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Posted on June 11th, 2007 in Body Mods, Budge That Pudge, Does All Her Own Stunts

I <3 My New Bag!I lost 6 pounds last week! Hoorah for me :D As a little reward I treated myself to some shopping this afternoon. I picked up a really cool messenger bag at Sunridge Mall in the Bentley store. I am addicted to that place! Purses and luggage are a slight weakness of mine, LOL. I haven’t bought myself a new bag in ages, and since I have done so well on my weight loss, I figured why not. I also thought with all the time I am going to spending on airplanes in the future, it would be nice to have a medium sized carry-on bag for books, music, my journal, and such.

I also picked up a couple of super cute baby-doll type strapless tops. They look adorable with jeans and flip flops. If you have no idea what I am talking about, picture this minus the straps.

A really good looking guy stopped me to admire my tattoo and inquire as to where I got it done. I gave him the name of the shop and my tattooist and he wrote it down in his phone. Apparently he recently moved here from Edmonton and is looking for a good artist. He showed me an existing tattoo which he feels was poorly done and he doesn’t want to make that mistake again. I was happy to show off my fabulous art and to refer him to the place that I went. He seemed quite pleased, I hope he goes to her, she’s fabulous.

The kids enjoyed the impromptu shopping trip as well. It was raining hard here today so they couldn’t play outside anyway. I got them each a little treat at Tim Horton’s on the way home since they behaved very well.

This week is shaping up to be quite wonderful. I have a number of yard projects to do around here, and several reviews to post. I hope everyone is having a great Monday! I know I certainly am.

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