Posted on May 10th, 2007 in Body Mods, Does All Her Own Stunts

This weekend I am going in to Immaculate Concept to get the ball rolling on my tattoo. I am hoping to get Steve Peace to do my tattoo, since he is one of the best artists in this city (in my opinion). I chose him based on this tattoo that he has done. It’s amazing!

I am really very excited. I did up a rough sketch of the tattoo that I want (yes, I can draw) to give him a clear idea of the size and general design. The tat is going to be a pretty good size, about 6 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Apparently getting the back of your neck tattooed can be pretty painful, but I have a high pain tolerance, so it’s all good. They look something like this, and I’m going to have them done in black and white (since ya know, ravens are black).

I haven’t gotten a tattoo in exactly (to the month) 7 years! This is going to be the second of 5 tattoos I have planned so far :D

This week is going by so slowly! I cannot wait for the weekend!

Jack is coming home tonight from a trip out east. I am looking forward to much cuddling and frantic fucking. We are seriously having withdrawals, because previously we had sex daily at least, and now with him being away part of the time we are both sexually frustrated!

I am doing really great on some of my goals for this year. I’ve already read 3 out of the 5 new books I want to read. I’ve eaten at 7 new restaurants (3 more to go) and I am keeping my house WAY cleaner. It’s looking fantastic and I adore having a beautiful clean house every day. V assisted me in developing some really great habits (she is VERY clean).

My next goal priority is to meet my friend X for coffee and to stop biting my nails. I shall keep you posted on that :D

Speaking of goals and housework, I need to tidy a bit and feed my hellions some lunch.

Have A Great Thursday!

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8 Responses to “Snails”

  1. Blissfully Wed Says:

    I am happily weak for your beauty.


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  2. Shasta Gibson Says:


    You flatter me :) Thanks for making me smile this afternoon!



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  3. Esined Says:

    I also have tatoos planned for myself as well.
    I already drew my 1st one and hopefully be able to finally get the time and money to get it done. It is one representing my kids and I am debating on where I should put it.

    Over my heart, symbolically because I love em of course. Or On my shoulder to mean that they will always have my shoulder they can lean on… Hmmmmm

    Anywho the next one would be my chinese zodiac intertwined with my husband’s and that one may go on my lower back… idk.

    Still have time to mull over, till I get to move myself ^^

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  4. Shasta Gibson Says:


    My next tattoo is going to be for my kids. I am getting a pair of koi fish, one black, one orange, in sort of a ‘yin yang’ arrangement. Not sure where it’s going yet, probably on my leg. I love your idea too :) Very sweet.

    I am planning to get a ‘tramp stamp’ (lower back tattoo) with something related to Jack and I incorporated into it as well.

    Lots of body art goodness! We shall have to swap pics of our ink once it’s done :D



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  5. Rupert Says:

    I’ve never had the courage to get a tattoo. But I’ve always wanted to get a Superman shield on my shoulder. ‘Cause, well, I’m a geek.

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  6. Shasta Gibson Says:


    Nothing geeky about that! I think it’s really sexy actually :P Send me a pic if you ever brave it out and get some ink. I’d love to see it!


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  7. Devilbluedress Says:

    Hey Good luck with the tattoo! I wish I could draw. I’m so frustrated with the design process. It’s not working out yet… I’m still waiting till I get my first tattoo until I get it right.

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  8. Shasta Gibson Says:


    Thanks! I don’t blame you for wanting to wait until it’s perfect before you get a tattoo. I mean, it’s forever, so it’s not to be taken lightly. Have you gone to a tattoo studio and talked to them? You know you don’t have to draw somthing yourself. If you give them a clear idea of what you want, they will help you design and draw it out.

    If you ever get a tattoo I’d love to see it!


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