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So I’m Easy. Is There Really Any Virtue In Being Difficult?

After a blessedly restful sleep at the KOA, we hit the road Tuesday morning feeling a lot more alert than we had the previous days.

Wyoming was really, really hot.  We discovered that ferrets will pant when they get hot enough (yes, we had V’s ferret along for the trip) and that no amount of swearing makes one feel any cooler.

We saw a dust devil outside of Casper, sadly I didn’t get a photo.  Casper by the way smells like sewage, and has far too many trailers parks.

Also, America has A LOT OF PILONS!

I’ve never seen so much bloody road construction in my life.

Wyoming Hills




We spent most of the day driving, only stopping briefly for fuel and food.  When we drove through Cheyenne a young woman who I assume was from Canada, or perhaps even Alberta, smiled and waved at us on the interstate.  Or maybe she was flirting with us, since she did have a very vibrant rainbow bandanna hanging from her rear view mirror.

Our goal was to make it into Nebraska before it got too late.  Finding a place to stay once we made it that far was another thing.  We stopped at a gas station in Sidney, where we were attacked by these god-awful flying beetles.  V wouldn’t get out of the truck to pump the gas after some of them landed on her, so I braved the swarm and filled us up.  The lady at the station lent us a phone book so that we could find a campsite, and off we went to Chappell where we happened into a little off-the-beaten-path camp ground operated by a man who reminded me of Hank Hill.  Every sentence seemed to end with “…I’ll tell you what” and he had a slight drawl that was actually pretty endearing.



Sunset - Day 3

The tent was set up in the dark, after he showed us to our spot and wished us a good night.  There wasn’t much in the way of trees, but it was a place to sleep so we were content. Also the bathrooms were heavenly, which we had come to appreciate above anything else at that point in time.  Surprisingly, there was also wifi access, so I was able to Twitter and check e-mails and chat to Jack before we crawled into our sleeping bags and passed out.

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