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I Think I Dreamed You Into Life

It’s been a week…a week without posting.

I suppose I should have predicted that I wouldn’t have much time to blog with a ton of life responsibilities piling down the pipe at me like some sort of twisted avalanche.

Really I’ve not minded that much, except I miss blogging, and chatting, and generally having a life that does not involve drilling holes in things and rewiring light fixtures and painting and staining and sanding and attaching things to every manner of surface found in this dwelling.

Today I sorted through our CD collection, and I discovered that Jack is secretly a 40 year old lesbian. Seriously.

As V once said (with a smirk) “Jack is the only straight guy I know who would ever utter the words ‘You know, I really like Celine Dion’ and actually mean it.”

He’ll probably kill me for telling you that by the way, but it’s worth it.

So aside from the house related stuff, there are also a ton of party plans in the works. Due to one of the organizers having a bit of a life crisis, I’ve taken to helping out a lot with getting things done. Since I have a friendly business-type relationship with some of the people over at Happy Hedonist, they have generously helped us with advertising and attracting more guests. Local networking is very important, and so we’ve been very pleased to receive some assistance and sage advice from the site owners when it comes to holding big sex-themed social events.

Also there are all those god damned penis chocolates to make. I think I have like 50 or so done now…

Cock Chocolates

I helped stuff gift bags a few nights ago. Imagine 200 cock rings, 600 condom, and 150 bottles of lubricant all over the place. It was a lot of fun. The guests at this party are going to be spoiled rotten with all of the great stuff they are giving away. I even donated a glass dildo to the cause, as a door prize.

Anyway, I should be asleep, but I wanted you guys to know that I am not dead, or abandoning my blog, or anything else. Just crazy busy. I booked my next appointment for waxing so I’ll let you know if my second experience with the new gal goes as well as the first one did.

Hopefully I can also get some of my reviews caught up. I feel like I’m falling terribly behind on everything that isn’t either involving this party or my house.

Ah well, only a couple more weeks to go and then it should all settle down.

One Response to “I Think I Dreamed You Into Life”

  1. padme amidala Says:

    Hi Shasta,
    I have missed chatting with you the last few weeks but I totally understand all the stress you’ve been under with the projects and party coming up. I hope we can catch up sometime. :)
    I love the chocolate penis’s! So cute! Reminds me of the chocolate handcuffs you sent me for valentine’s day! :)
    Hope things settle down for you soon!
    padme amidala

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