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Vibrating Clitoral PumpWhen my friends at Pleasure Me Now asked me to try out a Vibrating Clitoral Pump, I sort of arched an eyebrow and envisioned my poor girl parts being sucked up into a pink hoover. Not sexy, AT ALL!

Clitoral pumps are mysterious to be, both in form and function. Yes, I understand the drawing of the blood to the surface of the skin to increase arousal. However, I was not sure that ‘forcing’ said blood to the surface via suction would cause anything but a bruise in a most sensitive place. Still, I agreed to give it a go. I’ll do just about anything for my favorite retailer.

The pump arrived and languished away in a box while we moved ‘cross the country. Recently I dug it out and examined it skeptically, giving the suction action a brief test on an exposed nipples (both mine and another one that happened to be next to me in bed). Hmmmm, kind of a strange sensation, but no where near the suction that Jack can generate with that talented mouth of his.

I don’t think that this toy was designed for serious suction action. Yes, it lifts the skin a bit, but the cupping portion is small and after squeezing the ball a couple of times you reach maximum capacity that does not result in a lot of extra sensation.

It comes with two rubbery ‘head covers’ that fit over the top of the toy and rest against your skin. I like that feature because you can remove them for cleaning. It also comes with two small reusable sponges that fit inside the top of the toy to protect the motor from lubricant or juices. Be sure to clean those as well between uses.

This one also vibrates so I popped some batteries in and was a little surprised to discover that there is no ‘off/on’ switch. You up the batteries in, screw the bottom on and it turns the toy on. There is only one vibration speed, and you have to take the batteries out to turn it off. Hardly practical if you ask me.

Well, all my griping aside, I gave it a go on the nether bits. I found that using such high vibration right off the start was a little much for me without warm up. So once I got good and in the mood I tried it again. The suction was actually a little uncomfortable for me. I did not enjoy the sensation on my clit at all. It was a little fun on the nipples, but that’s about it.

Of course, that might just be me. If you are curious about clitoral pumps and want to try this out, by all means! I’ll give it an ‘E’ for effort, because the concept is awesome, I just think that they could make a few improvements.

This Product Receives:

1 Out Of 5

Not much of an update today. I just wanted to draw your attention to a few technical changes around here, and to ask for opinions on an idea I’ve been mulling over.

If you look in the sidebar you will notice two new drop-down menus. I have moved my link list and reviews list into these menus in an effort to clean up and shorten my sidebar. Too much information over there can make things difficult for navigation.

My question for all of you good readers is this: What shall I do with all these reviews?

I have a lot of products coming in for review, and I am getting concerned that before long the product testing series for this blog will overwhelm the regular content. Even with the drop-down menu, the list is getting longer and longer. While I love doing reviews and I get heaps of positive feedback about them, I don’t want this blog to just become about that. I still want visitors to feel that they are reading more about life and poly and sex than they are about this toy or that toy.

So, I’ve been debating creating a separate blog, sort of as a sub-domain to this one, just to handle all the reviews. I can post them over there and just put up little announcements here every time a new one goes up. When I (eventually) get around to having a ‘proper’ website on a paid server, I will be able to set up normal sub-domains with tabs for navigation on the main page. Until then, I am just trying to find the most effective way of keeping this blog clean and attractive to readers.

I created a little poll, so let me know what you think! I’ll make a decision in a week or two. Please vote, even if you don’t really care either way.


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Fleshlight Review

FleshlightAfter much vigorous testing, I am pleased to finally be writing a review of the ever-popular and somewhat famous Fleshlight. Thanks to SomethingSexyPlanet, Jack had the immense pleasure of sliding his penis into this very realistic artificial vagina. No one knows what the Fleshlight insert is made of, but my best guess would be a combination if silicone and other polymers. I found it to be large and somewhat heavy, and not at all a convincing flashlight, but that’s beside the point I suppose, LOL.

