Heading For Higher Ground

Posted on May 22nd, 2007 in Body Mods, Carnal Confessions, Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Alberta, Mating And Relating, Polyamory, Simply Dreadful

The clouds looked quite menacing, but we decided to brave the weather and go camping anyway. To make the rest of the story easier to tell, I will reveal the ‘identity’ of the mysterious man I asked to join me. Some of you will remember him as Q. If you have no idea who I am talking about, you can read about him in the following posts (listed chronologically from past to present):

How I met Q

A date we went on

Running into him at a bar

Running into him at another bar (it seems to be a trend with us)

Anyway, despite my initial disinterest in him, recently I’ve been thinking of him and attraction sort of grew over time. I was quite thrilled that he accepted my invitation to go camping.

He and I drove out together on Sunday afternoon. We had a really good time on the way out, I did a good part of the talking, but I learned a few new things about him. It’s rather strange because we have a sense of familiarity about each other, but I really don’t know him very well.

We arrived at the camping area, which is not an actual camp site, it’s a piece of land owned by V’s family that lies well outside of the city. It’s basically a large clearing within a larger cluster of trees. Bordered on all sides by farm land, it has no electricity or running water. I like it that way, because my idea of camping means roughing it.

It was too muddy to drive right into the clearing, so we parked on higher ground and walked down the muddy ‘road’ to where everyone else was gathered around the fire pit. I’ll tell you it was a precarious walk. It’s a slight hill, and I nearly slipped and fell half a dozen times. Q and I were going to be sleeping on a mattress in the back of my van, since I was in no mood to assemble our enormous tent for one night. I was not looking forward to stumbling up the hill in a drunken blur at the end of the night, LOL.

Did I mention it was raining?

It started about 15 minutes after we arrived and didn’t stop until well after we left the next day.

The men (K, V’s brother, Q, and a few other guys) gathered the wood for the fire. V, a friend of hers, and I prepared supper. I grilled some meat on the BBQ and they made campfire pizzas. Everyone ate, and drank, and we were all in pretty good spirits considering we were soaking wet.

We built a ‘ghetto’ out of tarps and umbrellas around the fire. Everyone settled in and had some beverages. All in all it was a good time. Cold and wet and muddy, but good none the less. We laughed a lot, I took some pictures, V bailed hardcore in the mud, and I almost fell into the fire pit. I enjoyed cuddling with Q by the fire, and K did rather well not acting weird about it. I did catch a few looks from him, that are best described as somewhat irritated. However, all in all I felt that he handled himself well.

I didn’t drink very much because I knew I was going to have to make my way up the hill to go to bed. Around midnight I decided I was done with the rain and the mud and excused myself to bed. Q joined me and we found our way back to the van. Stripping down in the rain was interesting. I didn’t want to crawl into bed with wet clothes on, so I just took them off and then climbed under the covers as fast as possible. I kept on my underwear and a tank top. Q jumped in beside me in his boxers and a shirt. We cuddled up for body heat and before long I could feel my toes again, LOL.

We talked for some time, and then there was kissing, and groping, and removal of clothing. The foreplay lasted an impressively long time. I enjoy a man who is not in a hurry to fuck. He touched me all over, commenting several times on how soft my skin is, and how good it felt against his. He was quite vocal (meaning he made plenty of noises that let me know he was enjoying himself) and I appreciate that a great deal during sex. I dislike it when a man is quiet, it makes me feel like he’s not into it.

He loved my dreads and when he wrapped a handful of them in his fist and pulled my head back to expose my neck, I nearly melted.

His job is physically demanding and phew! The biceps on the man are enough to make me weak in the knees. His back is toned and the muscles are tight under his skin. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *Drool*

When I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh, brushing past his cock and up his stomach he was quivering with anticipation. I enjoyed teasing him before I finally allowed him his reward.

I still marvel at how relaxed he was, totally unrushed. He obviously enjoys the sensual and passionate experience of physical intimacy, rather than the main event.

Eventually neither of us could stand it any longer, he pulled me over on top of him and pushed me down onto his cock. It felt…amazing [and yes, we used a condom, there was no question about that].

Unlike some experiences I’ve had, we fell into a comfortable rhythm immediately. I was somewhat concerned that my van might roll forward into the car parked in front of us, LOL. I didn’t put on the parking brake, and I probably should have.

He loved it when I squeezed my muscles around his shaft. Even though I dislike being on top, I have been told I am quite incredible at it. I do this thing where I ‘scoop’ my pelvis while I am rocking my hips at the same time, and it seems to rub most guys just the right way. I know it drives Jack wild, and Q was no different in that sense.

He took his turn thrusting from beneath me. That was pretty wild, because he did it in such away I thought I might actually cum from intercourse alone.

I liked how he pulled me to him and kissed me hard while we fucked.

He was getting close, I could tell because his breathing changed and so I increased my efforts and he came with several loud gasps/grunts/bellows. It was excellent.

