Harry Fucks Hermione. And Then Ron

Posted on October 31st, 2009 in Emotional Angst, Featured, Mating And Relating

So I’ve been bleeding for nine days now.  Yes, NINE, which is four days longer than normal.  This post is going to talk about blood, a lot, you have been warned.

No, I’m not going to bitch and complain because it’s really not so bad.

My period came early this month (the first cycle I’ve had since I had my IUD put in) which isn’t unusual for me.  The unusual part was that it arrived without a single cramp.  It started very lightly, and has continued to be maybe a quarter of the volume I usually deal with.  Using a DivaCup* makes it really easy to keep track of how much one normally bleeds every month, and the difference between pre-IUD periods and this is quite startling.  Whereas on my heaviest days (the first three of my five-day cycle) before the IUD, I would bleed about an ounce every four hours.  This time it’s been an ounce every 12 hours or so.  Much, MUCH nicer.

The less nice part was the moodiness I experienced for the first four days of the bleeding.  I was bitchy with a capital “B”.  Everything seemed to rub me the wrong way, I took everyone WAY too personally, I felt like crying for no reason.  I began to worry that perhaps I was experiencing the onset of depression.  When day five rolled around I felt normal again, and since then have only had a few unprovoked moments of angst.  I am certain that had I been eating right and exercising regularly, I wouldn’t have been so out of sorts.

Despite the longer-than-normal bleeding, I’ve been happier with this IUD than with any other form of birth control I’ve tried.  It’s so much nicer than using condoms, which Aiden and I can now forgo, after discussing and negotiating it with Jack.

Speaking of Aiden, and sex, I really hope I’ll be done bleeding by the time he gets here tomorrow.

*The DivaCup website does NOT recommend use with IUDs, due to the risk of possibly dislodging the IUD via removal of the DivaCup pulling on the IUD threads.  I had my practitioner cut the threads of my IUD 2cm from my cervix in order to avoid both this problem, and also possible entanglement with Aiden’s PA piercing.

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Published by Shasta

One Response to “Harry Fucks Hermione. And Then Ron”

  1. niaNo Gravatar Says:

    i was going to say something about the Diva cup, but it looks like you’ve got it all sorted out. :) i finally bought a new one yesterday, and i saw the giant IUD warning on the box when i was unpacking it. makes sense thought that it’s about strings – i was worried it had to do with potential infection or something.

    hope you’re blood free for Aiden today, since i know how much he loves to lick you :)

    xo nia

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