I think that I was more excited than Jack about the arrival of this product. As soon as I touched it I was impressed with the feel of the ’skin’ and the quality of the moulding. I mean some of those fake vaginas look like something out of the movie Tremors. After taking a look-see over the instructions I was immediately alarmed by the fact that they forbid you from cleaning your Fleshlight with soap. No mention of adult toy cleaner either, but only isopropyl alcohol is recommended for cleaning. Basically they instruct you to rinse it with water and that’s it. Hmmmmm, that bothers me for some reason. I mean, I doubt anyone really shares their Fleshlight, but you never know! I want to be able to sterilize it (no boiling it either). Of course, I read that AFTER I’d already washed the thing with soapy water. It didn’t seem damaged but I guess one should not keep doing that over and over.

You may only use water-based lubricants with the Fleshlight as well. Oil based is not allowed, and there was no mention of silicone. Between uses, and after cleaning, you must also dust it inside and out with corn starch (NO baby powder or talcum). This will keep the insert from feeling sticky and kinda gross.

Once I got all the care and use instructions straight, Jack got down to…errm, business, LOL.

I used a little ID Glide to get the Fleshlight ready for use and then let Jack take over. He slid his cock into the silky soft opening and pumped it up and down a couple of times. You can adjust the ’suction’ by tightening or loosening the end of the Fleshlight. Jack enjoyed that feature a great deal. In fact, he enjoyed the Fleshlight overall a great deal. He said that it was a little heavy for using while just laying on your back, wouldn’t take your arm long to tire out. However, there are a LOT of alternative ways to use it. Some people wedge it in between their mattress and box spring, or slide the skinnier end into a shoe and then put pillows around the shoe and go to it missionary style. Your partner can also hold it between her legs or breasts. I’m sure there are many more. Maybe if I have any Fleshlight users in the audience they can share their methods in the comment section?

Jack says that the Fleshlight is as close to the real thing as you can get. He remarked that he wished he’d had one as a single guy because jerking off would have been a lot more fun! It’s also come in very handy during Period Week here at Shasta’s Lair.

To make it feel even more life-like try heating up the insert in hot water. DO NOT boil it or microwave it. Simply fill a sink or large container with hot water and let the Fleshlight soak until it reaches the desired temperature. You might also want to let your bottle of lube float around in there as well so that it’s nice and warm. You might have to empty the water and refill it with new hot water if you want the Fleshlight really heated.

I really like that the fleshy insert is removable for easier cleaning. Once you finish rinsing it out make sure to leave it to dry thoroughly, preferably near a window or vent. Store it inside the plastic housing with both ends loosely screwed on to allow for continued air flow. Don’t forget to dust it with corn starch once it’s dried.

The Fleshlight is available in a variety of inserts. Ours is the vaginal opening in pink, but you can also find them in mocha and clear/crystal. There are mouth openings, anus openings, and non-descript which is basically a slit that makes the Fleshlight look like a piggy bank, HA HA. The insides can also be tailored to your needs, weather it be ultra tight, textured or ribbed, there is something for everyone.

Jack really enjoys his Fleshlight and recommends that ALL single men do themselves a favour and get one of these. It sure beats your hand, according to him.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Tea Time!I’ve been enjoying a spoiled and indulgent weekend! Yesterday I got to spend the entire day shopping with a brand new girl-friend (and I mean that in the totally platonic way) in T-Dot. She took me to the most incredible Asian mall! I spent hours wandering through all of the interesting shops, while sipping pineapple bubble tea and talking about relationship stuff.

While out and about I treated myself to a sexy new Pupa eye shadow. There were a LOT of things I wanted to buy, LOL, mostly for my new house but I’m trying to stick with the ‘little at a time’ mentality. I did decide to take advantage of a great sale that was going on and picked up some really gorgeous handmade pottery pieces.

I’ve been on a real tea kick lately, mostly loose leaf black teas, so when I happened across this awesome little tea shop I selected about half a dozen varieties that smelled absolutely amazing. I’ve been tasting a few and yum, yum! So worth the money I spent on them (even the flowering teas, which are pricey, but such a treat). I think next to sex and books, tea is my very favorite thing in the world.

She and I went for sushi at this really trendy restaurant near the mall. I got a few excellent decorating ideas while I was there, with their artful use of chain and bold colors. The bento box I had was fab, although the service was slower than hell.

