Off The Lights And Unleash The Terror In Your Pants*

Posted on July 22nd, 2009 in Carnal Confessions, Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Ontario, Mating And Relating, Polyamory

Ever since seeing Bedouin Soundclash there in September, I’ve been on The Sound Academy mailing list. They regularly send me e-mails regarding upcoming concerts and events, and links to their contests, which I generally enter, even if I don’t know the band that well (who says no to free tickets?)  Wouldn’t you know it that last Friday an e-mail landed in my account notifying me that I’d won a pair of tickets to see Ice Cube on Saturday night!  I’m not a huge Ice Cube fan, but I do like a few of his songs, and Saturday also happened to be Jack’s birthday so I thought “Perfect, practically free entertainment and a good excuse of a date night”.

Unfortunately, Jack is really NOT into Ice Cube, at all.  After some debate back and forth over going, he suggested that I go with Kade, since he didn’t feel like joining me.  I felt torn, as it was his birthday, but he insisted he would be fine if I was going out.

Kade wasn’t inclined to go.  It was too short notice for him, and his anxiety doesn’t really permit him to be spontaneous.  He’s also never been to a concert and the idea of crowds scares him a little.  I was disappointed that he didn’t want to go with me, and then I thought, why not as Aiden?

He and I had been talking back a forth a little since Tease, and so  I sent him a message on FetLife and after a brief exchange he agreed to go with me.  Even though we had sex a Tease the once, we hadn’t really talked about it much, nor did I invite him out with an expectations of it being a date or even more than just pals going to a concert.

We met outside of Toronto the following evening at the appointed hour.  I drove us into the city, since there was no point in taking two cars, and while most people hate driving there I actually kind of like it.  We got to the Sound Academy with time to spare, and picked up the tickets at the desk.  Inside we looked around for a few minutes before going out back to the pier.  All during the time we were together the conversation just flowed easily, it wasn’t awkward.  We joked around a lot and swapped stories on all manner of topics.

At some point we ended up discussing what had happened at Tease and how we felt about what had gone on.  I had to laugh when he admitted that on the second night he slept in my tent, he had expected to come inside and find me fucking someone else.  He had come back to camp after I was already in bed, and wasn’t really certain where I was until one of my camp-mates said “She’s in the tent already, go on in”.

Over the course of the discussion it became more or less clear that we were both into each other, and that neither of us really wanted what happened at Tease to be a one-time thing.  He grabbed my bum a couple of times, and then his arm was around me, and we were practically attached at the hip for the rest of the evening.

The opening artist was pretty awful, but Ice Cube was good.  I mean ‘Gangsta Rap’ isn’t my favorite genre, but I was in good company, so I didn’t care.  We went out on the pier again after it was dark and watched some of the boats passing by.  There was a little kissing, but for the most part we behaved.

After the concert we grabbed a cup of coffee and drove back to where his car was parked.  We sat there and drank our coffee and talked some more.  The more I talk to him the more I really like him.  He makes me laugh, and he’s really thoughtful, and always shows a genuine interest in anything I happen to be talking about.  I can always tell when someone is actually listening and engaged in the conversation, and lack of interest is high on my list of irritants.  I mean it’s ok if you don’t care what I’m saying, but at least be honest, don’t just glaze over and pretend you’re listening.

I could keep recounting bits of our conversation but I know you’ve only read this far because you want to know if we fucked again, and I would hate to keep you waiting any longer :P

There was some discussion on how best to get down with our bad selves, as my van had the back bench seat out, BUT there was camping gear back there.  His car, aside from being tiny (and he being the size of a gangley sasquatch) was also a mess.  At first it seemed impossible, which didn’t stop us from making out, which in turn led to his hand up my shirt while he bit my neck.  Mmmmmmmmmm…

Oh right.  The story.

Anyway, he had pushed my bra aside and was licking and pinching and sucking my nipples when I announced that trying to manage this in the front seat just would NOT do.  I pulled my shirt back down, jumped out of the van, opened the hatch and started firing tent poles and folding camp chairs into the center seat.  When the back was cleaned out I put down a blanket and we stretched out beside each other to finish what he had started :P

We kissed some more, and then he pulled off my shirt and started in on my breasts again.  I knew he was going to tease me, and make me wait, because he’d already said as much.  After he pulled off my shorts he would only gingerly brush the insides of my thighs, and the mound of my pussy, which made me absolutely crazy.  He pulled off his shirt and then began gently biting my breasts, my stomach, my inner thighs… There is something about teeth on my flesh that thrills me.  I wanted him to bite me harder but I don’t think I could have articulated anything close to that in the moment.  I could only lay there, gasping, until he asked me if I wanted him to take his pants off, when I think I managed to croak out a “Yes”.

Then my hand was on his cock, and he was rubbing my clit, and I couldn’t think of anything except for having him inside of me.  Fortunately he didn’t make we wait very long.  He slid into me, still rubbing my clit, and then he began thrusting, bracing himself with one hand against the cup-holders.

We fucked for quite a while.  Long enough that my legs felt shaky and my throat was dry from groaning and whimpering.  I had been SO turned on for such a long time that I actually found it nearly impossible to have an orgasm.  I am not certain why this happens, but if I stay horny for too long (we’re talking a few hours) without coming, it becomes extremely difficult to manage it.  I mean it’s like being right on the brink for ages, but not quite being able to make it over the edge.

Fortunately neither of us like to give up easily and eventually I did come, in great shuddering waves, while he fucked me as though the end of the world was upon us.  I couldn’t stop trembling afterwards.  He sat back, still on his knees, and I collected myself and got up, my legs still around him and rested my head against his chest for a moment or two.  Eventually we had to sort ourselves out and put our clothes back on, although at that moment I would have preferred to cuddle up and fall asleep with him.

Alas, it was 3am and we were both exhausted.  We kissed goodbye and drove our separate ways.  By the time I crawled into bed with Jack it was after 4 in the morning.  Fortunately he let me sleep in the next day.

Aiden and I have plans to go to the drive-in this Friday night to see the new Harry Potter movie.  We’ve discussed a few other activities we’d like to get up to as well, of the more lascivious type, but you’ll have to wait to find out what those are.

*Title Courtesy Of My Spam Folder

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