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Good Morning Peeps!

I just wanted to cover a couple of blog-related additions/tweaks I’ve made around here lately :)

First, you may have noticed a couple of daily posts recently called “A Little Birdie Told You”.  These are daily digests of my Twitter updates.  Why bother having them post every day when they already appear in the sidebar you might wonder?  Well for one because the sidebar only displays the most recent three tweets, so if you aren’t checking the blog several times a day, chances are you’ll miss some.  For another, because I now have my Twitter synced up with my phone, which means I can update it while I am out and about, which will really be more exciting during events like Padme’s trip out here, my nights out at Goodhandy’s, or my drive across the country with V.  Basically, even when I can’t sit down and blog, I can still keep track of what I am doing every day, which should also reduce the number of hiatuses I take here at SD.

The Twitter digests have their own category in the sidebar, under Daily Microblogging :)

Another interesting feature of adding Twitter to my phone, is that people can send me text messages without me having to give them my cell number.  Basically if you have a Twitter account, simply post a message in your update that begins with @ShastaGibson and it will come straight to my phone, even if we don’t follow each other.  If you don’t have a Twitter account, now it a great time to get one!

There was also that Password Mailing Listpost a couple of days ago, which was basically an explanation of how this password protection system was going to work, and a sign up sheet for people who want access to those posts.  This is working out very well so far.  I’ve done a test run of it, to make sure that the passwords were working for people and that no one could see any of the other e-mail addresses on the incoming messages.  Rest assured that your private information will remain totally confidential, and that you won’t receive any mail from me that is not directly related to a posts on this blog.

I will be posting ‘reminders’ every month or so, for the benefit of new visitors, or readers who didn’t sign up the first time, and who change their mind later on.  If you have already commented to be added, please do not comment again on these future posts regarding the mailing list.  Once is enough :)  The list is already 40 people long, so it will be difficult for me to keep track of who is added and who is not, which means if you sign up twice, don’t complain if you get two e-mails from me that say the same thing, LOL.

I also respectfully request that you not share passwords I send to you with anyone else.  Your significant other is one thing, but I’d prefer that you not send it to friends.  If I discover that too many people are entering the password (Wordpress has internal stats on such things) I will shut down the mailing list and password posts will only be open to immediate, real life friends.  If there is a password post that you think your friends would like to read, encourage them to come and get on the list.  When I send out new passwords, I generally include ‘retro’ passwords as well, for people who may have missed out on them previously.

I think that’s about it for now :)  If you have any feedback you wanna share about the site, navigation, widgets, etc, please feel free to share!  I appreciate thoughts and ideas that might make the blog more functional and easier to use/enjoy.

*Steven Meretzky


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  1. padme amidala Said,

    Hi Shasta,
    The Twitter idea for doing posts about it is a really neat idea. :) Thank you for getting me into Twitter. You convinced me to join and now I’m hooked! I can’t go a day without twittering. lol!
    21 days and counting! I’m sooooooooo excited about my trip to see you!! Each days gets a little bit closer!
    padme amidala

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