The market next to the mall was fascinating. Not my first trip to an Asian market (I shopped at one in Calgary as well) but since it’s Toronto, everything just seems…bigger. We sampled lychee and iced green tea. There was a really great price on live lobster and I was thoroughly tempted to buy a couple to take home. We still had a lot of things we wanted to see and do at that point and I didn’t really like the idea of the little critters hanging out in my vehicle all that time on a hot afternoon. Maybe next time though. I haven’t cooked lobster in a while and it’s one of my favorite foods.

My new friend is also pretty new to the GTA so I think she was as excited to hang out with me as I was with her. We met through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. She does not know about my ‘double life’ at this point, and we may never get that close as pals, but regardless she’s fantastic and I know we’ll hang out again soon. I haven’t come up with a nickname for her yet, for future writings, but I am working on it.

The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic for me (normal life stuff), so I am hoping to get a couple of reviews cued up for posting. That way it’s not totally quiet around here. V is coming out for The Sex Show in about three weeks and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. The best part of having a busy couple of weeks is that the time will pass really quickly.

Speaking of The Sex Show, I am already debating what to wear this year. Last year it was my blue corset and a long black skirt. This year I am thinking shamefully short skirt and a dressy(ish) top. Maybe fishnets and stilettos as well.

The luscious Padme has a birthday coming up in a few weeks! I put her gift in the mail already, since I normally procrastinate terribly and this year I didn’t want it to be late. I also didn’t want to accidentally forget, which is totally possible considering how nuts things will be for me between now and then. I’m really hoping she will love her gift, since she’s a sweet and wonderful friend and I wanted to make it something special.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! If I am not posting anything of substance for a couple of weeks, bear with me. There will be LOTS to tell after my weekend with V, and a few hot reviews in the mean time!


Sandals HNT


It’s getting colder out. I am enjoying my flip flops while I can. Happy HNT!

You Are My Candy GirlSo last night Pretty Dumb Boy and I had our first phone conversation. From here on out I’ll just refer to him as PB, since he’s actually NOT dumb when he’s talking and not typing. The ‘P’ could stand for ‘Pretty’ or ‘Pervert’ since he is both, and even though he’s older than me I will still refer to him as Boy because he looks like he’s 18 and not 30. I know I said I was going to stay away from having letters for people, but PB is just easier than typing out Pretty Boy all the time. Yes, I am actually that lazy :P

Anyway, he called me up and it was already late at night. We talked for well over an hour. Well, he did most of the talking, in fact it was difficult to get a word in edgewise. He related to me the entire history of his last serious relationship, which was somewhat poly, and yet not really. Very strange. I just listened and made short comments at appropriate intervals. People love to talk about themselves, and being a good listener seems to lull them into a sense of trusting and feeling close to the person they are talking to.

His voice is even more attractive then his face and body. Perhaps that is another reason I don’t mind listening to him talk.

We left plans to meet up in the air for now. He said he would get in touch today and we could discuss it some more. He’s not as huge of a pervert on the phone, which leads me to believe that he won’t be over-the-top in person. I dislike feeling pressured for something sexual on the first date and he understands that, so I’m not the least bit nervous about meeting him.

He has a bit of a fixation with women watching him masturbate. He has a mile-wide exhibitionist streak and also some cuckoldee tendencies. His ex ‘cheated’ on him a number of times, and he found it highly arousing to hear the details of her escapades with other men. Especially when she told him they were better/hotter/more capable lovers than he is. His interest in bedding other women while he’s in a relationship seems passive at best. The reason his relationship failed, according to him, is that his girlfriend was never honest and upfront about her affairs with other men. He always had to pry it out of her, even if he told her he was perfectly ok with what she was doing. I don’t blame him for preferring the open and honest method of communication.

Still, he plays fast and loose with ethics since he has continued sleeping with her once in a while since their breakup, despite her being in a serious monogamous relationship. It’s a bit of a turnoff, but then again, at least he’s honest about it, unlike her.

He seems genuinely nice at this point, not the least bit creepy or threatening. He’s also very open minded and not at all the jealous type, which is reassuring. We shall see how the first meeting goes.

Other than that, not a lot of action going on around here. A great number of important ‘vanilla life’ tasks are getting accomplished though, which makes me feel good despite the lack of other excitement. I might be checking out this really great Asian market in T-Dot this weekend, and if PB wants to get together there will be that as well. I also need to get to the gym and grocery shopping. Good times!