After we had both recuperated he held me close and I fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning to snow caked on the windows of the van.


I was not looking forward to jumping outside for my regular morning pee.

We stayed in the nice warm van as long as possible. Eventually I heard someone bang on the hood, so I opened the side door and poked my head out. K informed me that people were up at the camp site (everyone else camped in tents and trailers in the clearing). I told him we’d be down as soon as we got dressed.

After forcing myself into cold and still damp clothing, we made our way down the now-treacherous hill. Cleaning up and packing of stuff ensued. It took us a number of hours in the snow and mud to get everything put away and carried up to the vehicles.

Then there was the matter of V’s cousin (not sure that they are related, I am guessing). He had driven his truck into the clearing at the beginning of the weekend, before the rain. Now there was a considerable bog between his vehicle and the top of the hill where the ground was firm.

Idea #1 – Hook the truck up to an old bronco that serves as the ‘farm truck’. Have people sit on the tailgate of the truck, and on the hood of the bronco to provide extra weight and traction. Take a run at the hill and see if the bronco can pull the truck through the muddy hole.

Guess where I was. That’s right, on the hood of the bronco, holding onto the windshield wiper for dear life. V’s friend (another girl) was up there with me, holding on to me for dear life. It was scary, but fun. V’s brother was driving the bronco, and he accelerated up the hill. It was not a smooth ride, and I was sure we were both going to fall off.

The rope snapped just as the truck was going through the muddiest part. The truck was stuck. The men jumped off the tailgate and pushed the truck backwards out of the mud.

Idea #2 – The boys sat on the tailgate again and V’s cousin took a good run at the bog. It didn’t look like he was going to make it. The tires were caked in several inches of mud. He kept going, the truck kept moving, ever slowly, up the hill. Us girls stood there cheering.

Success! Everyone got out and I headed back into the city to drop of Q and a load of camping stuff that I hauled out for V.

I bid Q a good bye and asked him if I could see him again. He said yes with a grin. I said that I hoped he had a good time, despite the weather. He assured me that he had and departed after a quick kiss.

I made it home, cold, wet, muddy, and stinking like campfire. Jack just looked at me and laughed.

Showering felt SOOOO good. I washed my dreads well with some new Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo that I picked up. Dreads easily pick up smells (like normal hair). Unlike normal hair it’s harder to get the smell out. Most people suggest you try to protect your dreads when you are in an odorous environment. Wear a toque or other hat. The shampoo I got is awesome. It smells like tea tree oil and peppermint. I was relieved that it got the camping smell out of them completely.

Despite the icky weather, the weekend was fun. I am glad I invited Q out. I hope he really did enjoy himself as much as I did.

Take It Off!This weekend is my TATTOO!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Afterwards V and some friends are going out for a birthday bash, I’ve been invited along by the birthday girl. They are headed to a club in the city, and I am thinking if my neck isn’t too sore I will join them. If I am too uncomfortable I might just see if some friends want to do coffee or drinks in a quiet pub.

I’ll keep you posted! I hope all of my wonderful readers and friends had a great weekend. I’ve got some really cool reviews coming up so stay tuned!

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4 Responses to “Heading For Higher Ground”

  1. athos Says:

    Man am I confused. I’ve been gone for just a little while, but last time I read your blog you were not having sex outside of marriage because it made you uncomfortable (or at least your husband’s doing it did) and you didn’t like K anymore and thought he was a nutjob. I come back and it’s all back to what it was.


    Reply To The Above Comment

  2. Esined Says:

    AHhh snow, I can relate to that lol.

    At least you had a nice warm body to snuggle up against ^^

    Looking forward to seeing the reviews when I get back from ANOTHER business trip in the city *sigh*


    Reply To The Above Comment

  3. Shasta Gibson Says:


    One thing I can say about my life is that things tend to change quickly (or at least it seems so on this blog).

    In regards to K, he and I have been quietly making an attempt at mending our friendship. I didn’t bother to blog about it because for a while I wasn’t holding out hope. Things are better now, and we are both making our best effort to see that it continues to improve. Hopefully that clears things up.

    As for the ‘hiatus’ from sex outside of our marriage, yes that was something of a surprise. Jack encouraged me to have at least one go with Q before we move. There is still a lot of discomfort within the situation and now I am dealing with a lot of conflicting feelings on my end, but I have been out of town and unable to blog about it. Stay tuned, maybe I will once I get back.

    Hopefully that clears it up a little :) Thanks for coming back to read!


    Yes! warm bodies are excellent!

    Be safe on your business trip my friend :) Talk to you soon.


    Reply To The Above Comment

  4. Stiletto Diaries » Blog Archive » I’m Going To Be Comparing Sex To Crayons For A Long Time Says:

    [...] was a really great night, aside from running into Q, who never called me again after we fucked during the May long weekend.  He saw me in the pub and approached me, which resulted in several moments of very awkward [...]

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