“G” Marks The Spot: Part One

Posted on April 3rd, 2007 in "G" Marks The Spot, Bedroom Bling, Carnal Confessions

Some time ago Eden Fantasys approached me about doing a series on finding my G-Spot. In my Ultime Vibrator Review for them, I said:

I can’t speak to how effective it is as a g-spot toy, since mine remains a mystery to me, like the Bermuda Triangle or the LockNess Monster, LOL.

After reading that, they asked if I would be interested in making an attempt at finding my G-Spot and writing about the experience. In an effort to help me out with this task, they sent me Jenna’s Velvet G and a copy of The Good Vibrations Guide To The G-Spot.

Upon receiving the package, Jack and I sat down and went through the book together. It’s a pretty quick read, filled with interesting information. Alright, so we have a ‘road map’ so to speak, lets get down to business.

The necessary foreplay ensued and pretty soon Jack was working the vibrator in my pussy in the location indicated by the book. The vibrator left much to be desired however, at least when it comes to how I seem to be constructed down there. The end of it seemed to be getting hooked on my pubic bone, which was extremely painful.

I know that he was in the right general area, but we just couldn’t seem to find the right spot. We tried turning the vibrator over, and that seemed somewhat better. I could feel a very mild urge to pee, which is a good sign when it comes to the G-Spot, since putting pressure on it also squishes your bladder in the process.

Several times it felt like I was just about to cum, but couldn’t quite get there. It was taking much longer than I had expected, and I am not a particularly patient woman, LOL. Jack didn’t seem rushed, and in fact quite determined that I was going to have an orgasm even if it took us all night.

Eventually I did have a very strong orgasm. I felt like I might gush, but I didn’t want to make a mess on the couch (note to self: bring towels next time) so I held back. I am not sure that it was a G-Spot orgasm, but it didn’t involve any direct stimulation to my clit, which is nearly unheard of for me. However, the vibrator was pretty powerful, so there was general stimulation all over.

Jack gave me a hard time about not letting go and just ejaculating all over the couch. However, I didn’t feel like cleaning up the mess when all I wanted to do was go to bed.

It all felt really great, although I was completely disappointed in aforementioned toy. I think that for an initial attempt we learned a few things about my anatomy specifically which will be useful during future ventures.

This will be the first of several posts on the Quest For My G-Spot. There will be photos the next time around, I am just not inclined to take any at the moment.

Please feel free to share tips, stories, or ideas on how I might go about finding the mysterious G-Spot. I would love some input from both men and women.

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2 Responses to ““G” Marks The Spot: Part One”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    When I’m really aroused, my G-spot feels like a spongier bit of the front wall of my vagina, and it sticks out a bit. Doggy-style hits my G-spot like no other position, and if I am masturbating with my fingers in my pussy, I can press gently against my pubic bone and rub my G-spot that way.

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  2. Esined Says:

    Usually when my husband and I make love and he’s inside me, he is very good in moving in such a way that my clit is stimulated, and I can reach an orgasm.

    We discovered my g-spot by chance one night (I will never forget it, I was house sitting for a friend and he stayed with me). I was trying not to cum too soon and enjoy the love-making so I kept him from going deep inside me, hence being able to rub his pelvic area against mine. That’s how we found my spot.

    His head was hitting right on the spot making moan loudly. He noticed how this specific spot would make me react and kept at it.

    Now some women seem to cum as soon as the spot was hit. I think for me its constant pressure. So his thrusting across my spot is very enjoyable, helps my pleasure mount up, and just plain feels good during intercourse. If he stops and his head is pressing my spot (which he did once, trying to keep me from cumming), I tend to cum right away.

    He tells me when he catches my spot with his cock, it feels like a firm yet bumpy spot. He also says he like catching my spot coz its feels good when his head rubs against it.

    When I have an orgasm from my g-spot, its feels like I am cumming from inside out. Even my clit feels good. His thrusts are a pleasurable tease when we find it.
    I have had major orgasms (where sometimes I may have cum 2-3 times but its all in one, making it hard to tell how many times I came) with g-spot stimulation.

    My suggestion is, have Jack explore your pussy with his finger(s) to find the spot. It should feel like its firmer skin than the rest of your pussy inside. And if you feel self concious or worried about peeing, make sure to go beforehand, so that you can get into it yourself. It’s worth the big O once you can find it.

    Also don’t worry if you have a hard time finding it again… Mines plays hide-and-seek with us lol. So when my husband catches it, its a pleasant surprise for both of us to enjoy.

    (DAMN, uber horny to do that now. Alas I still feel tender and achy still >.< )

    Good luck babes!

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