My Piercing Experience and The Strangest ‘Double Date’ Ever

Posted on June 12th, 2006 in Body Mods, Does All Her Own Stunts, Polyamory

Edit: It was not your imagination or any hallucinogenic drugs you may have been on, there was a picture here of my piercing. After some discussion about protecting our secret vanilla identities, Jack and I decided that said photo (combined with the details in this blog) would probably lead any friends or family to correctly identify me should they see it. I mean, the picture is of a piercing, which is identifying in some respects, and also the fact that it is new, and our family’s are pretty smart…well we just didn’t wanna risk it. I know of at least one sex blogger who was approached by someone who recognized her by a necklace she was wearing that she had mentioned on the blog. The world is way too small and freaky deaky, plus I know from my stat counter that I have a plethora of readers both locally and in areas when family members live. We decided to be safe rather than sorry. And that is your very long and involved public service announcement for today :)

I got my eyebrow piercing yesterday!!!

It went really well actually, not even painful.

V had made the appointment for me and she and I went to it together. When we got there the woman who was going to be piercing me had us take a look at the different jewelry I could choose from. They had a tiny curved barbell with just balls at the ends, one with cone-shaped ‘spikes’ and several with different colors of tiny gems. The plain one with the balls was the cheapest ($45.00) and since I didn’t want to pay another $20 bucks just to have to take it out in a couple of months, I picked the plain one. That way if Jack didn’t mind the piercing, I could always get myself something a little ‘fancier’ in a few months.

Once that was settled I paid (the piercing itself cost $30.00 so after GST it came to $80.25 total) and answered some questions, plus signed a release form. They just want to know if you have been drinking, if you are prone to bleeding or fainting, that sort of thing. She gave me an info sheet about aftercare and then V and I browsed the tattoo catalogues while we waited (and I found the perfect idea for my next tattoo!)

Unfortunately V couldn’t come with me into the room where the piercing actually happened. I felt a littler nervous, not really about the pain, I think it was mainly anticipation. While the woman got her equipment ready she ran through some more tips on caring for the piercing. She asked me if I had waited a long time to get this done and I told her that I had because past piercing experiences were not so good. She said that likely the major reason my previous two piercings (both done through the cartilage in my upper ear) got so infected were because (A) Neither was done by a professional (the second one was even done with a piercing gun, which she said shatters your cartilage and that increases swelling considerably) and (B) I didn’t know how to properly care for them (also very true). I was really relieved to hear that, as I was worried that this piercing would also come to a bad end. It also showed how much knowledge and experience she has with piercings (plus she had many, many of her own).

She swabbed my eyebrow with antiseptic and then marked two little dots to make sure I was happy with the placement. Then she measured to make sure that the barbell would be long enough for the markings she made. Everything was good, so she had me lay back on the table and explained that she was going to clamp my eyebrow and then I would feel a slight poke while she lined up the needle. So she went ahead and did that, lined up the clamp over the dots, and then got the needle into position. She told me to take a big breath in and out, and she slid the needle through on the exhale. It didn’t hurt at all really, like I would compare it to being stung by a bee. The needle was left in while she got the barbell. She said there might be a slight pinch while she put the jewelry in, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Perhaps if my barbell had been a larger gauge (I picked the smallest) it might have been worse. Anyway, then she unclamped me and screwed the ball on the open end of the barbell. She tightened it up with these special pliers which are diveted to hold onto the ball. That was actually the only part that was even slightly uncomfortable, if only because the piercing was fresh and it had to be manhandled for a moment.

After that she had me sit up and cleaned the piercing thoroughly. She explained to me how to clean it, had me take a look to make sure I was happy with it, and sent me on my way telling me to call or come back in if I had any problems. She was really awesome and she made the whole experience super comfortable.

I am really very pleased with it. It’s small and doesn’t really draw a lot of attention, which is fine. I didn’t want to get anything too big since Jack was reluctant about it already. I think it just looks natural on my face, V said the same thing. It’s almost like I’ve always had it, it just sort of suits me.

It was a little tender afterwards, and there was a bit of swelling, but after an hour or two the swelling had disappeared, as had the redness, and it looked like a totally healed piercing. Now to just keep it very clean and not have it get infected.

After we were done at the piercing place, V and I debated what to do next. We wanted to hang out together a bit more so I suggested we go grab a coffee somewhere. She said that she was sort of hungry and wanted to go somewhere to eat. I said that was fine by me, but I wanted to stop by K’s first, since we were in the area, and show off my new piercing.

So we drove the short distance to his place and dropped in unexpectedly. He was surprised to see me, especially considering we haven’t seen each other in a month and a half. Anyway, I was debating in my head inviting him to come with us to get something to eat. I decided not to attach anything weird to it and just have him come out, just as my friend, since we were going anyway. So I invited him and he didn’t really know if it was a good idea, but V and I encouraged him so he agreed.

We headed over to a pub a couple blocks away (here we go with V and I having drinks again, LOL, I promise that we are really NOT alcoholics, despite what some people might say). We parked and got out and there was V talking to her ex-boyfriend. He had apparently been walking along, headed somewhere to grab some dinner. So, she invited him to join us.

Heh, talk about an odd little group. We were having a ‘double date’ with our respective ex’s.

We went into the pub and grabbed a booth, V and I on one side, her ex and K on the other. We ordered food and drinks and actually had a really great time! It didn’t feel weird for me, and we all laughed and joked around and told amusing stories about cow tipping and girl on girl action. Good times.

When the bill came K and V’s ex each paid for half, which I still feel sort of bad about, but V insisted that we allow them to insist, LOL. K and I left together, as did V and her ex, which was sort of funny. I took K back to his place, and then headed home. It was really good to see him, and I am glad that we were with V and her ex because I didn’t really have time to stew about missing him until the end. I managed a lot better than I expected.

I got home and helped Jack get the kids off to bed. He actually said that my piercing looks good and that he does not hate it. I think that ‘tolerable’ was the word he used, LOL.

We got the kids to bed, he did the supper dishes and I put in some laundry for him before we dragged ourselves up to bed. It was nice to cuddle up and fall asleep, since he was gone pretty much all weekend, I missed him a lot (also a good part of the reason that I was soo distraught in yesterdays post, I was alone and I missed Jack).

All in all my weekend was really good. I am feeling better today than I have in several weeks, and you cannot imagine how grateful I am for that.

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One Response to “My Piercing Experience and The Strangest ‘Double Date’ Ever”

  1. padme Says:

    Stiletto Girl,
    You sound a lot happier in this blog post and like things are going well for you. I’m so happy for you. I LOVE the piercing. OMG!!! SO hawt as you could say. I am a bit jealous as I would love to get a facial piercing but Master Anakin isn’t too fond of them.

    Thanks for sharing your piercing experience. I am so intrigued to know how it goes when you get it done. I’ve only had my ears pierced before. LOL.

    It’s been nice chatting with you this morning, SG…
    hugs and kisses

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