Kama Sutra Treasure OF The Sea Review

Posted on September 22nd, 2009 in Reviews

Toy Lust Tuesdays Sutra products tend to be hit and miss with me.  I would say that most of their sensual items are pretty good, but unfortunately, the Kama Sutra Treasure Of The Sea isn’t really one of them.

Although this particular product is a blend of sea salts and natural moisturizers, and did indeed do nice things for my skin, it’s not a personal favorite.

Unfortunately when it comes to anything scented, it’s really a matter of opinion.  The scent of this particular product is just a little too overpowering and, for lack of a better term, grandmotherly for me.

I did love that the bath crystals came with a little shell-scoop thing, and that they turned the bath water the loveliest shade of blue.  If you are sensitive to strong perfumes in your bath products, I’d steer clear.  As it is designed as a sort of foaming bath product, I would also avoid using it in a jetted tub.Kama Sutra Treasure Of The Sea

If you have your heart set on something lovely to put in your bathwater, I would highly recommend trying the Kama Sutra Wild Clove Bath Gel.  I totally looooove the spicy scent, and there’s currently a bottle of it in my shower, which I use regularly, and makes my skin silky soft (ask Jack, or Aiden).

I really wanted to like this product, but unfortunately I’m only going to give it an “E” for effort and encourage you to maybe give it the sniff test at your local adult store before deciding if you like it or not for yourself.

This Product Receives:

2 Out Of 5

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  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    Thank you for your review of this product, Shasta. I have come very close a few times to buying it and was wondering about it. I really enjoy your reviews. It’s good to know about the product before you buy it. I know this one was a bit expensive and that was one of the reasons I didn’t buy it. XOXO

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