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Inflatable Tilt Master Review

Inflatable Tilt MasterToday’s review is a fun one! I haven’t had the privilege of trying out sex furniture since I got my Tantra Chair, so I was quite excited when Pleasure Me Now asked me to review this item. It’s called the Inflatable Tilt Master and essentially it’s blow-up sex furniture.

Now most of us owned (or at least sat on) one of those inflatable chairs or couches, so I don’t have to go into a long spiel about the durability of blow-up furniture. I will mention right off the top that after much vigorous testing, Jack and I managed to put a hole in this sex chair. It lived through people bouncing on it at parties, my kids having a total hay-day with it, and a rather heavy relative sitting on it for half an hour. The hole occurred along one of the seams, which is the most vulnerable area on most inflatable furniture.

The chair will hold up to 300 pounds, which is rather impressive. It can actually stand up to a fair amount of abuse, but take good care of it none the less. I recommend deflating it when not in use. Do not let kids play on it, and do not pull it out for extra seating for social gatherings. It should last you a fairly long time.

Hold On!We enjoyed this chair a great deal. We tried a few fun positions before we finally got just the right angle that had me howling and caused Jack to reach orgasm in record time. It was, in a word, amazing. I nearly came just from the penetration (which for me is a rare and incredible miracle).

It was also very comfortable, although a little ‘tippy’ if you leaned too far back. As long as someone is there to hang onto your legs, you’re just fine. Also in some positions I found my neck got sore from holding my head up, and just letting it fall back felt too much like being upside down. However shifting around and experimenting to get comfortable is half the fun.

Jack commented that he was perhaps a little too ‘tall’ for it. Being 6′5 (and me only 5′6) it’s difficult for him and I to be at right heights to each other. Couples of similar height would likely have no problem with this whatsoever.

This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5

One Response to “Inflatable Tilt Master Review”

  1. Cherrie Says:

    Last year I wrote a Friday Positions entry on doing something similar in our leather La-Z-Boy recliner! Hardin upends me in the chair and then rocks it back and forth wit his cock in me. Neither of us has to move our bodies, but we still enjoy a good fuck. Mmmmm . . .

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