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My Cat Muffin

Instead of blogging today I started messing around with the template, and then decided to change it completely.

I felt that my sidebar was becoming a little…cluttered, and thus the solution was to break it up into separate sidebars and move the pages to tabs at the top of the site.  Hopefully this makes it easier to navigate for all readers (and myself, LOL).

Thoughts on the new look?  Love it?  Hate it?  Have suggestions?  Leave me a comment (those have moved to under the post title).  Let me know what you think.

Hopefully you like the improvements as much as I do.

9 Responses to “My Cat Muffin”

  1. tonya cinnamonNo Gravatar Says:

    i like it :) also makes it easier to see on my mobile phone ^_^

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. pfkNo Gravatar Says:

    I like the new look…comment virgin so I have just “popped” the proverbial cherry on your site…despite that you do write an interesting and informative blog!!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

    ShastaNo Gravatar reply on December 5th, 2008 11:28 am:

    Thank you for coming out of the shadows and commenting! I love hearing from ‘first timers’

    Also I appreciate your compliments on my site :)


    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  3. AdamNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey, right post to comment on this time! I agree with tonya cinnamon. Easier to read on the computer, too!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

    ShastaNo Gravatar reply on December 5th, 2008 11:27 am:

    Oh good :D Thanks for letting me know!

    No worries about commenting on the wrong post, LOL, I know it’ll take some getting-used-to


    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  4. MeganNo Gravatar Says:

    I do like the tabs but overall it’s a bit simplistic. Maybe a bit of a darker line down the sides instead of the light gray.

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

    ShastaNo Gravatar reply on December 5th, 2008 11:26 am:

    I agree about it being simplistic. I was hoping for something a bit more…elegant. I dug through dozens and dozens of templates and this was as closest to ‘perfect’ as I could find unfortunately.

    I shall see what I can do about darker lines, as you suggested, and one of these days I may just have to admit defeat and pay someone to design something just for me.


    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  5. tonya cinnamonNo Gravatar Says:

    hey this shows up on my google reader but you click on the link and it shows up page not displayed. so i came to and it comes up under your last post …

    ” Testing Out Zoundryfrom Stiletto Diaries by Shasta
    I’m just trying out this new desktop blogging software, which makes it easy to prepare posts, even when you don’t have internet access. Hopefully this works!”

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

    ShastaNo Gravatar reply on December 5th, 2008 11:23 am:

    Oops! LOL, sorry for the confusion. I actually only made that post to try some software, and then deleted it right away. My apologies. I do thank you though for being so on the ball in letting me know. I am really so greatful when people point out issues with the site so that I can fix them ASAP!


    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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