Wild Weekend: Day 2

Posted on June 17th, 2008 in Are You Gonna Eat That?, Body Mods, Does All Her Own Stunts, Life List, Made In Ontario

Friday morning was nice and relaxing.  Padme and I shared coffee and had a nice long talk.  It was so wonderful having our morning coffee together, face to face.  We sat at my kitchen table and just chatted away, like we’d done it dozens of times before.  I hadn’t been sure how easily our ‘online’ friendship would translate into real life, but in my opinion it was totally comfortable and relaxed.

We’d planned for homemade margaritas and hot oil fondue that evening, so off to the grocery store we went.  I picked up seafood and meat and some veggies, plus canola oil and tempura batter mix.  We made a stop at the LCBO for tequila, and I grabbed some vodka and gin for the following evening as well.  She and I planned to have some drinks at the hotel before going out (since we planned to take our time getting ready and it’s cheaper than the bar anyway).

Padme had no idea that I’d scheduled her tattoo appointment for later that  evening.  I’d made all the arrangements and picked out a design for her, and somehow managed to keep it all a secret.  I informed her that we would be leaving at around 4pm for Thrive Studios, so that she could get her new ink.  The look on her face was priceless, and I knew she was going to be a nervous mess.

She sat at my breakfast bar and we chatted while I cut up pork loin and chicken breast into bite-sized pieces for later that night.  I just love fondue, but we don’t have them too often since it’s more of a social, group activity.

At the appointed hour we drove out to Cambridge and parked at the shop.  While we waited for her artist to get ready, I had Jesse quickly change out the jewelry in my double labret piercing.  They always put extra long ‘posts’ in to begin with, so there is room for swelling.  Once the risk of infection has decreased (they tend to act up most when they are fresh and more vulnerable) then shorter posts can be put in.

I had the kids with me for the first part of her session, so I wasn’t able to sit with her.  Jack came and fetched them as soon as he possibly could, so I got to see her get the coloring done, which basically took just as long as the outline and shading.

Even though I’ve got a couple of tattoos myself, and many of my friends are sporting some body art, I’ve never actually seen someone getting it done in person (save for a few moments while walking through a tattoo shop).  I’d been curious about really sharing the experience with someone, since I know how intense it can be for me, which is why I’d put it on my bucket list:

375. Watch someone get a tattoo

Padme seemed really thrilled with it all.  She loved the design I picked out for her, and her artist was so talented.  He made sure she took a few breathers, which I’m sure she appreciated.  I remember how really painful my first tattoo was, right on the spine in the middle of my back.  Still, totally worth it, and I think she left feeling the same way about hers.

The endorphin rush lasted most of the evening for her, which just made me smile.  Every time I get something done, I feel high for hours afterwards.

She managed to eat some at supper, and really enjoyed the strawberry margaritas we made.  I think I’ve finally mastered the right proportions with our margarita maker, since they were super yummy and went very well with the fondue.

For those of you that don’t know, fondue takes quite a long time as far as meals go.  Essentially you are cooking very small pieces of meat and vegetables in hot oil, one at a time, which requires a bit of patience.  The process is slow, but overall I think you eat less because your body has time to feel full, and it’s easier to avoid eating waaaay too much.

After we finished eating and drinking Padme and I wanted to round up some of our things for our night in Toronto.  I gave her a tour of my toy collection, which she seemed to enjoy.  There was one toy in particular, which I have not reviewed here yet, that she was very enamoured with.  I decided to let her give it a go, you know, in the name of getting a ‘second opinion’ as it were.  She was quite thrilled with it, and seemed to enjoy herself very, very much.  Watch for that review in the coming weeks ;)

The tequila and the orgasm and the excitement of the day seemed to tire her out, and after I tucked her in, I drug myself up to bed as well.  Getting a good nights sleep was very important, since we had a ton of plans for Saturday and would certainly need the energy.

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3 Responses to “Wild Weekend: Day 2”

  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    I have been crashing all day from the trip and thinking a lot about all the memories, especially of my tattoo. Master Anakin was able to see it in person and has been helping me put my aftercare lotion on it. Friday was so wonderful being able to have coffee together and a long chat. It was so much better than MSN being able to look at each other while talking and really open up. The shopping was fun and I was SOOOO nervous when you told me I was about to get the tat done. I knew it would be happening sometime on the trip and wondered when but I was so nervous when I knew it was only 2 hours away. I have never ever experienced anything so major like that. My other tat’s were very small and didn’t take too long. The pain was incredible, especially on the spine area. I was floating for hours and felt bad I wasn’t as social on Friday night due to the floating around I was doing.
    I LOVE my tattoo and will always think of you when I see it and also of my trip. It means a lot to me and am so happy that you helped to set the appointment up and designed the tattoo. It’s very special to me and beautiful!!
    I enjoyed testing out the toy a lot and had a fabulous orgasm from it which helped me to sleep very solid after the bad sleep the night before. I laughed and laughed over trying to wear your fetish boots and literally falling over on my ass. You have a very impresssive toy collection. I do wish I had gotten a chance to test out more of your toys. There were a few that had me drooling! :)
    I almost came close to asking for a spanking that night with the floggers which are amazing and so soft and yummy! :)
    I will be posting tommorow about the tattoo experience and toy testing night when I do part 2 of the trip posts. I am enjoying your posts a lot on it!
    love padme

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