. In fact I do believe that sex is beautiful and sacred, so I am rather picky about whom I chose to share it with.

Jack [32 yrs old] - My loving and wonderful (not to mention SEXY) husband. There are no words to describe how happy he makes me. He is my soul mate, my best friend, and the love of my life. I can’t imagine being without him. We have a strong marriage, he is my rock, and no matter what happens I know that I will never be without him. I could not ask for a better husband, nor a more fantastic father to our children. He’s one in a million and I am so grateful that he chooses to be a part of my life journey.

V [25 yrs old] - My bestest best friend in the world. We always joke about her being my ‘other husband’ because she and I are so close. I love her like family, and I think that without her I would live a less fulfilling and authentic existence. She is also known as my Heterosexual Life Partner.  Really there are no words that do justice to this amazing woman, and I am so honored to call her my best friend.

Nia [29 yrs old] - Details To Come

LD [42 yrs old] - He is fulfilling my curiosity with older men, although he hardly fits the bill. His boyish fascination with life and his carefree ways add to the appeal. He loves Thai food and vintage furniture, and he’s the sort of artsy type you would expect to find in an upscale coffee house pouring over a book of French poetry.



Luke and Saydie [5 yrs and 3 yrs old respectively] - Our two children.

P [20 yrs old] - Former girlfriend of K and now best friend of moi and love interest of Jack. A truly sweet and thoughtful young woman, she and I can spend hours and hours talking and laughing over coffee. I adore her a great deal and I am hopeful that our friendship will be long-lasting.

A[24 yrs old] - Another bestest best friend of mine. She is going to school in a different province, so sadly I don’t get to see her much.

F [21 yrs old] - One of Jack’s closest female friends. She is also a good friend of mine. I envy her ability to speak in front of people and admire her refusal to adhere to the commonly accepted standard of ’sexy’.

H [27 yrs old] - A really well educated young man whom I consider a good friend. We dated briefly but we make better friends than anything else.

M [26 yrs old] - V’s ex from quite a while back. He is still a good friend of both Jack and I, and we try to get together as a group for socializing when schedules allow. He’s really attractive and funny, and pretty much a computer genius.

Q [33 yrs old] - Sort of a strange situation with this one. We run into each other in bars, hang out, have a great time. Hooked up once and I haven’t heard from him since. Typical.

DF [25 yrs old] - V’s ex-boyfriend. Only on the list for reference purposes.

R [28 yrs old] - My first ‘real’ sexual fling outside of my marriage. Basically he was a memorable one night stand.

T [25 yrs old] - V’s roommate and a good friend of mine. She’s fun and fabulous and I adore spending time with her!

K[24 yrs old] - The first guy I dated seriously during the Polyamory Experiment. Now we are just casual friends, nothing more.

O [29 yrs old] - She and Jack dated casually for a while and we were friends. For reasons that are unclear she stopped speaking to us one day.

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