Half A Dozen Moments Of Win

Posted on November 11th, 2010 in Featured, Life List

I don’t have time for a proper blog post just now, but I thought I would put up a summary of recent list item achievements.  Most of these got done over the past six months, and I just noticed that I hadn’t crossed them off.

78. Take pole-dancing lessons

214. Have sex in a public bathroom

245. Slow dance under the stars

333. Take a photo of a turtle crossing sign

445. Walk on the beach under the moonlight with someone I love

500. Ride a wooden roller coaster

I’ll get a “real” update done one of these days.  For the time being, I am fighting off a cold and I need to lay down again.

Published by Shasta

3 Responses to “Half A Dozen Moments Of Win”

  1. HexypeaNo Gravatar Says:

    Well those are some pretty fucking awesome win moments! Call me a romantic, but the slow dance under the stars and moonlight walk on the beach made my heart go pitter patter. :)

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  2. NakedjaebirdNo Gravatar Says:

    Awesome. I love them, I’ve never even seen a turtle crossing sign. :)

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  3. Serena DanteNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, that’s a long list of things to do!

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