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Kama Sutra Sweet Almond Massage Oil Review

Kama Sutra Massage OilIn an effort to bring you products aside from your run-of-the-mill sex toys, I have partnered with Vibrator.Com to do a series of reviews on Kama Sutra products. The first in this series is the Kama Sutra Sweet Almond Massage Oil.

Being a big fan of massages, Jack was more than pleased to help me try out this product. What a trooper he is, laying there for an hour and letting me rub his body with warm oil.

First I lit some candles and we spread an old sheet over the bed so we didn’t stain our good linens. We stripped down, Jack stretched out, and I started drizzling oil on his back. A good suggestion, if you want the oil to be warm, is to get a bowl of hot water and just let the bottle sit in it for about 5 minutes before you start the massage. This won’t compromise the quality of the product even if you do it over and over and over. Warming up the oil just adds to the experience. Another suggestion is to put the oil on your hands and then rub them together vigorously for 20-30 seconds before you start touching your victim.

The first thing that we noticed about this oil was the fragrance. It was subtle, and earthy. Not overwhelming at all, like some massage products. It was a more natural odor, which I prefer over products that are obviously artificially scented.

The second thing that I noticed is how non-greasy this oil is. It actually absorbs into the skin quite easily without leaving a slippery residue behind. However, it does not absorb so quickly that you need to keep adding more and more. It also contains vitamin E, and works rather well for moisturizing the skin.

I have tried a number of massage oils over the years. Thus far this is my favorite. Far superior to products from The Body Shop, drug stores, or other specialty stores. I liked that after we went to bed, it did not stain my sheets or leave Jack feeling liked he’d been coated in bacon fat. The smell was not overwhelming, and it provided sufficient lubrication for the massage to be very relaxing and comfortable for both of us.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Take a peek at Vibrator.Com for loads of other excellent Kama Sutra products.

3 Responses to “Kama Sutra Sweet Almond Massage Oil Review”

  1. Tom Paine Says:

    You’ve been tagged!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. The Master Masturbator Says:

    I love almond lotions and lavender. Both earthy as you say and soft but energizing.

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  3. redzuan Says:

    i got more info on full body massage if you all interested in learning it.

    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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