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You Will Die - The Burden Of Modern Taboos: Book Review

You Will DieIt’s not often I am lucky enough to be asked to review a book. In fact, to date it’s only happened twice. This particular book is very special to me because I got to read it before it was available to the public (the very first edition) and because the author and I have become good friends. Not to mention that he was kind enough to put a likeness of ME right on the cover.

Appropriately, I am having sex with the Grim Reaper. How fitting, don’t you think?

The basic summery of this book, is that it’s an in-depth examination of a number of modern taboos which all of us are familiar with. This particular book (I am hopeful there will be more) covers the topics of nasal mucous, excrement, sex, and drug use.

Right from the opening remarks, I found this book fascinating. As I worked my way through the chapters I learned more and more facts and information that I was not previously aware of. It also made me think a great deal, about the source of taboos and why we care so much about them. Books don’t always make me think, but I enjoy and appreciate them that much more if they do.

The chapters on sex were of course of the greatest interest to me. Although I enjoyed blurting out obnoxious facts about nose picking and bathroom habits to horrified friends for months afterwards.

Our sexual evolution over the course of recorded history is interesting indeed. Societies judgements surrounding homosexuality, prostitution, and infidelity have developed in fascinating ways. It’s certainly not light reading, and there is a lot of content to absorb, but I feel it’s well worth it. There is also a certain amount of edgy humour mixed in, which is highly appealing (especially to dry, sarcastic people like me).

I particularly enjoyed the sections on sex and religion, having grown up Catholic and a sex fiend. Those things are actually mutually exclusive, unless of course every single sex act is initiated with the intent to procreate (which in this household, it most certainly isn’t).

Being very new, this book is not available at many bookstores. However, you can order directly from the publisher, here. Or you can get a copy at one of these fine retailers:

The Beguiling
601 Markham Street
Toronto, Ontario

Seeker’s Books
509 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Zoinks! Music And Books
1019 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Pick up a copy and take a look. If you’re disappointed in the book after reading it, let me know and I’ll send you some sort of a consolation gift.

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5 Out Of 5

You Will Die: The Burden Of Modern Taboos

2 Responses to “You Will Die - The Burden Of Modern Taboos: Book Review”

  1. padme amidala Says:

    Great book review, Shasta. I *love* that picture of you having sex with the Grim Reaper. Very sexy. ;)
    padme amidala

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

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    [...] than that, the weekend was brilliant. I got to have coffee with my friend Rob, who wrote that excellent book I reviewed some months ago. We swapped stories over lattes in Starbucks, discussing writing and [...]


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