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Like An Orgasm On The Moon*

Spoiled For ChristmasDid everyone else have a good Christmas? I sure did! Jack spoiled me rotten this year. I got some really amazing new art supplies, DVD’s, a naughty magnetic refrigerator poetry kit, and an iPod Touch! Thus, Jack was presented the Husband Of The Year award for 2007.

I’ve never owned an iPod before, which means my credit card is already quivering with fear as I browse music at the iTunes Store. Jack and I are still discussing how many songs we should limit ourselves to each month.

Today I am going to find some sort of protective case for it, at least until I can order something awesome like this one. I also need to pick up some accessories for Jack’s new satellite radio (go me, I spoiled him too) which I installed in the truck for him yesterday afternoon.

Our kids of course made a haul. Each got one of the toys they have been begging for since Halloween, as well as various board games and even a couple of video games. They were mighty pleased as we wrangled them to the table for our traditional waffles with caramel sauce (all made from scratch) Christmas Day breakfast. After I got the turkey in we all played games, talked to friends and family on the phone, and generally spent time together. It was the most wonderful Christmas day we’ve ever had. No rushing to get to this place or that place for dinner or visiting. No schlepping gifts and kids from house to house for days on end. Just peace, and family togetherness. Pure heaven.

Dinner was fabulous, and after the kids were in bed Jack and I kicked back and relaxed for a few hours with wine and homemade pumpkin pie. Nom Nom Nom!

It’s been a really awesome week, a lot of work, but so worth it. We had a really great Christmas and with New Years just around the corner, I’m not suffering the usual post-Christmas ‘drop’. January also brings our anniversary and the likelihood of having a date night or two.

Over the holidays I found out that an acquaintance of mine (via Jack’s job) who also moved to the GTA from the west is not adjusting well to life out here. She seems lonely and she told me that she feels depressed. Once we have fully recovered from the craziness of the season, I intend to reach out and ask her out for coffee or shopping at least twice a month. I get the impression she doesn’t want to be a ‘bother’ to me, as I am the only familiar person she knows in the immediate area. Certainly she has become friendly with her neighbours, but I think that she finds it more difficult to make friends, especially out here. Please don’t take me wrong Ontarians, since I have become quite fond of this province, but there is a certain…attitude, towards people from the west. I wouldn’t say it’s snobbery, but we have found you a tad standoffish and somewhat difficult to get to know. Not all mind you, but that seems to be the general feel.

I was thinking it would be nice for her and I to do lunch once in a while on a week day. Perhaps Nia would be so kind as to watch my youngest munchkin for an hour or two one day a month so that I don’t have to worry about the small child getting bored or otherwise disruptive. I would really hate to see this woman remain depressed and unhappy here, and I don’t know her well enough to just say “Snap out of it!” so I shall make an effort to befriend her and hopefully then she won’t feel so lonely.

Nia gets home today and I’m pleased to return her pets to her care, as happy and healthy as she left them. It’s been fun caring for them.

Jack and I are discussing taking a trip to Ottawa in the not so distant future. There is also a trip to Quebec City on the table, likely towards the summer when it’s warmer out. I’ve not travelled that far east before, so it would be thrilling indeed. Montreal and Halifax are on the ‘must visit’ list as well, but we can’t do everything at once (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself).

For our first Christmas so far from friends and family, it was great. As much as I miss Alberta sometimes, there are days (and weeks) I also greatly enjoy being some 2,000 miles away.

I’m interested to hear how everyone else managed over the holidays? Was your Christmas good? bad? average? I’d like to hear about it if you are willing to share!

*Thanks to V for providing today’s title

3 Responses to “Like An Orgasm On The Moon*”

  1. Mr. & Mrs SW Says:

    Merry Christmas and happy New year from sunny Florida. The of of us shared made from scratch waffles from an old family recipe for the 51st time. This year it was just us as we have retired far from family. Not sure when all we gather in one place again.

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. Nia Says:

    i had a wonderfully relaxing holiday in most regards too - the nice relatives far outnumbered the jerks :) - and it was made that much more relaxing knowing the critters were in such capable hands :)

    i got spoiled filthy rotten too, brand new sheets, toiletries, and some delicious new books, and got to spend a good deal of time with my young nieces. the 6 year old kicked my ass on the Wii, lolz, and i’ve got some sore spots from all the tobogganing. what a great 6 days!


    p.s. i think it’s more the city/big town ontarions; you’d find it different if you came up north with me. p.s.s. my mom sent home cookies and i promise to save you some for our next tea date, and even maybe send some home for the famblie :D

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  3. padme amidala Says:

    I had a very nice Christmas this year. The best part of the holidays for me has been our friendship this year. I’m so glad we have grown close and gotten to know each other. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of Ontario really soon too when we meet. :)
    I’ve heard a lot about Quebec and Ottawa as my sister lived there and told me lots about it. It’s supposed to be beautiful to visit!
    Glad your holidays went well.
    padme amidala

    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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