I wanted to post a great big HUGE Thank You for my friend Esined, who sent me a belated birthday gift that I found in my mailbox this afternoon. What a special and fantastic surprise to discover a gift just for me, in personalized wrapping paper no less (which is a first for me, it literally had ‘Shasta’ written all over it). I was thrilled and quite honestly skipped all the way home from the mailbox!

Inside the very cool just-for-me wrapping paper was the book 101 Things To Do Before You Die by Richard Horne. I was of course thrilled, especially since I know she put some thought into this gift and selected it just for me after seeing it at a little odds and ends store. It’s totally suitable considering how reflective and goal-oriented I get around my birthday. It always feels the the start of something new in my eyes, maybe because of all the years I started a new grade in school right around my birthday, or because it’s exactly during the time when summer ends and a new season begins. At any rate, this gift is BEYOND suitable for me, and I am touched and flattered to receive it.

Thank You my friend, for bringing me a smile today. Your sweetness and generosity touched my heart and I am so pleased to be getting to know you. I look forward to meeting you in the near future :)

Hugs And Kisses,

Even though my weekend was a little blah and nothing much exciting has been going on, it seems my life is filled with love and friendship. I talked to V this morning for a bit, and then had a very looooooooooong phone chat with the darling Padme. I was feeling a little melancholy today and everyone has been brilliant and affectionate right when I needed it the most.

I’m very fortunate, of this I am sure.


Sex Swing Review

The Pleasure SwingI’ve been looking forward to this particular review for some time. After several requests for this product, and thanks to the generosity of the awesome people at Pleasure Me Now, I bring you The Pleasure Swing!

Jack and I have had a LOAD of fun testing this bad boy out. Oh My Lord! Likely the most fantastic couples ‘toy’ ever manufactured I can’t say enough totally awesome things about it.

First of all I offer some tips in instillation. For those of you intimidated by putting up something intended to be heavy-duty load bearing, you can always buy a stand for it. If you have a tall partner (like mine) that might limit the amount of positions you can do.

Have a little confidence, putting this thing in is not rocket science :D

Tools You Will Need:

A good stud finder (you buy these at a hardware store. Fork over the extra bucks for a good one)

An electric drill (contrary to the instructions that come with the swing, you cannot put this thing up without drilling a hole first)

Two drill bits - The thinnest one you can find and another that is just slightly thinner than the eye-bolt for the swing

Tacks and some newspaper (if you have a textured ceiling)

Alright, here we go, now pay attention:

1. If you know which direction the ceiling joists in your house run, all the better. If not, maybe check out your unfinished basement. They will be the same all through the house. If you don’t, study how your roof looks from the outside. If there are peaks (as in like this) on the front of your house, it’s likely the joists run from side to side. If the peaks are on the sides of your house (like this) then they probably run from front to back. If you really can’t figure it out, that’s ok too, that’s why you bought that stud finder.

2. Go to the room where you want to put up the swing. Bring your tools and a stool. If you have a textured ceiling take the tacks and newspaper and tack pieces of it up (overlapping) on the area where you want the swing to go. This will allow your stud finder to slide smoothly over the rough surface. If you have a smooth ceiling, ignore that part.

3. If you know which way your joists are going, run the stud finder back and forth across the ceiling in the opposite direction that the joists are going. When your stud finder detects a joist, mark the spot where the edge of the joist starts. Come from the other direction with the stud finder to locate the other edge, mark that as well. Now you can find the center of the joist, hooray! If you don’t know which way the joists run start by sliding your stud finder along the ceiling from side to side. If it beeps every 16 inches or so, it’s likely that your joists are running front to back. If it doesn’t beep at all try sliding it from front to back. Once you establish which way they are running, proceed with the steps described above.

4. Once you know where the center of the joist is, you will want to drill a test hole, to make sure you’ve found the joist. Take the smallest drill bit you have and drill in between your two markings. You should feel the drill bit hit something more solid once you get through the drywall. Once you’ve drilled a little ways into the solid part, pull the bit back out and you should be able to identify some wood particles on it. That’s a good thing. IF you don’t feel that you’ve hit something solid, try drilling a quarter of an inch to the left or right of the hole.

