Interview With A Macrophile

Posted on January 26th, 2009 in Mating And Relating

When you run in kinky or alternative lifestyle circles, you often have the good fortune to meet and get to know people with all sorts of fabulous fetishes or sexual interests, which may be vastly different from your own.  Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to learn more and more about sexuality, and the interesting (and sometimes uncommon) things that turn people on.  A very good friend of mine recently consented to an interview regarding his personal fetish: macrophilia, which is defined as a sexual fantasy involving domination by giants, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

1.  Would you characterize this particular sexual interest as a fetish?

Yeah I suppose I would have to, I guess the actual definition of a fetish is an attraction to a non-sexual situation or item or object, its technically a paraphilia…which well yeah is the same thing. Since the act of “shrinking” or “being shrunk” is completely non-sexual in nature, it would seem to me it falls under that definition. So Yes. Yes.

2.  When did you first realize that you were sexually aroused by the idea of shrinking, and what was your intial reaction to that?

I was pretty young, most macrophiles (I guess that’s the technical term for it) notice a strange stirring in the pants at a very very young age, pre-sexual awareness age, I would guess around 5 or 6 years old… I remember watching certain cartoons and things like that when I was a kid and feeling weird and shy about it, like I was doing something wrong just by watching.  Again, it’s a fairly common reaction amongst us macrophiles. Specifically I remember an episode of “Super Friends” where the entire team got shrunk down by some evil science nerd bent on shrinking everyone so he would be the tallest person in the world, and it would save on resources…Mr. Obama, if you are reading this…it’s a good idea, get a team on this technology ASAP. Thanks :P

(for more information on macrophilia, please see

3.  When did you discover other people with similar sexual fantasies and how did that change your perspective on it?

It was about..Hmm 1993 or so when I was on the Internet at my place of work. I was actually searching on something completely unrelated, and imagine my surprise when I came across the now defunct newsgroup and story archive. It’s actually still there if you use the way-back machine…I will post the first story I ever read. It was a very very strange experience at the time, because I thought I was just some kinda mutant, and to discover other people out there with the same interests, well it was an eye opening experience. Since I was at work, it was intensely uncomfortable (this was back when you had to be working at some nerd related job, because  the Internet was not available everywhere really, so the concept of “work safe” surfing was completely unheard of). It was my first abuse of office resources (a printer). Bad me, Bad.

My first story I ever read, its cheesy as fuck, but for someone who thought they were alone in the world…it was something else - Link To Story

4.  Are there a great number of people (that you know of) who express interest in shrinking in a sexual context?

Over the years, I’ve been involved in a few online communities, mostly I keep to myself and read amusing stories and look at fun drawings or collages, etc. There are a lot of us out there, but few people participate due to the paranoia of getting “outed” or discovered or whatever, we are intensely private people, in fact, I could be lynched for even doing this interview!!  Actually  no, but a lot of us are very reclusive about it. On average I would say…well on the one major message board, for general size kinkinessism which includes shrunken men (SM) shrunken women (SW) or GTS, (giant women, or growth…and there are many subsets of each…which is a whole other question really…) there are 500,766 members. Of all of these I can count maybe 100 posters,  and maybe of that 40 regular posters/contributors. So do the math about that.

There is a fairly active IRC network dedicated to the “Size fetish” community, it has about 30 - 50 regulars on at any given time, I am known to pop by now and again over the years and hang out and shoot the shit, In general though, its kinda…well…its the internet, what else do you think happens there. :P Kinda not my bag.

5.  Would you say that there are more men than women who participate in forums, chats, etc?  Is this particular fetish far more male dominated?

Yeah, it’s definitely a male dominated subject. On the forums and IRC channels there are some ladies, but they are either A: into SW: (shrinking woman) or are basically someone that was introduced to the idea by a male partner, and are now contributors, or whatnot. There are some, I have met, who are legitimately into the shrinking of men, or becoming giantesses, but its pretty rare, and by far not to the same numbers of those of us who were sexualized by the idea at a very young age.

6.  Are there a lot of websites dedicated to this particular sexual interest and what/where is the best way to find them?

Like anything on the Internet, we are out there, and if you know where to find us, or what to look for, you will. I’m not terribly comfortable telling people where we are, we have had some harassment issues in the past, mostly with idiots from or the like, and I’m not willing to bring that down on us again, so… Go Team Internet.

7. Most fetish/alternative sexuality ‘communities’ have subcultures of people with more specific or specialized fantasies.  Is this the case when it comes to the shrinking community?

Oh absolutely, There are heaps  of subsets and sub-genres and the like. As with any specialized community, we don’t all agree all the time, but it’s something I personally hope we can all just get over. Some of the more specialized people tend to be, how can I say…exclusive in their likes, mostly its the SW and SM feud that’s been going on the longest, or the Crush Vs Gentle feud. I myself am a shrink-o-phile, so I generally just like the idea of shrinking: men, women, me, others, I’m pretty down with the whole thing, because its not even so much the idea of the “giant women” or whatnot, just the shrinking process. Yeah strange, I know, but I didn’t program my brain. If you can find the jerk who did, point me in that direction…

8.  Would you mind providing a brief explanation of some or all of those subcultures, for clarification?

Yow, that’s pretty complicated, but I’ll do my best to keep it pretty much in the micro/macro realm, because if you follow the lineage long enough, it gets pretty damned exclusive.

