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BalletGathering from the e-mails and Twitter messages I’ve received thus far this week, I can tell that some of you are fairly dying of curiosity over how the sex party went on Sunday night. Perhaps I should be nice and fill you in on the details?


Oh, alright. I figure I’ve made you wait long enough now ;)

Nia, her ex-boyfriend, K, F, and myself arrived at Goodhandy’s early in order to assist with setting up and preparing for the big night. We were all pretty pumped up about it, although I also felt a little like throwing up, since I had to be in the fashion show and that sort of thing makes me nervous.

I had brought a couple of changes of clothes with me for the evening, including this totally fabulous pink and black tutu type skirt that I had made by Black Orchid. It’s short enough for me to wear it with my thigh boots, but it still covers just enough (barely). I’d brought a black tank top to wear with it, along with my sexy little strappy stilettos.

The evening got off to a bit of a slow start, although none of us really minded. People began showing up around 6:30pm and by 7:30pm we had a pretty good crowd, although not as many as the organizers had hoped.

We started getting ready for the fashion show backstage. We had enough models that I only had to wear two pairs of thigh boots for the show. I decided that since it was really about the shoes, I would just wear a white button down dress shirt with a pair of panties and then the boots. The first pair I wore out were latex stiletto heeled boots, which seemed to be a big hit. The second pair were actually my own lace up thigh boots. After the second time I went out I started to feel really ill. It was way too hot in the change room with 6 girls changing outfits as fast as possible. Suddenly I felt like I was going to throw up RIGHT.THAT.MINUTE!

I dashed out of the change room in my shirt and underwear, and out the door to the stairwell. I just needed to cool off and recompose myself, and get some fresh air. Once the nausea passed I felt better, and went back inside. The fashion show was done, and we had a pause in the entertainment schedule, so there was time to mingle and talk to some of the guests. I changed back into my tutu and tank top and went to speak to my friend Rob and his gorgeous girlfriend.

Jack arrived and we spent some time chatting with people. There were a lot of very nice guests in attendance, although I would agree that the numbers weren’t what was originally expected.

The pinata party was next up on the schedule. I provided a blindfold and my great big steel and leather paddle for smacking the thing with. Guests lined up and were blindfolded and got a couple of swings each. That pinata was NOT giving up easily, and it took quite a while to finally break it open. When it eventually let loose there were mini chocolate bars, cock rings, free porn coupons, and condoms everywhere. People seemed to really enjoy that part of the night (Jack included who took a turn with the paddle).

There was a fantastic food spread as well, with a chocolate fountain and tons of fruit. I was afraid to eat anything since my nerves were making my stomach churn, but it all looked fabulous, and everyone seemed to be nibbling a fair amount.

I really, really love the atmosphere at Goodhandy’s and it certainly lends itself well to sexy parties. If you haven’t been to one of their I Love Sex parties, I highly recommend checking it out.

F, myself, and some of the other staff on hand took turns minding the door. Since Jack couldn’t stay too late F told us we should go off and have some fun. Who was I to argue?

I led him upstairs with me to the private booths on the second floor. At first we left the curtain open while I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I started giving him a blow job, when this random dude came up to the front of the booth and basically stood right inside watching. Now I’m not bashful, but the idea is to give people space while they play. He asked if he could join in and Jack said no, and then I asked him if he could back off a little since he was practically leaning over me. Good grief.

We decided to close the curtain, for a little privacy (although it’s still possible to peek in a bit around the curtains) before we really got down to business. There are vinyl covered benches in each of the booths, so jack had me get up on my knees on the bench so that he could fuck me from behind. It felt so sexy and naughty to be having sex in a club full of people. I was certainly loud enough that a number of people heard me in there. Jack was pounding me for all he was worth and I was moaning and screaming at full volume. Having kids means we often have to keep it down during sex, so I take full advantage of any opportunity to be as loud as I want to.

When he pulled out I went back to work on sucking his cock and licking his balls until he came with a grunt. Breathless, we cuddled up for a while to recuperate. I wish he could have stayed the whole night, but the babysitter had school the next day.

Besides, it was nearly time for prize giveaways and the balloon burlesque. I managed to weasel out of the burlesque show, passing my part in it off onto Nia’s friend from the Saturday sex party we had gone too. They attached balloons to their nearly naked bodies and the audience got to have a few laughs popping them all.

Jack bid us a good night before heading home. Nia and her female friend and her ex-boyfriend arranged the whipping post on stage and began a very hot threesome of bondage, whippings, hot wax, and knife play. It was quite a scene :)

I decided that I should drag K off to the upstairs to have a little fun of our own. I collected the bit gag and a leather strap from my toy box and off we went.

