Vibrating Feeldoe Review

Posted on March 20th, 2007 in Bedroom Bling, Carnal Confessions, I Touch Myself, Photos, Reviews, Sex Toy Care

FeeldoeI have a VERY exciting review for everyone this week. It’s a very different toy from any of the others I have featured thus far. Thanks to the good people at Pleasure Me Now, who have been incredibly patient during the process of testing this toy, I bring you the Feeldoe!

The Feeldoe is essentially a ‘strapless’ strap-on. It was designed for women, by a woman, to increase intimacy and pleasure for both partners during girl-on-girl sex. The design is completely unique, unlike most strap-on products. The bulbous egg-shaped portion is inserted into the vagina of one partner, which she holds in place using her kegel muscles. She is then able to use the penis-like portion to have penetrative sex with her partner. There is more skin-to-skin contact with this toy, as opposed to regular strap-on. It also removes the sometimes awkward fumbling with buckles and adjusting straps that come with a regular strap-on. The egg-shaped portion provides stimulation to the partner wearing it, which is one of the best features, according to most users.

I Have A Penis!Now, I am sure a few of you are wondering how exactly I went about testing this out, seeing as I am not exactly involved with any women, sexually. I am also ‘bi-curious’ at best, so it’s not easy for me to approach a girl for sex, LOL. This presented quite a challenge, even for me, and it took a considerable amount of time to obtain a willing co-tester.

Eventually, one of my best friends came through for me and bravely volunteered to get naked and give it a whirl. We haven’t been sexually involved before, so we decided that alcohol was in order (not to the point of being drunk of course, but just enough to ease the nerves a little). We got warmed up with a little porn and before long she was on her hands and knees working her way down onto the stout shaft. It was a little odd, holding onto the soft hips of a woman and thrusting into her with my big black cock. We were both somewhat removed from the situation I think, it wasn’t super passionate or anything, more or less conversation about what we liked and didn’t like mixed with a little experimental fucking.

Girl Sex!We decided to switch ‘roles’ as it were, to give it a fair trial. I got on all fours for her and she had a go at fucking me. We giggled over how weird it felt to be the ‘male’ part of the equation. I’ll tell you, it’s different doing the thrusting. I found the receiving end to be pleasurable, although I didn’t get into it like I usually get into a good fucking.

We called it quits before either of us had an orgasm and then plunked down on the bed to talk about what we liked versus what we didn’t like.

We both agree that the giver doesn’t receive any exceptional stimulation. We had the vibrating bullet turned on, but the Feeldoe was so heavy, it was impossible to hold the clit stimulating area tight against your body. She and I both have rather strong vaginal muscles, so it wasn’t just us. The egg being inside didn’t do a heck of a lot for either of us, although if you have a more sensitive vagina (neither of us can orgasm from vaginal stimulation) it might be a different story.

Give Me CockWe found that the vibrating bullet was a little weak, and it only has one speed, which was disappointing. I think that having a larger, extractable bullet, with a remote control attached and a variety of intensities would be more pleasurable.

I was particularly impressed at how much more natural this strap-on was, as far as positioning and angle go. Most strap-ons I have found, sit a little high, like above the clit, against the pubic bone, or even higher sometimes. The Feeldoe is designed to protrude from the body in a more atomically correct manner. I gave it HUGE props for that.

She and I both agree that the shape, material, and width were very nice. The Feeldoe is made out of silicone, so it’s hypo-allergenic. It’s very shiny and smooth to the touch. I like that it’s thicker, and not too long, since I have a rather shallow vagina. I found the intercourse was comfortable and didn’t leave my vagina feeling ‘roughed up’.

Girl On GirlThe other downside is that it’s heavy. This makes it hard to hold in. We found it necessary to keep our legs closed tight while thrusting, or risk it falling out. I think that this would be less of a problem with the smaller sizes.

There is a harness available for the Feeldoe. It’s unlike conventional strap-on harnesses, and only works with this toy specifically.

Using the Feeldoe will strengthen your vaginal muscles over time, which will probably help with holding it in.

All in all, I enjoyed this toy a great deal. The experiment involved in testing it was a bit of a stretch, and my victim…I mean, helper, enjoyed it very much as well. I would highly recommend this toy for girl-on-girl sex. It is by FAR the best strap-on/girl-sex toy I have ever tried out (not my first though, believe it or not, LOL).

My partner in crime was a little camera shy, so I hope you can be content with regular pictures of my pussy in action, LOL.

This Product Receives:

4 Out Of 5

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19 Responses to “Vibrating Feeldoe Review”

  1. Mr. & Mrs SW Says:

    Thanks for the review

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  2. Esined Says:

    OK Shasta.. I totally envy the fact that you got to try this toy and with a friend no less!

    I can’t imagine my best friend wanting to test a toy out like that much less get nekkid with me!

    Plus the other part of my envy stems from being able to just enjoy girl in girl action like that. I have “played” with girls when younger, but alas no intercourse.

    I’d love to play the guy part in it someday, if I can find myself a girlfriend..

