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So I’m Easy. Is There Really Any Virtue In Being Difficult?

I only have a few moments to dash off a sentence or two here.  My friend arrived yesterday and we’re having a ball together.  We stayed up late last night catching up on all that’s going on with each other.  We also have a number of mutual friends from back home so she gave me the updates on all of them.  It’s been lovely having her here.

Today we wandered to an area where some of her distant relatives lived decades ago, and we found some of her ancestors in a cemetery nearby.  It was interesting to see, and I just love taking photographs in cemeteries, even if that’s kind of weird.  She thought I might be bored, but I really haven’t had time to take any autumn photos this year, so I jumped at the chance to spend an afternoon amongst trees with my camera.

Even though I am sure some of you find all the photos tiresome, I may post a couple of them here next week.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend.  Take a peek at my Twitter if you’re interested in what I am up to while I am not blogging :)

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  1. CaracalaNo Gravatar Said,

    I’d love to see the photos! Have fun. :)

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  2. niaNo Gravatar Said,

    post cemetery photos for sures! i bet they are so wonderful :) why has it never occurred to us to hang out in a cemetery together thus far? i can’t believe we’ve been friends for a whole year and it’s never come up. i love that the longer i know you, the more & more wonderful i discover you to be.

    let’s make a date for early next week, between your company leaving & mine arriving, k?

    xo nia

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