Let Me Know If I Say Anything That Offends You, I Might Want To Offend You Again Later

Posted on August 18th, 2010 in Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Alberta, Mating And Relating, Three's Company

I think that perhaps I am finding myself again, a little at a time.  Yesterday was particularly wretched, but by the end of it, I felt better, and more like “The Old Shasta”.

I’ve wanted to write here a number of times, but it feels increasingly public, and while I don’t want to end up posting a bunch of locked entries, it’s supposed to be MY blog after all.  If there are passworded posts, and you do not receive a password, it’s likely that I’ve decided that I’m not ready to share the contents of that particular entry with anyone.  Do feel free to contact me, if you so desire, and I may send out passwords, or some sort of explanation, on a case by case basis.

I’m often glad for my old-fashioned paper journal, as nobody reads it aside from Aiden, and I am free to unleash all of my crazy there without fear of stomping on anyone’s feelings.

Aiden has been working rather long hours at his new job, but we’ve managed to get in a bit of time together during his days off.  This past weekend we made a rush trip to Drumheller, where we camped overnight and checked out the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Reptile World, the Hoodoos, the suspension bridge, and the Last Chance Saloon.  Next time we go, I hope to hike in Horsethief Canyon, which is supposed to be amazing.

GlobalfestThis Friday I think we will take in Globalfest, which includes an international fireworks competition.  Germany is, coincidentally, presenting the fireworks display on the evening in question, as seeing as Aiden is half-German, I thought he would enjoy it.  I’ve never actually been to Globalfest before, although K and I went and watched the fireworks from a distance one evening several years back.

Jack and I have also taken advantage of some time to ourselves. One evening recently we went out for a quiet dinner together and had a really great conversation, punctuated by plenty of laughter. We also had the good fortune of spending most of an entire day together, picking out trees and other such foliage for the yard.

The household is still attempting to settle into some semblance of a new routine.  Currently the typical day consists of rising at the unspeakable hour of 3:30am to make breakfast and lunch for Aiden.  After seeing him off to work at 4:30am, I crawl (back) into bed with Jack until 7:30am, when he rises for work.  Coffee and breakfast to go, and he’s out the door around 8:15am.  Then the children and dogs are fed, and I settle in for a day entailing anything from unpacking to making phone calls, to running errands, and whatever else I can get up to.  Aiden arrives home between 2:30pm and 4:30pm (depending on the availability of overtime) and we shower together before I launch into supper preparation.  The evening usually winds down around 8pm, when kids, and often Aiden (and I, if I’m sleeping in his bed) tuck in for the night.

Rinse.  Repeat.

The entire rhyme and rhythm of things will no doubt shift once again, when the rugrats start back to school in only two more weeks.  I can hardly wait!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the younglings, but every mother can relate to needing a break.  Besides, they are looking forward to making new friends and checking out their new school.  They also have brand-new playground equipment on which to exhaust themselves during recess, a feature sorely lacking at their last educational facility.  I am certain they will be just fine.

This afternoon will be spent preparing the yard for sod, followed by clothes shopping for myself, and then taking Aiden to find himself new work boots.  As much as I usually hate shopping for clothes, in this case, I am sort of looking forward to it, and having a little solo time.

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    Hey! This blog title entry is my bio on twitter! Awesome! I want in on the password protected ones. My email is attached to this comment.

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