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So I’m Easy. Is There Really Any Virtue In Being Difficult?

GOOD MORNING!!! I am writing this at a picnic table near Sheridan, Wyoming at about 7:30 in the morning. V and I pulled into a KOA (Kampground of America) last night at the end of Shasta & V Do America - Day Two. The trip has been really awesome so far, although our patience and resiliency are being put to the test. A plethora of things have gone wrong right from the beginning (the U-Haul was late being returned before our rental, the lights hook-up wouldn’t work, we packed the trailer until 2am, etc) but we have taken it in stride. We are laughing a whole lot at any rate. I have missed blogging. I feel like I am SOOOOO far behind, with so much to write. Last week in Calgary I was able to visit with some of my friends, and cross off quite a number of list items. In fact, here is a summary of what I have managed to accomplish recently:

167. Sleep under the stars

283. See the World’s Largest Penguin

369. Taste ostrich meat

377. Take a pee in the robot potty in Calgary

381. Eat a cupcake from Crave

449. Ride on the back of a motorcycle through the country

452. Have a Tubby Dog

I have a ton of photos from both Alberta and here in America to get posted once we reach home, not to mention at least half a dozen blog posts to write regarding the tail-end of my time in Calgary and then our road trip across the country.

Getting in to America was far easier than I expected. The border security officer that we spoke to was friendly and easy going (and cute!) and he teased us about bringing V’s pet ferret into the States. They scanned our trailer and sent us on our way. I would say that once we actually got up to the gate, we got through in about 10 minutes total (and that includes the scan thing they did). Super awesome! We love you border security people!

Montana was really gorgeous for the most part, and the people were really friendly (you always get a few of the other kind, no matter where you go). Cell service down here is sort of interesting (I can only get it intermittently) so if I go long stretches without Twittering, that is why.

We are hoping to stay at another KOA tonight, close to Lincoln, Nebraska. Tomorrow we are going to make our best effort to get all the way to Chicago, since we have sight-seeing plans with a fellow blogger, and tentative cocktails with CunningMinx.

V and I are really enjoying the drive through America. We are especially enjoying the much cheaper gas (don’t you dare complain about gas prices America! We pay about $20 dollar more per tank than you do :P)

Well, I’d better get V and the ferret up so that we can get a move on, or we may never make it to Chicago, LOL.

I will do what I can to get another post or two up before we get to Ontario, but no promises :)

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