Remote Control Wireless Vibrating Egg Review

Posted on November 19th, 2006 in Bedroom Bling, Carnal Confessions, I Touch Myself, Photos, Reviews, Sex Toy Care

Wireless Vibrating EggWell boys and girls, it’s time for another toy review brought to you by Pleasure Me Now. This time around I checked out this Remote Control Wireless Vibrating Egg. To tell you a bit about the product, we shall start with the egg itself. It’s totally waterproof and has 7 different speeds and vibrations. Three of them are steady vibrations of increasing intensity, and the other four are different pulsating vibrations. This particular model also came with panties featuring a short insertable rubber ‘penis’ which the egg fits inside of. The panties themselves are impressively adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes.

The remote control is fairly simple. A button for on/off and another button for changing the vibrations. It’s nice and small, making it easy to carry around inconspicuously.

I would recommend that you take all the batteries out of the remote and the egg because it does seem to be prone to ‘battery bleed’ (it kills batteries faster if you leave them inside the toy all the time). Also because if the button is accidentally pushed wherever you happen to keep your toys, it will run the batteries down.

Vibrating Egg ClitThe remote has a pretty good range, unless the egg is inserted into the ass, as we found out. I asked Jack if he would mind trying it out as an anal toy. We discovered that the remote does not really work in that situation, I imagine that it’s due to the depth of the toy and all the muscles surrounding the area. However, you can certainly turn it on and then use it for anal play. We tried it that way and had sex and Jack enjoyed the extra stimulation very much. The vibrating against his prostate made his orgasm really intense.

The egg is actually pretty quiet when it’s turned on. We tried it out in public, and I just put it in the front of my panties against my clit. Jack had a great time teasing me and making me crazy with it, and over the drone of any public place you couldn’t hear it at all. It was strong enough to make me cum, which is impressive because generally I need pretty intense clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.


Wearing it with the underwear was comfortable, although sitting down was a little weird, LOL. The stimulation was different, more teasing, like a warm up for things to come.

We put it through a lot of rigorous testing, Tee Hee, and we totally enjoyed this toy. It’s one of the better wireless devices I have ever used and it’s a load of fun for teasing and driving your woman wild in private or public. The remote has good range, the egg has lots of exciting vibrations, and it’s quiet enough for discreet enjoyment. If you are looking for just the right gift for Christmas I would offer this as an excellent option. It will certainly provide a lot of exciting possibilities for those endless hours of visiting with relatives, LOL.

This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5

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3 Responses to “Remote Control Wireless Vibrating Egg Review”

  1. Esined Says:

    MMM interesting…

    Both the toy and hawt pics! >^.^<

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  2. KittyCatz Says:

    Where do all these toys come from? I’m quite jealous. Although that egg does look like fun…

    I just came back from the sex show and there were no baby tigers, so I assume that the Calgary one was bigger and better! But I got to see the (male) strippers so I was content. I did see the Layaspot, but it was $80 which is too rich for my blood. I contemplated getting those smart balls but didn’t…and now I kind of regret it haha. I went on the last day during the last few hours, so while a)some of the stuff I bought was discounted b)there was no stock left. So ya win some you loose some…

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  3. Stiletto Girl Says:

    Thanks Esined, I am glad you enjoyed :D


    I get all of my sex toys through They have awesome stuff :D And the LayaSpot is only $39.95 US from their site! You should totally get some Smart Balls from them too, only $20 US, which is less than I paid for mine. Go check them out :P

    The baby tigers at our show were part of a photography booth. Basically they just had the tigers there to lure people into paying them to get pictures with them. They sure were cute though :D

    I totally hear ya about going at the end. It’s possible if the tigers were there, that they had already left, especially since the exotic animal farm they came from is near us here.

    Woot for male strippers though!

    Thanks for the comments girls :D

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