Redheads Are Not The Freshest Produce In The Aisle

Posted on April 5th, 2010 in LARP, Made In Ontario, Mating And Relating, Migration Paths, Polyamory, Three's Company

Yesterday P and Jack left for an outing in Niagara Falls.  As a surprise/gift to the two of them, I made arrangements for an overnight stay at a hotel overlooking the falls, in a room with a jacuzzi and a king sized bed.  Their mini vacation also included several VIP wine tastings, a dinner for two at an upscale restaurant, and hot breakfast in bed.  I really hope they enjoyed themselves, and took full advantage of the opportunity to be alone together, since it’s kind of crazy around the house most days.

Jack, quite touched by my unexpected generosity, offered to let Aiden and I go away overnight this coming weekend, but we have LARP, and I would rather “bank” those overnight opportunities for Alberta, where we can spend a weekend in the mountains.

Having P here has been lovely.  I don’t want to overstep when it comes to how much I share regarding her relationship with Jack, but from what I can tell, things are going really well.  She seems to be settling in for the long-haul, and it’s very apparent that her presence in his life makes Jack very happy.  She and I have a bit of a running joke going about the 12-passenger van we’ll have to buy once Aiden and I, and she and Jack, have children.

It’s been rather interesting living in the basement full-time with Aiden.  My clothes are strewn all over his room, and I’ve only ventured into my own room a couple of times to fetch items that I’d forgotten to bring down prior to P getting here.  The last time I went in there, a couple of days ago, I felt as though I was intruding into someone else’s space.  It was something of an unsettling sensation at first, since it’s my room, and normally I consider it something of a sanctuary, where I can go when I need time to myself.  So I thought about it some, and realized that it’s really just a room, and for that matter, in a couple of months I won’t even live in it anymore.  Kind of silly to get bent out of shape over something so trivial.  I did, however, come to realize that in the next house I will need some sort of space for myself, especially if P does end up moving in, because everyone should have an area of their own, that is just theirs.  Jack, Aiden, and P should also have their own spaces, because the more people that live together, the more difficult it becomes.  This has stirred some ideas regarding how we will divvy up living area in the next house, which I hope to discuss with the rest of the family at the next opportune time.

This week I really must get started on the pre-pack for the move.  I also need to get all of our stuff together for LARP, especially since we are supposed to get rain, UGH!  Wet weather always means packing extra clothes, etc.  Don’t tell Aiden, but I am almost beginning to wish we WERE going away overnight somewhere that didn’t involve camping and re-applying black face paint 45 times, and getting wet in the great outdoors.  I am sure it will be brilliant once we are there, but at the moment, it just isn’t sounding so hot, LOL.

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3 Responses to “Redheads Are Not The Freshest Produce In The Aisle”

  1. HeatherNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m a fairly new reader to your blog, and I have to say… I LOVE it! My partner and I just started exploring the poly lifestyle, so it’s actually helped us with a lot of questions we might have had! I also, am a LARPer. What group are you guys in?

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  2. ShastaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Heather!

    I love comments like yours :) I’m so pleased that you’ve found value in some of the things that I have shared here. I hope you continue to read, and feel free to ask questions!

    Aiden and I LARP with a local group here in Ontario. What about you?

    Thanks so much for commenting! Good luck with your explorations in poly :)


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  3. A Mon MonNo Gravatar Says:

    I love how you discovered a room is just a room… that kind of letting go speaks volumes on the level of maturity you’ve achieved in your relationships. What a wonderful gift and what an inspiration. Thank you.

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