Well I Only Made Out With Him ‘Cause Torturing Him Didn’t Work

Posted on April 16th, 2010 in LARP, Made In Ontario

I’m so happy that it’s finally Friday!

Not that the week has been particularly long or bothersome.  Actually it was quite a good week overall.  The final paperwork on the move was completed and we were finally able to share the news with our families.  They are understandably thrilled.  Jack and I went out on a date Monday night and enjoyed spending some one-on-one time together talking.  Tuesday night was the local kink munch, and Aiden and I planned to go, but on our way there we decided that we would rather just go for dinner alone together, so we hit up our favorite sushi joint and chatted over California rolls.

Tonight I think Aiden and I are going fabric shopping, as I need some lighter material to make a second cloak for LARP.  I am trying to work something out so that V can join us for the June event, since she’s planning to come out to help us with packing and the like, so I shall sew her a cloak as well, just in case.

Tomorrow Aiden and I are heading into the city early to see The Wild Hunt with Dex.  It’s a movie about LARPing, and I’ve been dying to see it for months.  I don’t think it’s a particularly accurate portrayal of LARP, but at least we are portrayed as attractive and wearing epic costumes:

After the movie we are meeting up with a woman who has offered to buy our Tease tickets, since we won’t be able to make it now with the move. I’m actually rather sad about that, but it is what it is, and I am sure there will be other things we can get up to this summer, like camping in the mountains.

We are planning to go visit Aiden’s parents in the afternoon so that we can tell them that we are moving. I’m a bit anxious about how the conversation will go (particularly explaining WHY exactly we are moving across the country, since we can’t exactly tell them the whole truth) but Aiden seems to feel that it will be ok, and he knows his parents better than I do.

On Sunday Aiden is taking the kids out to an indoor play center (like Chuck E. Cheese) for a while so that Jack and I can have some time to ourselves. We’ll probably do something super romantic like organize the garage or finish staining the railings ;) Heh.

As for today, I have a ton of cleaning up to get done, so I’d better stop procrastinating. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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