Lets Not Just Watch The World Go By

Posted on December 9th, 2007 in Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Ontario, Mating And Relating

Have You Been Naughty?It’s quite incredible really, how wonderful things are these days.

We’ve finished up almost all of our Christmas shopping. Gifts have been wrapped, parcels packed up and shipped to family and friends.

Speaking of parcels, I received a very nice package of gifts from Padme last week. She and Master Anakin were kind enough to mail me a book about stiletto shoes (terribly appropriate, don’t you think?) a bath bomb that smells soooooo good, some yummy teas, and a very sweet card. I was quite touched, especially because the book in particular was such a thoughtful and fitting gift. The ‘perfect’ thing, as they say. They have also informed me that an additional gift from their fabulous store is on it’s way. I am practically dying of curiosity. I’m really proud to call both of them my friends, and I hope they really enjoy the package I sent to them for Christmas as well!

I’ve spent a fair bit of time with Nia over the past week or so as well. We took a little trek to Michael’s one evening, to indulge our mutual obsession with all things crafty. Mostly though we sit in her living room, having tea and playing with the animals. It’s been so long since I’ve had a pet, or been around people who do. I hadn’t realized how desperately I missed furry little bodies until I became acquainted with her critters. It’s really just so good to have a friend nearby, and I don’t feel nearly as lonely any more out here in Ontario.

The weekend has been relaxing and enjoyable thus far. Jack and the kids and I went to IKEA today and picked up some stuff for the house. Afterwards we indulged the children with a tour of a nearby pet store. The stores are getting almost unbearable on weekends with Christmas shoppers, and I will admit that I harbour a bit of smug superiority at having already bought, wrapped, and tagged the majority of my gifts this year.

New Years is coming and most of you know I find that positively thrilling. A brand new year, filled with all sorts of possibilities and adventures. How can one not be overcome with the joy of it all?

Oddly, despite how good and right everything is at the moment, last night I was having some trouble sleeping. Jack went to bed early and I stayed up, watching soft-core porn on Showcase.

Eventually I just stretched out in bed beside my husband and watched him sleep for a while. He was laying on his side, facing me, and even though I didn’t want to disturb him, I couldn’t help but reach over and brush my fingertips against his skin. He didn’t stir, so I just continued stroking his shoulder and chest lightly while I listened to his breathing and watched him sleeping so soundly. I’ve memorized his face a million times before, and yet, I felt so in love with him at that moment, so overcome with my feelings for him, that I wept silently for a few minutes in the dark. Eventually I curled up against him and fell asleep at long last. Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry, even if they are tears of utter and complete joy.

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Published by Shasta

2 Responses to “Lets Not Just Watch The World Go By”

  1. padme amidala Says:

    Good evening Shasta,
    I am really glad you liked the presents we sent you. Master Anakin and I saw that book at Chapters and thought of you right away. No one loves Stiletto’s more than you. :) I loved your presents…got to try them out last night and I know we will get lots of use out of them in the future.
    Thank you for the spanking you gave me too for the 24 strokes of the paddle. I thought of you while getting it and appreciate it very much! :)
    I am glad you got to go to IKEA. It’s one of my favorite stores. :) Did you buy anything there?
    Miss you lots and can’t wait to chat with you next week I hope.
    Have a wonderful night!
    padme amidala

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  2. Esined Says:

    Shasta, you made me smile with that last comment you made about Jack. It is so sweet and inspiring to see that kind of deep love you have for your husband, which I completly understand.

    Gave me the warm fuzzies. :)

    I envy the place you are at atm with shopping! Normally I’d be in the same position with my shopping and wrapping but this year with the change of income, I am a bit behind waiting on my extra income to start! Thank god I have no more classes and school is out! So I can go during the week when it’s less nuts and we are kid free! LOL

    NOw I gotta muster up some energy to get cracking on some baking for the kids… sooo lazy right now lol!

    Oh and btw, I truly hope I can come across something that calls to me for you! *hugs*

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