Up in the ‘orgy area’ there was a spanking bench. The same one I got spanked on at the Saturday party. K put the bit gag on me and then onto the bench I went, my tutu flipped up to reveal my naked rear end (my panties had mysteriously gone missing sometime earlier).

He began strapping me while I drooled around the gag and struggled to stay still. A crowd began to gather, watching intently while he worked over my butt, starting off gently and then building up the intensity. Soon I was writhing and tossing my head (hopefully I didn’t spray anyone with saliva) and squealing around the gag. Men were watching me struggle, standing around us, observing intently. One of them asked K if he needed and help with me, to which he replied no. He was holding me down with one arm and beating me with the other. It was heavenly.

I wanted him to fuck me right there, in front of all of those people watching. He obliged me, setting the strap aside to push his cock into me from behind, while he grabbed a fist full of my hair. He fucked me hard, despite the fact that we were both a bit nervous with all of the watchers practically breathing down our necks. Clearly they had not heard of personal space.

We switched positions, me on my back with my ass end hanging off the bench, my legs over his shoulders. I took off the gag, since my mouth was drying out from all the heavy breathing. I looked up and I could see a very attractive young man standing behind me. K told me later that he was jerking off watching us. Yum!

Without much rearranging K sat down on the lower part of the bench and buried his face between my legs. His oral skills have certainly improved let me tell ya. He must have been at it for at least 10 minutes. Someone asked if he could play with my boobs, but I politely declined. The guy jerking off kept whispering stuff to me, but I couldn’t really hear him over all the noises coming out of my mouth.

We decided to finish up in private, since it was difficult to really let loose when we felt so crowded, LOL.

Off to the booths we went, when one young man stopped me to ask if he and I could hook up. More accurately he put his arm between K and I, and when I said no he asked if he could join the two of us. Again I said no, and though he was clearly disappointed, he moved aside.

In the booths I began sucking K’s cock. He’s generally not able to orgasm from oral sex, so I was surprised that after several minutes of very enthusiastic cock sucking on my part, he groaned that he was going to cum. More minutes passed before he came into my mouth, hot and sticky and bitter.

He finished stripping down until he was wearing only the green glow necklace that all the security guys were given to make them easily identifiable. It was surprisingly sexy, even naughty in a curious way. He fucked me from behind first, while my pussy juices ran down the insides of my legs. The bench was getting slippery, and so we rearranged ourselves, me on my back and him on top of me.

I could hear Nia and her friends next door to us, clearly having a wonderful time. Nia later commented to K that she could tell it was me in the booth next to them, just due to my screaming.

When I came with him deep inside of me I’m certain most of the club heard, yet again, LOL. Obviously I am not one to be shy when it comes to vocalization during sex. We finished up and I made sure to wipe down the bench before we left.

Things were beginning to wind down some. When the last guest had taken their leave we assisted in clean up, encouraging the bouncers and bartenders to eat as much of the leftover food as they wanted. There was quite a lot left over, which we divided up somewhat before leaving.

Nia and her ex decided to stay in the city with their female friend, so F and K and I crawled into the van and headed back to my place. It seemed like such a long drive that night, since we were all exhausted.

Overall, despite the lower numbers than expected, I think the party was a success. We all had a great time, and it was such a trip to play in public like that again. I’m thinking it won’t be the last Goodhandy’s party I ever get in on ;) Although I might just leave the hosting up to them, since it’s such a great deal of work!

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend as well, and I promise more tales of K’s visit and all of the sexy threesomes we’ve been having. There may even be photos ;) If anyone wants to see them that is :P

  1. padme amidala Said,

    WOW! Holy smokes I am suddenly feeling all warm and wet after reading your post about the JLD party. You lived out a few of my fantasies that I have had. It sounds like the party of the year and I sure wish I could have been there to see all of it. :)
    I am really glad to hear you have had so much naughty fun with K and at the party and your weekend! I really enjoyed this post so much!
    It made me want to grab my Hitatchi! ;)
    I would love to hear all about the threesomes and YES PLEASE to the photos!! I would LOVE to see them!
    padme amidala

  2. mz. f Said,

    Hahah carrots.
    The homeless were happy with that parking lot haul, let me tell you.

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Oh my. I have no words….

    - sagaciouslu

  4. nia Said,

    i feel a little bad about all the squirting my girl and i did…there were quite a few puddles around the club by the time she and i were finished :) next time i’ll bring a mop and one of those little caution signs, hahaha.

    the boys were pretty insistent about trying to hook up. we are pretty fabulous actually :) besides, i think there may have been a little fanboy action going on, lolz.

  5. Adam Said,

    Sounds like lots of good fun. It’s been too long the Mrs. and I have had a sexy night like that. Too many party poopers around here. Wish we could have been there!

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