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Posted on March 16th, 2010 in Reading Is Sexy

I haven’t had a great deal of time for blogging over the past few days, mainly due to the fact that all of my computer time has been spent sorting, organizing, and cleaning out the documents and images on my laptop.  Jack recently earned a sizable bonus at his job, and generously gave me his blessing to upgrade my computer.

Going through dozens of folders worth of photos and graphics and documents has been interesting, and has already consumed hours of time, but it will be so nice to have it done.  I’ve been putting off really setting up a filing system for my things, so this was the perfect excuse to sit down and do it.

I went back and forth between PC and Mac, finally settling on a Sony VAIO, because for one the price was right, and for another, I don’t feel like at this point in time I would utilise a Mac to the extent that I can justify spending the cash for one.  I really only use my computer for surfing, blogging, and storing photos.  I do a bit of light word processing, and I listen to music, and that’s about it.  There is also the rather unattractive idea of having to buy software to convert all of my files into Mac-friendly formats.

Besides, I was curious about Windows 7, and wanted the opportunity to take it for more than just a test drive.  So far I like it a lot, although I am sure I haven’t even begun to exercise it’s many new features.

I also like the Sony VAIO.  After running Toshiba laptops for the past eight or so odd years, it’s nice to have a go with a different machine.  It’s metallic brown too, which I love!  The keys are further apart than I am used to, and the track pad is off-center, which takes some adjusting to, but overall I am pleased with the performance.

Tomorrow our friend Dex is coming over to spend a few days hanging out and helping me put together gear for the upcoming LARP weekend event in April.  We might go see the new Alice In Wonderland movie.  Plus we need to get ready for P’s visit, which I can hardly wait for!  I want the house to be nice and tidy for her time here so that I don’t feel like I am distracted by housework.

I finished the book I was reading, and I have a lot of thoughts to share on it, but first Aiden and I are going to read through it together, because it’s filled with so much good stuff.  Then I can reflect on my own perceptions of it, as well as the things we learned about ourselves and each other.

Anyway, I still have folders to rifle through, but I wanted to put up a brief update before I crawl back into my hard drive and continue the “spring cleaning”.  I would like to get this old beast cleaned off and re-homed by the weekend.  Hopefully all future posts will be coming from my fancy new machine :)

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