    Plus atm, I am dying to see the pics, but I am working(in a mtg out of town) and its nsfw so I had to put the setting to not have pics shown. (Sooo anxious to get home to see these pics!) Very curious to see the toy in question.

    Reply To The Above Comment

  3. Shasta Gibson Says:

    Mr & Mrs SW,

    You’re welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it.


    I hope the pictures are worth the wait!

    Once we are living closer to you maybe I can show it to you in person ;) Tee Hee


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  4. Esined Says:

    Too anxious to wait to get home (thank god free wireless acces in hotel room)

    Coool toy and hawt pics bebe!
    OOOOO wwould love to take you up on your offer >.>

    Once I get over the hang ups of my body =3

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  5. Derek Says:

    Shasta:Long time not talk…I miss you! Sorry I’ve been away for awhile. I hope everything is well…I will send you an email soon!

    I enjoyed the post and the pictures! I told you to try a friend for this, but I was wrong on the friend it would be. Stay hot!

    Missing you, your myspace D!

    Reply To The Above Comment

  6. Shasta Gibson Says:


    I am certain that you have a beautiful body :) Besides, I have enough body issues of my own, LOL. At any rate, it’s what’s on the inside that counts in my books, and you’ve got that goin on!


    Well since I didn’t reveal the identity of the ‘friend’ in question, you never can tell ;)


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  7. uptoplay2 Says:

    Great review. Hope you do a follow up to test some other positions and options… perhaps a harness would help. Others certainly choose to use a harness when using the feeldoe for fm.

    There are lot of guys dying for a chance to have a woman try this on them who also want to know how it feels for the woman. So… can I link this to the yahoo group that the feeldoe inventor set up??


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  8. Mand Says:

    I realise that you did this review a while back, but while looking for something to try myself (too much to choose from) I noticed this site had problems with the Feeldoe too and they came up with this:

    I know it’s from the UK, but it shows you what they were aiming for.

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  9. Anonymous Says:

    Do you think I can try this with my boyfriend?

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  10. Shasta Gibson Says:


    I don’t see why not :) I did use it with Jack, however I would recommend getting the thinner version if you intend to try it for anal intercourse :)


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  11. padme amidala Says:

    Great review, Shasta! I’m very fascinated with this toy. It sounds like it would be great for some girl on girl action. :)
    I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a strap on but I can see how this would be just as much fun. ;)
    Love the pictures with your review. Very hot pics!! ;)
    padme amidala

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  12. Anonymous Says:

    when i read your review i was not too sure if i wanna buy it or not. i bought the feeldoe last week and i couldn’t wait to get it.
    in the first day, i tried it twice and gt an awesome orgasm every time.
    i must say i am a straight man and i have a strong heterosexual relationship for more than 4 years.
    my fiance liked the idea and she ended up fucking me in every position that i used to fuck her.
    i just love the feeldoe and i miss its presence in my ass too often now :)

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  13. fly Says:

    I know I’m late to the party, but let me echo everyone here: Excellent review!

    My girl bought me this as a birthday present, and we love it. I wrote about our first adventure with it here, if anyone wants to read how it went. The feeldoe might have been designed for girl-on-girl action, but it doesn’t disappoint for hetero anal play.

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  14. Anonymous Says:

    My wife has been after me to get her one and so…I did, about a week ago.
    My first night off she met me at tehtop of the stairsin a crotchless fishnet bodystocking, withthe blue feeldoe jutting out from her freshly shaved pussy. It didn’t take any persuasion to have me on my knees sucking it and shortly after, on my knees taking it in the ass. I took the next week off and we’ve been doing this every possible minute in as many different scenarios as we can manage.
    I’m not sure but I think there is another woman in the picture one of these nights as she asked me If I was ‘intersted in Julie coming over for drinks.’
    Thank You feeldoe !!

    Reply To The Above Comment

  15. mrs kink Says:

    I must say I agree with your review… the Feeldoe has its good points and bad. You mentioned difficulty keeping it in – this is increased when going girl-on-guy action like we do. Would be interested in using a good harness for it, allowing it to be more hands-off. A stronger vibe would be nice. And it totally is possible for the giver to orgasm… but try to keep it tight to the body to get a good clit rub! Also eager to try it girl-on-girl, but like you, not really any candidates around.

    Check out our additional thoughts and pics on our blog at mykinkybedroom.

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  16. Vezzani Says:

    Hi! what do you think about using Feeldoe in girl on man sex?

    Reply To The Above Comment

  17. Shasta Gibson Says:


    As I said in the comments above, it’s great for woman on man intercourse, although I would suggest purchasing the smaller, thinner size. There are also harnesses available if the woman finds it difficult to ‘hold in’. I’ve covered that topic here:

    Hope that helps!


    Reply To The Above Comment

  18. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for the awesome review this looks like the answer to my delimma!
    i’m not trying to be an ass but i want to point out that you said it was hyper allergenic but it’s hypo-allergenic. some people are a little slow and may think it’s going to give them a rash!

    Reply To The Above Comment

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