Bacon Is A Little Hug From God

Posted on April 30th, 2010 in Migration Paths

So we got the house that we wanted!  Pending a home inspection and all that legal crap of course.  I know who built the place, however, and I have every confidence that it will pass without issue.  We take possession in early July.

As the details begin to solidify, the move feels increasingly more real, which means the stress feels increasingly more real.  I will admit that sometimes the mere thought of everything I still have to get done keeps me up at night.  Combinations of circumstance have been seriously interfering with my sleep, which means I have been over-tired and over-emotional all week.  Good times.

It’s not all bad of course.  I am thrilled that we will be back in Calgary in a little over two months.  I can’t wait to see my friends on a regular basis again.  I am looking forward to having more kid-free time, to being close to the mountains, and to spending more time with Jack, now that he will be working shorter hours.  Aiden and I are still hatching plenty of plans for our LARP game, and for hiking and camping trips.

Blogging may (or may not, who knows) be less frequent over the next stretch of time.  It’s difficult to predict how much time and energy I will have to devote to writing.  I am planning on using the “Featured Post” space on the site to display posts from the past, when I don’t have time to put up anything new.  Normally the space is dedicated to my most recent entry (as you can see) but I have the option of setting any post I want to display there, without moving it from it’s chronological location in the archives.  I thought it could be kind of interesting to draw attention to some of the posts I wrote WAY back in the day, as well as some from the time of our last move, LOL.

A pile of empty boxes are calling my name, and Aiden will be home with Dex before I know it, so for now I bid you a good weekend!

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  1. tonya cinnamonNo Gravatar Says:

    congrats on your all new home :)

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