Sex Swing Positions5. Now that you’ve found the joist for sure, get out the big drill bit and drill a hole deep into the joist. Don’t worry about compromising the integrity of your joists, I promise they can handle this sort of thing. The reason you need to pre-drill rather than just trying to screw the eye-bolt into the ceiling is because screwing something like that into wood without a pre-made hole will cause the wood to split and splinter, which is bad.

6. Once the hole is made, start screwing in the eye-bolt. Tighten it as much as you can and then I suggest attaching the swing to it and then using that to turn the eye-bolt some more until the ring portion is just about touching the ceiling.

7. To test it out begin by laying across the support slings and put some weight on it. With someone spotting you, get into the swing and bounce up and down a little. Watch the ring for a lot of wiggling back and forth or if it seems to be pulling out of the ceiling. If you somehow have failed to screw it into a joist, it’ll pull loose pretty much immediately. Time to start over if that happens. If not, you’re set to go!

Once we got it all set up, I climbed in (with a stool and some assistance). Jack is very tall and I am not, so I need to use a stool to get into this thing. That’s perfectly ok. I do not suggest getting in to it without a little assistance.

So basically the longer sling part goes under your rear, the shorter one goes across your back (around the shoulder blade area) and the two smaller slings are for your feet/legs. There are a LOT of positions you can chose from, creativity with it is half the fun. The swing itself comes with a little booklet that suggests a few good positions to get you started.

This swing is incredible. Out of all the sex toys I’ve tried it is without a doubt my favorite. The position we use most is me on my back in the swing, the lower sling on the top part of my butt and the other around my shoulders. I put my feet in the smaller slings so that they rest in the arch of my feet and then I stretch out my legs so that they are in a big V-Shape. Jack stands between my legs and pushes his cock into me and just goes to it. Since the swing does most of the work he hardly has to pump and yet he can fuck me harder and faster than is generally possible in a more horizontal position. It’s also very easy for him to play with my nipples or pussy, or for me to do either of those things as well. If I bend my knees towards my chest it allows for even deeper penetration. WOW!

We have also done doggie-style in it, and oh my! It felt incredible, and I was able to easily use one of my vibrators on my clit while Jack had sex with me. You may wanna throw a towel down under you though, LOL.

There are still a lot of positions we want to try. It’s also fantastic for oral sex. We have it set up in close proximity to our bed, so Jack can sit on the edge of it and lick my pussy while I am in the swing. Any chair would do though, which makes it way more comfortable on the neck than it usually is laying between someones legs (in my humble opinion). If you wanna get creative you could also try having the man sitting in the chair and the naughty lass bouncing up and down in the swing upon his cock. This would be ideal for someone with a disability because there are a lot of ways to have intercourse that do not require physical train on either person.

The slings are very easy to clean. They care easily unclipped from the top bar and rinsed gently in a sink or tub. Use a little liquid laundry detergent as well if you wish. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

Sex In A Swing!I really like that it’s very easy to take the swing down and put it back up. Do not remove the eye bolt from the ceiling between uses. That will seriously compromise it’s ability to bear weight. Simply unhook the swing and if you are worried about questions hang a fake plant from the eye bolt. You could also claim to use it for resistance band exercises, for hanging clothes you need to keep from wrinkling (that you intend to wear the next day) or for unwrinkling clothes with a steamer. There are loads of ways to explain a great big eye bolt in your ceiling, just go with it.

Besides being awesome for sex, this thing is just plain fun! I like sitting in it just to bounce up and down. V calls it an adult jolly-jumper. For a sex party one of these is a must! I have a little pet fantasy about setting it up for a naughty gathering and then just hanging out there all night letting whomever wants to have a go! Yes, a naughty, naughty slut am I.

For the price, I would happily purchase one of these things because honestly, it’s worth every penny and then some. It’s good up to 200 pounds with the fun spring, but it can hold up to 400 if you take that part off. The padding makes it comfy to sit in, and it’s brilliant for bondage! There are DVD’s available as well with useful suggestions on positions and technique, so even lack of creativity is no excuse not to own one of these fantastic products.

A swing makes a totally fabulous gift for a friend or lover! I promise you will not be disappointed with this product, and I certainly give it a great big Shasta Seal Of Approval!

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5