OK so we got SM, shrunken men, basically what it says. Men, get small, technically that’s me, with some tweaking. 

Next, SW, shrunken women. Again, pretty simple. Also, somewhat me. But see above for that.

GTS, or giantess, that’s growing women, IE: attack of the 50 foot woman, etc. this is the majority as far as I can tell.

So that’s the big 3, now there are also side kinks applied to any of these. I’ll give the most common here.

One of the big issues (ha ha) is the size factor. How big is the giantess? How small is the itty bitty person? I’ll break it down according to scale.

Nano: Atomic scale. It’s pretty rare, not much options for interaction here. More on interaction later.

Micro: Milimeters, pretty small its usually for the people who are voyeurs, or those into body exploration, IE: exploring the body of the giant person.

Tiny: This is action figure scale. Probably the most common.

Half Scale/Mini GTS: Basically for the domination types. The growee grows to twice their size, or shrinkee to half theirs. Gives a sense of power play while staying safe-ish.

Then we have growth, which is pretty simple as well.

Giant: 30-100 feet. Good for smacking up a city block or fighting an army of tanks. See 50′ woman.

Mega: 500-1000 feet. Basically the living god/dess, generally liked for the worshiping aspects. Total awe.

Giga: Bigger than that, can mush entire cities with a misplaced foot.

Planetary: Pinball with the earth.

Galactic: Etc. So on. You get the idea.

Most of these size preferences depend on the type of interaction. You have the types who like to watch, and not be noticed by their giantess overlords, who are unaware of their presence. Then you have the types who like to be kidnapped, toyed with, and humiliated. Also then we have the way the person gets small, or large, is it an accident? An act of revenge? Science gone wrong? All of these things are a factor. Also a big factor (hee hee..that won’t get old) is the rate the person grows or shrinks. Some like it to be KAPOW! a giantess! Or the slow gradual shrinkage over a period of minutes, hours, days or even months.

Ok, that’s that, here are some of the other subsets that can be applied to any of the above kinks:

Gentle: That means a caring giantess/giant who takes care of their tiny person without much violence. Sometimes some humiliation in there, which is common across the board.

Violent: Obviously, this is the scorned ex-girlfriend who finds the shrink ray at the  science fair, or the disgruntled secretary who is accidentally exposed to the experimental enlarging gas and goes on a rampage throughout the city.  Also, as far as I can tell, the most common grouping.

Crush: Like it says, stomping cities, or tiny people flat. Pretty common. Also its own fetish, size relations aside.

Feet: Same as above. Subset, often affiliated with size fetishism, quite common.

Vore: Again its own game, but often aligned, this involves the eating of the tiny persons, or cannibalism of some sort. Semi-common, big in Japan.

I could go into all the other weird things, like the micro/macro fur folks, the BE (breast expansion) folks, the inflation folks, the general transformation types…But I think you have had enough weird for today. Wheew.

9. Have you discussed this topic with real life friends or lovers?  If so, what kinds of reactions do you get?  What are your thoughts on ‘coming out’?

I’ve toyed with the idea (now I’m pushing it) of “coming out”. But I don’t think it’s something I can do, I am just way too shy about it. I have come out to a couple of lovers, etc, and its been received everywhere from “Yah ok…uh.” where I drop it, to one gal thinking it was the greatest thing ever. Most of the time I suspect they are just humoring me, and that’s fine. Overall, it has been reasonably well received. Still no reason for me to come out of the dollhouse about the whole deal. Insecurity abounds with us folks, and psychologically, if you look at the nature of our thing, that makes sense.

10.  How do you feel about the fact that essentially, your greatest sexual fantasies can never come to fruition at this point in time?  That it’s a technological/physical impossibility?

It’s a pretty big letdown overall, but what can I do? Fortunately our community provides us with a lot of outlets and things to enjoy, from movies to stories to some really really amazing comics and drawings, to photo collages and picture stories. So that’s alright, I don’t know where I’d be without this support network. also I’ve had some pretty amazing friends online and off who have been willing to indulge my fantasy, so also alright.  Since I wont ever have the chance to be kidnapped, shrunk slowly, and humiliated…I’m sure with the strides in Virtual Reality…I’ll get to experience the closest I can get in a few years. Bless you, Dr Science.

11.  If you could, do you think you would change your sexual preferences to become more mainstream?  Basically, would you rather have more common desires and fantasies?

I think about this one a lot, and overall? No. The best thing about a fetish is, yeah it makes regular sexual encounters not as exciting, and that’s fine, and don’t get me wrong I enjoy those as much as anyone.  But when you throw in some ear whispering or amusing references to scale, the whole experience becomes a thousand times better than a normal vanilla encounter, hands down. So sure I feel alienated and unable to achieve my goal, but hey, its worth it for some brain melting orgasmic experiences. Also female partners I’ve had that are aware of the fetish, really seem to enjoy the boost it gives to our encounter. Also a really cool win-win.

I guess that’s it. Sorry this took me so long Shasta, perpetually busy down in my lab…you know.

Any questions can be forwarded to me via Shasta. Of course, I think I answered everything as best I can here, and creeped you all out.

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  1. GhostlyNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, Very interesting stuff, we need more people like you out there, bravo.

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