Pass Me A Bag Of Ice For My Crotch Please…

Posted on January 17th, 2006 in Carnal Confessions, Polyamory

Ah, the weekend…

Were to begin?

At the beginning I suppose, LOL.

Jack and I had a kid-free weekend planned, to celebrate our four year wedding anniversary which happens this month. We rarely ever have a lot of time to ourselves and we have been planning this since November. K got added to the plans last-minute as he only recently came into the mix and Jack was eager to fulfill a particular fantasy of mine. Given that opportunities like this do not present themselves often, we decided to take total advantage of the weekend and fill it with as much fun as we could manage.

We planned to go for a late supper Friday night, and then pick up K on our way home and have him stay over for the night. That was a pretty big deal for me because first of all I have never had Jack meet any of my ‘friends’. And even though he assured me otherwise many times, I still worried that he might have a momentary lapse and maul the guy if he put his hands on me. Secondly, I have never had any of my ‘friends’ over to my house, so I wanted everything to be nice and tidy and impressive.

We got ready to go out for the evening, I was already feeling nervous (of course! I have become this freakish, nervous animal all of a sudden, LOL). We went to dinner, which was fantastic, although it did nothing good for the nausea I had from my nerves. I just felt over-full and like throwing up, LOL (I know, such a sexy picture I got going on here).

When we finished dinner I called K and told him that we were on our way over and that we would be there in about 15 minutes. When we arrived at his place I got out of the car and went in to get him. K was on the phone, but otherwise ready to go. He was dressed nice and looked really good. He told me he was nervous and I said that Jack and I were too, but that I was sure it would all be really good.

We got into the car, Jack introduced himself to K, and we headed for home. K lives WAY too frickin far from us, LOL, and most of the drive passed in a sort of awkward silence. When we got to the house I gave K the ‘tour’ and offered him a drink. Jack had a drink too and we all sat down on the couch and watched something on Showcase. I was sitting in the middle, Jack on my left, K on my right. It was kind of a strange feeling to be there with both of them. I could tell that K wanted to touch me, but he was nervous, maybe about what Jack might do or maybe just nervous in general. I decided to wait and let Jack initiate whatever was going to happen.

We watched and chatted for a while, and then Jack asked me quietly if I wanted to go upstairs. I said that I did, and we got up from the couch. Jack told K that it was ok if he wanted to touch me, and that he wasn’t going to freak out or anything. We all went upstairs and K had to use the bathroom so Jack and I went into the spare room and started kissing…

And that is where I will leave you for tonight ;) It’s late and I need some sleep (since I didn’t get very much on the weekend, LOL). Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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2 Responses to “Pass Me A Bag Of Ice For My Crotch Please…”

  1. Poland Says:

    OK, so far so good. You have set the scene. Let me help. So K comes out of the bathroom …

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  2. Stiletto Girl Says:

    Patience, Patience :P LOL. I was just getting to that part…

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